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The message Wanqi Yu Ning received was from an elder from the Green Province Mansions Howling Heaven Sect, who led the sects entourage here.

Wanqi Yu Ning glanced at the old man before he replied, “I agree.”

Wanqi Yu Ning and the old man were on the same page.

They did not want to fight to drag on any longer.

For Wanqi Yu Ning, Instead of letting Wanqi Hong waste his energy here, he wished Wanqi Hong would conserve his strength so Wanqi Hong could fight to rank in the top three later.

The old man from the Howling Heaven Sect sighed in relief.

“Very well.

Lets advised the junior.”

“Alright,” Wanqi Yu Ning replied.

Following that, the duo sent a message to their disciples.

Wanqi Hong and Yuan Mo Yu who were fighting suddenly stopped moving.

Then, the duo stared at each other vigilantly as they backed away.

“Are we going to end this with a draw” Yuan Mo Yu asked calmly despite feeling reluctant to let the fight end in such a manner.

Wanqi Hong felt reluctant as well.

Nonetheless, he still nodded and said, “Yes.

It wont be too late for us to decide the winner later when fighting for first place.”

Yuan Mo Yu was slightly stunned by Wanqi Hongs words.

He thought that Wanqi Hong was delusional when Wanqi Hong implied that he was aiming for first place.

He knew he was no match for Duan Ling Tian, but did Wanqi Hong think he was stronger than Duan Ling Tian

Yuan Mo Yu looked at Wanqi Hong for a moment before he turned around wordlessly and returned to the people from the Howling Heaven Sect.

Wanqi Hong left as well.

Although the duo did not say anything, Lin Dong Lai naturally knew that the duo had agreed to end the fight in a draw.

He said, “The fight between Wanqi Hong and Yuan Mo Yu ends in a draw.”

“It ended in a draw”

“I guess they still want to conserve their strength…”

“Its not surprising.

Based on their strength, they likely hope to rank in the top three.”

“I agree.

Among the ten participants, only Ximen and Yang Qian Ye dont have much of a chance to rank in the top three.

Those two have already revealed their full strength.

On the other hand, theres a chance Wang Xiong has yet to use his full strength.

So far, no one has challenged him so we cant confirm if thats really the case.”

“I think so as well.”

“Its not just Wang Xiong.

Im sure there are still a few of them who have yet to unleash their full strength.”

After a moment, when Lin Dong Lai called for the ninth participant, everyone turned to look in the direction of the people of the Pure Yang Sect.

“Do you think Yang Qian Ye will issue a challenge or forfeit his turn”

“I think hell either challenge Wang Xiong or forfeit his turn.

I dont think he has the confidence to challenge the others…”

“I agree!”

“If he challenges Wang Xiong, we might be able to see if Wang Xiong is still hiding his strength.

Who knows if Yang Qian Ye can force him to reveal his full strength”

“After listening to you, I want to watch Yang Qian Ye and Wang Xiong fight!”

After entering the battlefield, Yang Qian Ye called out,Participant number eight.”

Everyones eyes lit up immediately when they heard Yang Qian Ye challenging Wang Xiong from the Frozen Mountain Manor.

Wang Xiong entered the battlefield.

He took a swig from his wine gourd before he smiled and said, “I battled the Pure Yang Sects Ye Ying Cai previously.

Hes really extraordinary.

Youre stronger than him so youre definitely extraordinary as well.

Alas, I wonder if Ill have a chance to challenge Duan Ling Tian.”

Duan Ling Tian was now in the first place.

In order to challenge Duan Ling Tian, one had to rank third.

This meant that if Wang Xiong wanted to challenge Duan Ling Tian, he would have to defeat the fourth and the third participants first.

However, if Duan Ling Tian dropped past third place, he could directly challenge Duan Ling Tian.

“Dont compare me to them.” Yang Qian Ye said tonelessly.

Wang Xiong smiled, unfazed.

“I didnt mean any offense, and I wasnt trying to belittle you.

Ive already said, I think youre extraordinary.

I think it wont be easy for me to defeat you.”

Everyone was only slightly surprised when they heard Wang Xiongs words that implied he could defeat Yang Qian Ye.

After all, they had suspected this.

At the same time, Yang Qian Yes expression changed imperceptibly.

After a moment, he said tonelessly, “Lets begin.”

Wang Xiong smiled.

“Ive always preferred to defend.

Why dont you make a move first”

Yang Qian Ye cocked an eyebrow.

Following that, he swept out at the speed of light toward Wang Xiong as he drew his prominent divine artifact.

Wang Xiongs Divine Energy burst forth, and he imbued it with the law of earth to create the defensive barrier, which he had used in his previous fights.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The defensive barrier shook violently when Yang Qian Ye attacked with his prominent divine artifact.

In fewer than ten strikes, the defensive barrier cracked and shattered.

The crowd was in an uproar.

“Wang Xiongs defense has finally been broken! I guess his previous opponents were just too weak.”

“Wang Xiong is skilled in defense.

Hes skilled in the law of earth, after all.

Previously, he had used his defenses to gain the upper hand.

Now that his defensive barrier is broken, will he still be a match for Yang Qian Ye”

“I really dont know…”

Initially, everyone thought Wang Xiong had a chance of winning, but at this time, they began to doubt if Wang Xiong could defeat Yang Qian Ye after Yang Qian Ye broke his barrier.

They began to think that Wang Xiong might not win the match.

However, in the next moment, everyone was shocked again.

After Wang Xiongs defensive barrier broke, the mustard yellow energy around him suddenly vanished and was replaced by golden energy.

“That… Isnt that the law of metal!”

“Wang Xiong is switching to the law of metal”

“Isnt he skilled in the law of earth Why did he switch to the law of metal”

Many people wondered if Wang Xiong had lost his rationality due to the pressure.

Since his strongest law was the law of earth, why did he use the law of metal As such, they were further shocked when they saw that after switching to the law of metal, his offensive power rose greatly.

With just three moves, he suppressed Yang Qian Ye.

Duan Ling Tians eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the fight.

‘As expected, Wang Xiong was hiding his strength…

Everyone assumed Wang Xiongs law of earth was the strongest.

They were unaware that his law of metal was stronger than his law of earth.

At the same time, apart from the leader of the entourage, the other elders from the Frozen Mountain Manor were shocked as well.

Needless to say, the young disciples of the Frozen Mountain Manor were even more shocked.

“Wang Xiongs comprehension of the law of metal is so profound!”

“He also comprehended the law of metal”

“Wang Xiong had been keeping a low profile for a long time now.

Everyone in the Frozen Mountain Manor knows that he comprehends the law of earth, but in the past, they were able to defeat him.

Who knew hed surprised everyone during the Seven Mansions Feast Not only that, but he further surprised everyone by revealing his law of metal thats even stronger than his law of earth!”

At this time, Wang Xiong had made ten moves before he finally injured Yang Qian Ye.

Yang Qian Ye did not surrender and continued to fight Wang Xiong.

The elders from the Pure Yang Sect spoke to Yuan Han Jin, hoping he would persuade Yang Qian Ye to surrender.

However, Yuan Han Jin shook his head and said, “His ranking in the top ten is secure so let him fight to his hearts content.

It doesnt matter if hes defeated at this point.

Moreover, as they fight, Wang Xiongs energy will also be depleted.

We still dont know if Wang Xiong has shown all his strength.

If Yang Qian Ye can deplete his energy, itll also help secure Duan Ling Tians position in the top three…”

Yuan Han Jins words were reasonable.

Indeed, Yang Qian Yes ranking in the top ten was secured; it was just the exact ranking that had yet to be determined.

He fought to a draw with Ximen from the Marionette Villa and now he was about to be defeated by Wang Xiong; no matter what, it was impossible for him to rank in the top three.

Now that he was sure to rank in the top ten and unable to rank in the top three, there was indeed nothing wrong in letting him continue to fight.


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