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There was a strange silence, and several people were deeply shocked by the gift.

He can understand Yu Fan’s own name.

Why should he practice your name

And it’s a gift.

They don’t know whether others like it or not.

Yu Fan certainly doesn’t like it.

Wang Luan was a little puzzled and a little curious about what the word would be, so he wanted turn it over on his own.


Yu Fan pressed the script with one hand.

Sure enough, Wang Luan thought–.

Yu Fan grabbed the white bag, twisted his eyebrow with disgust, and stuffed the word post into his drawer.

Then he turned around and asked, “Chen Jingshen, do you want to be taught a lesson”

Wang Luan: “”

Dude, did you put it in the wrong place Shouldn’t you put it back in high achiever’s drawer

The recipient of the gift had a calm look on his face, his arm relaxed on the table, his fingers holding a pen with all his strength.

“I printed a copy of the book and tried to put my my own name.” Chen Jingshen said, “if you don’t want to write those, you can throw them away.”

” You want to use it to teach I’ll threw it and tore it to pieces.

Chen Jingshen: “Hmm.”

Zhang Xianjing narrowed her eyes and turned her eyes between them.

She thought there was something strange about it.

The bell rang and the biology teacher is now outside the hallway.

Wang Luan was just about to return to his seat when he suddenly thought of something and held his hand to Yu Fan: “Why are you so lazy The trash can is in the back.

I’ll throw it away for you on the way.

Chen Jingshen paused for a moment, raised his eyelids and glanced at him coldly.

Wang Luan: “”

His hand was pushed away.

“I can throw it myself,” Yu Fan said vaguely and quickly, putting the handle in his bag again.

“go back to your seat.”

Wang Luan: “……”

Yu Fanyuan planned to burn all the work book and flying bird exercise books in the drawer as soon as the mid-term exam was over.

Then he would sleep on his desk for three days and three nights.

But the plan can’t keep up with the change.

Yu Fan has been in the same state as in the past few days, listening lazily to each class.

His biological clock was suffocated by two weeks of hard study.

He couldn’t sleep during the day.

At 12:00 at night, he felt sleepy after watching the lecture video sent by Chen Jingshen.

Yu Fan often made a video call with Chen Jingshen until two o’clock in the morning.

At recess on Friday, Zuo Kuan leaned out of the window and said, “Yu Fan, go and smoke in the toilet!”

“No.” Yu Fan refused, “I can’t sleep after smoking class.”

“if you don’t smoke, you won’t sleep.

I think you’re here to graduate with flying colors.

” Wang Luan walked out with drooping shoulders, so sleepy that he could not open his eyes.

” I’ll go with you.”

“Yu Fan! Chen Jingshen! ” Kui Shi stood at the classroom door and shouted, “the teacher wants you to go to Director Hu’s office!”

Hu Pang has two offices, one in the teachers’ office building and the other in the class seven teachers’ building.

After he inspected the classroom, Hu Pang would be in the classroom of the building four days a week.

As soon as they arrived outside the office, Yu Fan took a look inside.

Across from Hu Pang’s desk sat a woman.

Ding Xiao stood behind her, her hands beside her body.

Chen Jingshen was about to knock on the door when his sleeve was pulled.

“go ahead and don’t talk.” Throwing this sentence, Yu Fan reached out and screamed the door and shouted lazily, “report.”

Yu Fan glanced at Ding Xiao.

When the other party saw him, he immediately pressed his head lower and shrugged his shoulders slightly.

Ding Xiao’s mother has already met Yu Fan once, and this time her mood is more intense.

“Director, take a look!” The middle-aged woman pointed to Yu Fan, her face thin and her tone agitated.

“you see my son is scared when he sees him! It means that my son must have been bullied by him a lot! ”

Hu Pang waved her hand: “Hey, please don’t get excited.

Let’s talk about it.

When the woman calmed down a little bit, Hu Pang looked at the two newly arrived people: “Yu Fan, you say to yourself, after that time in the canteen, did you still bully Ding Xiao ”

Yu Fan said, “I haven’t it.”

“then why is he so afraid of you” Asked Ding Xiao’s mother.

“I don’t know.

Maybe it’s because your son is a coward.

The woman exploded in an instant and suddenly slammed the table: “what’s the matter with you child What are you talking about Where are your parents Your parents were here last time! No, I must meet with your parents and let them teach you well– ”

Yu Fan light breeze: “Don’t worry about it, just take care of your own son.

Look at him.

He’s so intimidated.

Hu Pang frowned and just wanted him to speak well.

The woman who met her suddenly burst into a rage, grabbed her handbag and threw it at the student’s face!

Yu Fan’s eyes turned cold, he was about to have an act when his shoulder was suddenly grabbed and pulled back.

Chen Jingshen stood in front of him, raised his hand, and the woman’s handbag was shielded by him and fell to the ground with a bang.

The door of the office was pushed open and Zhuang Xingqin arrived in time.

She was shocked and puzzled when she saw that scene outside the window.

“what’s going on, Director Isn’t it Ding Xiao who wants to apologize to the classmates today What is this parent doing ”

It took the school several days to find out how the students skipped the exam.

First of all, they adjusted the surveillance at the back door and found that they could get a picture of the alley in the alley near the billiards hall.

They can clearly see that Yu Fan was indeed taken there by someone from the school next door, and it was indeed Chen Jingshen who went to bring him here.

Later, they contacted the person in charge of the school next door, who quickly found the students according to their facial features.

Those people themselves were not familiar with Ding Xiao, and they were eager to find a “leader” to carry the matter, so they said everything without a word.

There is also a chat record with Ding Xiao in the flat-headed student’s mobile phone, and the picture is soon clear.

Ding Xiao knew that Yu Fan had a grudge against the school next door, so he joined hands with the other side to have such a fight.

The school next door wanted to beat Yu Fan to vent his anger.

Ding Xiao wanted to report him for fighting and let him drop out of school.

But they all thought that they would pass the make-up exam and tell the teacher about the fight because they were so black and blue that they took turns fighting with each other.

“Ding Xiao said that he would do such a thing because he had been bullied for a long time at school.” Hu Pang, who had a headache, knocked on the table and said solemnly, “but this parent, what you just did was also using violence.

If you want to deal with this matter properly, you can just sit back, or you’ll have to leave now and we’ll talk again later.

The woman took several deep breaths before she managed to calm down, and then gave Yu Fan a resentful stare.

It is a pity that another boy has been in his way, and the boy shield him, and her eyes could not convey his hatred.

It was not until Chen Jingshen loosened his shoulder that Yu Fan returned to the front.

Zhuang Jinqin closed the door and stood in front of both of them: “this parent, do you have any proof that these classmates bullied your child”

“you need more evidence” Ding Xiao’s mother said, “he threw the plate in my son’s face when he was a freshman.

Did he apologize How dare you ask me such a thing now ”

Zhuang Xingqin: “Yu Fan has been punished because of that matter.

You can’t conclude that Yu Fan is still bullying your child based on this matter alone.

So do you have any proof ”

Yu Fan suddenly remembered that in the third year of junior high school, a boy asked him for a fight, and he knocked out his opponent’s teeth.

Then the boy brought several parents to the school, and at the same time, the school informed Yu Kaiming.

At that time, he was standing in the office, surrounded and scolded by several parents of the other side, and was pushed.

He was easily pushed against any precautions.

Yu Kaiming smoked a cigarette, kicked him in the back, then smiled and apologized to his parents, saying he would discipline him when he got home.

From then on, Yu Fan would fight back when he met those parents.

But at this moment.

He looked at the two men standing infront of his body, the strength that had just sprung up suddenly disappeared, and his shoulders slackened inexplicably.

Forget it.

Taking advantage of his good position, he sat directly on the armrest of the sofa.

The woman frowned and turned to her son.

“come on, baby, repeat what you told me at home.” Don’t worry, Mom is here.

Ding Xiao, who huddled in the corner without saying a word, glanced at his mother and finally whispered, “he …… Hit me.

It’s on the toilet on the first floor of the experimental building.

Woman: “Look! He just hit my son! ”

The place that Ding Xiao said is the corner where the school is well-known for monitoring.

Hu Pang regretted it at this time, very much.

At that time, he felt that the corner was small and that it was not even necessary to waste man power.

Yu Fan’s lazy voice came from behind: “one big and one young come here to touch porcelain”

“you shut up.” Zhuang Xingqin glared at him and then looked at the woman again.

“when did he hit youAre there any other students nearby Does Ding Xiao have any injuries on his body ”

“well, you wish my child was hurt, didn’t you” Ding Xiao’s mother frowned.

“I don’t understand.

My son is so honest and excellent in his studies, but you won’t believe what the students in the first class of the examination room said several times.”

“he cheated.” A cold voice interrupted him.

The office was quiet in an instant.

Ding Xiao, who had been hanging his head, suddenly raised his head and looked at Chen Jingshen blankly.

Ding Xiao mother froze, a reaction came: “what are you talking about ”

“he cheated on both the mid-term and final exams for one semester.

I saw it with my own eyes.” Chen Jingshen said faintly, “the mobile phone is hidden in the shoes.

If you go through the monitoring now, you should be able to see it.”

Their school exams are monitored every time, and a teacher is watching.

But surveillance is usually confirmed only after the teacher catches the student cheating.

After all, a teacher takes care of 20 students in a classroom.

Chen Jingshen followed Yu Fan, and just now he helped Yu Fan.

So the woman subconsciously regarded him as a poor student like Yu Fan: “how can you see it! He sat in the first class to take the exam these two times– ”

“Hey, let’s get to know each other.” The person sitting on the sofa suddenly tilted his head in the back.

Yu Fan could not help but reach out his hand, pointing to Chen Jingshen’s arm, pointing and saying, “he, the first in his grade, he sat in Class one in all the exams, and his name was written on the desk of the first class.

His character study pulled is 800 blocks away from your son.

Compare your son to him Does your son deserve it ”

Others: “…”

The woman stood where she was for a few seconds, then bent down to pick up the bag and rushed to Yu Fan again.

Hu Pang’s face was all wrinkled together and hurriedly went up to pull people: “Don’t hit the students! You can’t hit the students in our school! Mr.

Zhuang! You let them go back first! ”

Zhuang Xingqin took his two students back to the office.

He drank seven cups of tea in a row before his anger vanished.

The head teacher of Class 8 went back to the office with the teaching plan.

Looking at this scene, he could not help laughing and said, “Why, what is the penalty station”

Zhuang Xingqin: “I want to scold, but today they are reasonable, and I don’t know what to scold.

Just let them stand for a while..

The two people standing in front of her face: “.”

“I heard, they just went through the director’s office and said that they are going to transfer the examination monitoring right away.

” The head teacher of Class eight sat down and said, “it’s all right.

You can solve it if you find out.

That’s what bothers me in my class.

Zhuang Xingqin: “what”

Are you still talking

Yu Fan glanced at the time, touched the back of Chen Jingshen’s hand and whispered, “lie to her that you have a stomachache.”

Chen Jingshen tilted his head and whispered, “Why don’t you cheat”


You talk as soon as you can **ing talk.

How can you rely on me

Yu Fan moved back: “are you stupid He didn’t believe what I said.

Chen Jingshen: “that…”

“come on, speak louder.” Zhuang Xingqin said, “Mr.

Gu and I will talk after you finish talking.”

Yu Fan: “…”

When the two men came quietly, Zhuang Xingqin rolled his eyes and said, “go on, Teacher Gu.”

“well, I have handed in a love letter written by a female classmate in my class.

Oh, that’s creepy.

I dare not finish reading it.

“by the way, today’s students are precocious.” Zhuang Xingqin shook his head with emotion.

“that’s not the point.

The point is, the recipient of that love letter is the boy in your class.

” Teacher Gu looked up and said, “Let me get this straight while he’s in the office.

I do not allow puppy love in the class.

If the girl finally finds some other way to convey her love to you, you must stick to your purity.

Classmate Yu.

Yu Fan: “…”

Chen Jingshen blinked with such an expression.

“you can let it go.” Zhuang Xingqin said proudly, “Yu Fan has basically received all the punishments he can take since the first day of his life, except for puppy love.”

Yu Fan spoke with a cold face.

:Is that a compliment

Teacher Gu: “I know, but I’m not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

The girl in our class is beautiful.

“if you let it go, it certainly won’t.” Zhuang Xingqin looked up and asked, “Yu Fan, I promised teacher Gu, don’t make me break my promise.”

Yu Fan: “Why don’t I write you a guarantee that I won’t fall in love”

“that won’t be necessary.” Zhuang Xingqin finally smiled, and he looked at the people around Yu Fan and said, “Chen Jingshen, you are his deskmate.

Help me keep an eye on him.”

Yu Fan: “”

“good.” Chen Jingshen promised faintly, “I won’t let him fall in love with anyone else.”


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