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Chapter 5: A Misunderstanding (1) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

Many people in Qingshan Village remember that day.

A 5-year-old little child rushed out of Xiao’s house naked with her hair disheveled, running and calling out her mother.

When Shu Lan ran to the peanut field, her slightly hoarse cry had reached the ears of Qin-shi, Lan-shi, and the others.

When they turned back together, they found Shu Lan running naked to the field, calling out to her mother as she ran.

At that time, their expressions could be described as varied and wonderful.

The four hearts of the Shu family were about to be broken.

Qin-shi dropped the peanut seeds in her hands and rushed up, holding her daughter tightly in her arms.

Shu Lan was crying so hard that she could hardly breathe, and hugged Qin-shi tightly, calling out to mother so loudly with her hoarse voice.

“Ah Lan don’t cry, don’t cry, mother is here!” Qin-shi didn’t even bother to ask what happened, took the cloth shirt handed over by her husband, and wrapped her daughter’s small body.

She sat cross-legged on the ground and hugged her.

She patted her fleshy shoulder and coaxed softly.

Lan-shi was distressed, anxious, and worried.

She also watched Shu Lan grow up.

This child had never liked to cry since she was a child.

How much wrong would she have suffered if she cried like this today, and this wrong was most likely given by Xiao Lang!

Squatting down, Lan-shi rubbed Shu Lan’s small feet that were exposed outside, and carefully removed the fine grit that had pressed into the soft flesh of her feet.

After Shu Lan calmed down, she asked her softly: “Ah Lan, what’s wrong Where is your older brother Wolf” Her son’s name was three tones, but Shu Lan liked to call it two tones, so everyone followed her.

Hearing those three words, Shu Lan shrank obviously and looked at the Qin-shi pitifully with blister-like eyes: “Older brother...

Wolf gave me a bath, then he pressed me into the water, and didn’t let go. Wuwu, I was so uncomfortable I was about to die, so I grabbed him.

Older brother let go of his hands in pain, and I ran out...


What she said was the truth and she didn’t add anything to it.

Although she had been a person for so long, in fact, in addition to knowing that her family loved her and she could complain to them about her grievances, Shu Lan, who had always been lazy, hadn’t learned how to behave.

However, from today onwards, Shu Lan had at least understood one thing, that was, Xiao Lang was reincarnated by that gigantic creature.

He hadn’t eaten her in his last life, and he still wanted to kill her in this life, so she must stay far away in the future and could no longer fall into his hands.

“That little brat, see if I don’t kill him!”

After hearing Shu Lan’s intermittent but clear complaint, Lan-shi was stunned for a moment.

When she realized what good things her son had done, she stood up and ran home like the wind despite the dissuasion of Qin-shi and Shu Maoting.

She was really angry.

In the past, her son was just playing around and didn’t come home.

He was usually a sensible person.

How dare he treat Ah Lan like this today If she didn’t take care of him, he would cause someone’s death!

Qin-shi was inconvenient holding Shu Lan, and hurriedly told Shu Maoting and Xiao Shouwang: “Hurry up and stop her.

Children are playing and there are always bumps.

Xiao Lang has always been sensible.

It must not be intentional.

Maybe it is just to frighten Ah Lan.

How can he be so evil! Hurry up and go!” She wanted to get up but she was hugged tightly by Shu Lan, crying and not letting her go.

Xiao Shouwang looked at Shu Lan, who was still crying and gradually realized the seriousness of the matter.

Others didn’t know it, but he, the father, knew that his son had great strength and had a natural...

understanding of hunting and killing.

Since last year, Xiao Lang had been pestering him to go hunting in the mountains with him.

When he met rabbits, pheasants and other prey, Xiao Lang’s persistent eyes make him a little flustered.

If it weren’t for his son’s usual filial piety to his parents, consciously helping with housework, being indifferent to other children, and would not fight, he almost thought his son was evil.

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