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Chapter 615: Floating Island P4*


An ecstatic feminine moan was released from Altashia\'s mouth as she cummed on Eren\'s groin hard.

Eren removed his wet fingers from her pussy and wiped them on her thighs.

He then grabbed her pear-shaped ass and slapped hard on it.

Altashia maintained her position as she adjusted her vision and looked at Eren who was still pinned down from his waist because she sat on him.

She managed to smile at him before tying her hair into a knot.

She was getting ready for the final act.

She steadied herself and channeled her Adept rank mana through her body, getting rid of any fatigue.

She took a long breath before speaking up.

Eren… before we proceed any further, I have to warn you about something.

Altashia smiled at her partner as she said that.

She didn\'t mind giving him her first time.

But someone else might.

She needed to make sure Eren understood what he was signing up for.

Eren looked at her with his eyebrows raised.

What is it He asked casually.

You see.

Gramps Altair is very protective of me.

And I don\'t think I\'ll be able to hide anything from him.

You know where I\'m going with this, right

Eren realized what was going on, and he started laughing.

He patted her asscheeks with his hands one more time before responding.

Hahaha! I\'m not scared of any Crimson Ghost.

I\'ll whoop his ass too if he bothers me too much.

This time, the butcher wasn\'t thinking with his brain.

Nevertheless, even if he could, he would have chosen the same answer.

Altashia had a tinge of anger on her face when she heard Eren talk badly about her Gramps.

But then she smiled after thinking that she had made her stance clear.

She also felt relieved that Eren wasn\'t scared of her Gramps like the rest of the guys.

Eren pulled Altashia onto him before she could think of any more excuses to delay the inevitable.

He kissed her and inserted his tongue into her before rubbing his now-erect dick over her dripping wet pussy.

Then he broke the kiss and made Altashia look him in the eyes.

He adjusted his dick with his hands and positioned it right in front of her wet cave before speaking seriously.

From this moment on, you will be mine.

And only mine.

Here, in this kingdom.

And any other kingdom.

Any other continent.

And other worlds.

You\'ll stay mine.


Then Eren kissed Altashia\'s forehead.

The latter looked at him endearingly as she listened to his voice.

She felt his heartbeat by keeping her hand over his chest.

She inhaled his scent and recorded it in her memories.

She looked at his serious face and stored it deep inside the memory palace of her most cherished moments.

Altashia spread her legs further.

Adjusted her pelvis and made her pussy more accessible to Eren\'s dick from behind her.

She stared at him with her blue eyes before responding to his feelings.

Eren, your presence has filled my monochrome life with colors.

It has inspired me to reach heights that I couldn\'t see before.

Make me yours.

For now.


Eren smiled when he heard Altashia look at him with her pretty eyes.

He watched her expressions with keen interest as he slowly drove his dick inside her.

For a while, there was no obstruction.

Altashia\'s pussy walls had tightened around Eren\'s rod.

But since she had spread her legs and adjusted her pelvis, his penetration wasn\'t too harsh on her.

Eren held Al\'s hips with both his hands from either side when he felt a thin veil of something obstructing his rod from penetrating deeper into her.

He flashed his signature grin as he shoved his meat deeper into Al\'s wet cave.

Aaaaaah! You bas…

Al couldn\'t help cursing when she felt the pain of turning from a young girl into a woman.

Her nails dug deep into Eren\'s shoulders– bypassing his mana defense.

And yet, he didn\'t mind.

They both were in pain.

And they kinda liked it.

Hehe! Think of this as removing one\'s loose tooth when you are still a mortal child.

The faster you do it, the sooner the pain will subside.

Altashia channeled her Adept rank mana– ignoring whatever bull**tery her partner had come up with to justify his scoundrel-like acts.

She hmphed and tightened her grip around Eren\'s shoulders some more before responding.

Now that...


the deed has been done, let\'s see who lasts till the end.

With my Adept rank mana backing me, I\'m sure I\'ll be able to take extra care of you.

Eren was impressed by how quickly Altashia recovered from her first-time pain.

She also threw a challenge at him based on her higher-ranking status.

So the butcher decided to go all out too.

Eren liked to reply with his actions more than his words.

He started slowly driving his dick deep inside her pussy.

Her love juices now had tinges of red mixed with them as they ran along the length of Eren\'s rod and onto his balls.


Slow, Eren.

Let me get adjusted, first.

While adjusting her hips some more, Altashia said.

Having lifted her pelvis a bit higher than her previous position, she assumed Eren wouldn\'t be able to make full use of the rod\'s length.

But every time she tried to create a distance, her pussy would find that she was still getting filled with equal vigor and length by Eren\'s dick.

Altashia didn\'t pay attention to this phenomenon.

She was too busy coping with the pain that was slowly going away.

It was replaced by an even more ecstatic feeling than before.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!


More… Give me more.

Right there! Yessss!

Eventually, the pain was nowhere to be found.

And Altashia herself responded to Eren\'s thrusts from below by ramming her pussy onto his rod.

Altashia looked up above her and let loose her blonde hair.

She pinched her nipples before letting Eren do the job for her with his hand.

It didn\'t take her long to ride his dick with all she had.

With each deep thrust, she wanted more from her man.

With each deep thrust, her body was edging closer to another orgasm.

One that was more intense than the previous two combined.

Eren slapped Al\'s buns.

He kneaded them to his heart\'s content before focusing on her boobs.

He made full use of his leg muscles to drive his rod deeper into Al\'s wet cave with gradually increasing speed and force.

He also used his flame hatchlings to excite his partner some more.

They were all over her body.

Particularly licking her sensitive areas.

With flame-tipped forked tongues.

Eren had done everything he could to make Altashia\'s first time a pleasurable experience for her.

His efforts paid off soon enough.


Altashia\'s body shuddered as she squirted all over Eren\'s dick and thighs.

His face was covered with her blonde hair as she lay helpless over him.

Since Al had challenged him, he had decided to raise the stakes for her.

Altashia got hold of herself and channeled her Adept-ranked mana once again.

Her body had been tempered by her breakthrough as well, enabling her to recover her stamina more quickly than ever before.

Haaah! I should have known.

The close combat expert in you is taking our lovemaking as a duel.

Hehe! If that\'s how you want to play, so be it.

Altashia said while tucking her hair behind her ears.

Her smirk told the butcher that she was ready for another round as soon as she was done with her orgasm.

By all means.

Eren said and his Little Guy woke up with new vigor.

This time, he increased the girth a bit more to fill Al up completely and put pressure on her pussy walls.

The butcher rolled to his side once again, pinning Al down below him.

The latter welcomed his charge with open arms while looking at him endearingly.

Eren prepared himself to go down on Al.

The Amazon of golden hues was waiting for him.

\'It\'s going to be a long night.\'

The butcher chuckled to himself before embarking on his southbound charge.

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