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Chapter 151: Precious enchanted leather

Ha, ha, it really was a good piece of Silver Equipment.  The 20 stat points were good and then there was the 1% attack speed.  However, although the Blood Sucking Ring is also a Silver Item, it has a 4% lifesteal effect.  This means that I heal for 40 every 1000 points of damage that I dealt.  It was a good thing that helped me level, so I couldn’t change it.  The other ring sloot had the Gust Ring which increased attack speed by 5%, so I wasn’t willing to trade it.

After thinking about it, I didn’t equip the Raptor Ring.  Forget it, the stats of this ring weren’t bad, so I’ll give it to Bing Cha.  A 1% attack speed increase was quite good for a swordsman.

So the Raptor Ring was thrown in my bag.  When I looked at my equipment, I had a Gold cloak and armour, Dark Gold weapon and shield, but the awkward thing was that my leg armour, helmet and wrist armour were all Bronze Items.  It seemed like I needed to swap them!

Although my 1160 defense was already hard for level 60 mobs to break through, it wasn’t good for PKing with players.  There were many experts in China and the King’s Return would be a meeting of tigers and dragons, so there would be plenty of people who could break my 1160 defense!

So it was important to make up for my lacking equipment.  Having a few more broken pieces of equipment wasn’t a bad thing.

Turning around, looking at the far off forest, the Blind Raptor that I had killed had respawned.  I immediately understood why the equipment it dropped was so bad.  It had already been killed several times and when it was my turn, it was no wonder the equipment dropped was bad!

When I used the Star Eyes to look at its stats, there was no doubt that there should be raptors in the forest behind it.  Although they were real dragons, they still had dragon in their names, so the equipment they dropped shouldn’t be bad.

So I gripped the Roaring Flame Spear and entered this bloody forest filled with beasts.

“Sha, sha……”

My boots stepped on the leaves and the dew wet the sole which actually slightly reduced my move speed!


With a roar, I saw a cheetah running by, but then with a flash of red light, a giant tiger that was as tall as a person ran out.  It suddenly bit the cheetah and the sharp teeth entered the cheetah’s neck, spurting out blood!

This cheetah was a level 60 monster and it had been killed in just a few hits.  The tiger went forth and started biting the cheetah, giving off a bone chilling chewing sound!

I still there, hesitating about whether I should attack this level 70 tiger.  But at this time, the branches around me started to shake and then there were more than ten red eyed raptors that came out.  They surrounded the tiger and there were only painful wails that rang out.  In less than half a minute, the raptors scattered and there was only a pool of blood left on the ground.  Not only the hunted cheetah, but even the tiger had been ripped to shreds by the raptor!

I was stunned by this.  This scene really was bloody, it wasn’t suited for kids to see.  It was a good thing that I was an adult, but this scene even made my blood stop.  This was the real world of the strong eating the weak, it was the real world without any fake beauties!

I used the Star Eyes on one of the nearby raptors and its stats quickly entered my eyes.

[Brutal Raptor]  (Enhanced Monster)

Level: 70

Attack: 750-880

Defense: 250

HP: 18000

Additional: They’ve wandered the forest since ancient times.  Their sharp teeth can bite through anything.  Has a 50% chance of ignoring armour.


I couldn’t help being surprised.  It was a 50% chance to ignore armour, it was no wonder that fierce tiger couldn’t match them!

Raising an arrow, an accurate armour piercing arrow hit the head of a raptor!


A 2784 damage figure appeared.  Although the raptor had a strong attack, its defense was very weak.  I completely ignored its pitiful 250 points of defense!

“Jie, jie!”

After the raptor was hurt, it quickly roared out and it charged over!

With a “pacha” sound, the raptor’s sharp teeth bit into my Thunderclap Rampart.  A wave of thunder was reflected and the raptor suffered around 300 points of damage.  I ignored 50% of the enemies damage, taking the over 110 points of damage down to 572!

I sent out a Shield Break Slash and a Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers.  The series of attacks created a bloom of light at the raptor’s neck.





With just a series of skills, the raptor lost over ten thousand HP.  When it used its second attack, I used a Whirlwind Slash and a normal attack to kill it!


System notification: You have killed the giant raptor beast of the forest, you have earned 10 prestige!


Ha, ha, it actually gave prestige

I was filled with joy.  It should be because the raptor’s level was too high!  Each raptor gave 10 prestige, then a hundred raptors would give 1000 prestige!  It seemed like it would be a good way to earn prestige like this!

The raptor’s drops were also very generous.  Other than 24 gold coins, there was also a raptor skin!

[Raptor Hard Leather]: Quest item.  Cannot be traded or dropped.

It was a quest item, but what was depressing was that I didn’t know where to get this quest.  Forget it, I would keep killing.  If nothing unexpected happened, the quest NPC should be deeper in!

So I opened the minimap and I could tell that this forest was very open.  However, I could also tell based on the traces of the map that this wasn’t a very big open map.  Un, I would first set my goal here.  Normally speaking, the quest NPC should be in this place.

Going not far ahead, after filling up my HP, I saw raptor eating another tiger.  This Brutal Raptor had red eyes and sharp fangs, its attack power really wasn’t normal.


I shot out another armour piercing arrow and then an ice arrow.  The slowed raptor still charged at me and I had already swapped out to the Roaring Flame Spear.  I sent out a Sweeping Away Thousand Soldiers, but before the second attack could go out, there was a layer of stone that appeared around the raptor as it had been petrified!

A normal monster could be petrified for over 30 seconds.  Although the raptor’s defense was increased by 200%, I could still easily break that 750 points of defense!

“Shua, shua, shua”, after a series of attacks on the raptor, this pitiful level 70 Enhanced Monster died without even losing the petrification effect with my powerful attacks.  With a wail, when the raptor fell down, not only did it drop gold coins, it also dropped a green glowing sword.

Oh  The Enhanced Monster dropped a weapon

I happily went forward to pick up the sword and its unidentified stats appeared in my eyes.

[Swift Sword]  (Bronze Equipment)

Attack: 120-195

Strength: 8

Required Level: 45



Un, after appraising, the attack should be around 250, so it was considered level 45 trash.  Although it wasn’t the best item, if I sold it to a noob level 45 swordsman, I should be able to earn a few gold coins!

So with the principle of every grain counted, I happily put the Swift Sword away.  Although it wasn’t valuable, it should be sold for at least ten gold coins which was enough for a bowl of fish balls……

This Swift Raptor didn’t drop another skin, it seemed like the quest item really wasn’t easy to get.

When I went forward again, each raptor didn’t last more than two minutes.  They gave very good experience and with this speed, it would only take around ten hours to reach level 56, which was quite fast.

After killing several more raptors and obtaining three more skins, I arrived at an open field!

“Sha, sha……”

With the sound of leaves, the raptors ran as if they were scared of something.  After pushing aside the leaves in front of me, I saw that there was actually a small human camp in front of me!

Damn, there was actually a human establishment in the wild like this.  Could it be that the human soldiers here weren’t afraid of death

The sentry post was made of wood and only the center was made of bricks, with sturdy and sharp pine wood stuck all around the sentry post.  On the sentry post, there were a bunch of human soldiers with bows in hand, dealing with two raptors below.  It was a pity that the raptors were like flies that couldn’t be hit, so they weren’t willing to leave.

These NPC soldiers had the armour of the Sunset City patrol, so they should be the army from Sunset City.  So they could be considered on the same side.

So I charged over with my spear and quickly took care of the raptors with only a sliver of HP.  When I was about to pick up the leather that it dropped, one of the soldiers on the sentry post shouted out, “Wait!”

I was surprised as I asked, “What is it”

A person who looked to be the leader came down from the sentry post and said, “Brave young man, I admire your courage very much.  You could enter this jungle alone, which shows that you are a true warrior, but we hope that you can leave the leather of these raptors to us because we need them very much!”

It was just a piece of skin, I didn’t think much about it.  Anyway, I already took the experience and the gold coins.

The soldier brought me to the sentry post and said, “Since the armies of hell invaded last time, the human countries have been in danger.  To resist the powerful poison of these undead, the Sunset City magicians have been crafting poison resistant armour and the raptor leather is the best enchanted leather material!”

I gave a nod and turned back to take a look.  I found that in the center of the sentry post, there was a black robed mage that was grinding medicine and had been studying a piece of raptor leather for a long time.

So I came forward to hear the mage say, “Humans cannot withstand the second demon invasion, so we must develop equipment to resist those inhuman creatures.  The research here is at the final stage, but we lack the most important ingredient which is the raptor leather!”

I was a bit surprised, “Is the leather that important”

The old magician said with a nod, “Many of our Sunset Kingdom’s brave warriors have been sacrificed to the raptors for this leather.  There are so many beasts out there that we can’t get any more leather…….”

It seems like there was a quest here.  Before I could say anything, the old magician said, “Brave young man, do you have the courage to accept this arduous quest”


System notification: Do you accept this quest

When I clicked confirm, there was another prompt.


System notification: You have accepted the quest [Precious enchanted leather]!  (Current quest difficulty: 550)

Quest Details: Kill the wild animals in the forest and gather 100 Raptor Leather and 100 Raptor Armour for Master Yin Wen.  These Brutal Raptors drop this Raptor Leather and deeper in the forest, you can find the Brutal Armoured Raptors that will drop the Raptor Armour!


I was surprised.  This 550 difficulty quest really wasn’t simple.  The level 70 Brutal Raptor was already hard enough to deal with and now there was an Armoured Raptor.  Un, it shouldn’t be easy to deal with.

But I’ve already accepted this quest, so I could only do it.  Moreover, not only did these monsters give good experience, there was also prestige!  Getting all this from one monster, I could only do it!

So after leaving the sentry post, I patrolled the surrounding jungle and my Roaring Flame Spear took the lives of the raptors one by one.  When noon came, I had collected 54 Raptor Leather and I still hadn’t even seen the Armoured Raptors yet.  I would collect one before thinking about the other.  The requirements of this quest was thai hard, so the reward must be very good!

At noon, I logged off to eat.  Ling Xue happily told me that she was already at level 53 98%, so she could reach level 55 by the end of the day.  The price was that Ling Yue’s leveling slowed down, but Ling Yue wasn’t unhappy at all.  These two sisters were close, they didn’t care about this bit of loss.

Qin Yun, Bing Cha, and Quiet Rain Fall went leveling together.  Summer went with Flying Fire group, forming six groups with over five hundred people, so they went into the Cool Breeze Forest together and the leveling wasn’t bad.  Zi Yue went to get experience from Sword Flame, so Dragon Flame and Ghost Fire took care of Xue Yue’s dumb girl because of me.

Ling Yue took a sip of the soup before saying with a serious look, “I just checked it, a mage player in Europe has already reached level 58.  Based on his crazy leveling speed, he will reach level 60 before tonight.  This means that the first two Main Cities in China will open tomorrow and the King’s Return will start in three days.  We don’t have much time left!”

I said with a nod, “Un, we have to get familiar with the main city, so we only have today to level!”

Ling Yue said with a smile, “Un, so we have to make the most of this time and get the best results today.  Xue Yue will become famous in the Main City in the King’s Return tournament!”

Bing Cha and Qin Yun looked at each other with smiles on their faces before nodding together.


After logging back on in the afternoon, I rushed to kill the raptors.


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