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Chapter 19.

After Divorcing The Domineering President, She Got Rich (19)


Ye Ningyin gritted her teeth and said, "I don't mind."


Shi Jiu: "That's good.

I was afraid that the past between me and Xiuhan would affect your relationship.

I'm relieved to hear you say you don't mind."


"I would be very sad if it really affected your relationship.

Fortunately, my big sister is kind-hearted and doesn’t take these little things to heart.

She is so kind.

I will definitely learn from my big sister in the future.

I hope my big sister can teach me more.”


"I'll go to my big sister's place to find my big sister when I'm free.

Will my big sister welcome me" Shi Jiu asked softly.


"Welcome, of course you are welcome." After hearing her words, Ye Ningyin's face became as colorful as an overturned palette.

"It's just, Mingshuang, I'm younger than you, you don't need a big sister."


"Huh" Shi Jiu covered her mouth, looking surprised.


"But you seem like you are a bit older than me, big sister.

I didn't expect you to be younger than me.

I am too young and not as mature as my big sister.

I am so envious of my big sister." 


She said she was young, but Qin Mingshuang still called her big sister, what could Qin Mingshuang be trying to say


"I really like people who are as mature as my big sister.

Although my big sister is younger than me, I still want to call my big sister my big sister.

You won't mind, right big sister" Shi Jiu looked at her with a smile.


Ye Ningyin wanted to grind her teeth into pieces, what she said had happened between Qin Mingshuang and Mu Xiuhan, she must have said on purpose.


But who was the one who told her that Qin Mingshuang was just a resentful woman who could do nothing but cry.


The sly smooth talking Qin Mingshuang in front of her was in no way close to a resentful crybaby.


"Big Sister—" Shi Ju called her sister, sweetly.


"You don't mind, do you" She shook Ye Ningyin's hand from side to side.


 "Of course I..." mind.


 "I don't mind.

Come here if you want, and our home will be like your own home."


"Okay, thank you big sister, you are such a good person.

It was my honor to be your substitute before."


Ye Ningyin: "....." F**k your substitute.


After Shi Jiu finished speaking, she smiled and toasted Ye Ningyin: "Big Sister, I wish you and Xiuhan will be united forever." Die early and be reborn early.


Ye Ningyin choked in panic, but she still pretended to be happy and drank the wine she was toasting.


After toasting Ye Ningyin, Shij Jiu's next target was Mu Xiuhan.


She happily walked towards Mu Xiuhan with Ye Ningyin arm in arm, appearing as though they were good friends without knowing it.


Ye Ningyin didn't want to go to see Mu Xiuhan with Shi Jiu.

She didn't want Qin Mingshuang, the ex-wife, to see Mu Xiuhan again.

If something really had happened between the two of them, she would kill her.


But Shi Jiu had a clear goal, and while her hands seemed small and gentle, they were actually holding her tightly.


"Xiuhan!" Before they got there, Shi Jiu happily yelled loudly, the joy in her voice could be heard by everyone.


Mu Xiuhan was drinking and chatting with some partners in peacetime, when he suddenly heard someone calling his name, his first thought was Ye Ningyin, and he turned his head to find that it was Qin Mingshuang.


"Qin Mingshuang"


"Xiuhan." Ye Ningyin, who was dragged over, also called out.


Mu Xiuhan frowned, he couldn’t fathom how the two of them would get together.


It was not easy for him to ask Ye Ningyin directly, fearing that she might lose face, so he can only ask Qin Mingshuang.


Although Ningyin sent an invitation to Qin Mingshuang, thinking about Qin Mingshuang's infatuation with him, she probably wouldn't want to see Ningyin and him get engaged.


So he predicted that Qin Mingshuang would not come.

Unexpectedly, she still came.


"Qin Mingshuang, what's the matter with you" Mu Xiuhan was used to talking to Qin Mingshuang like this before, and now that he was divorced, he hadn't had time to change it.


So at first hearing his words, other people might feel that he was being very rude to Qin Mingshuang.


But Ye Ningyin had been stimulated by Shi Jiu's words just now, thinking that Mu Xiuhan really used Qin Mingshuang as her substitute, and so she was deceived.


Now that he talked like this, she could only feel that he was being very intimate with Qin Mingshuang.

He hadn’t even called her Ms.

Qin, he just called her by her full name, what is this if not a sign of intimacy


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