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Chapter 613 Floating Island P3*

Hold your tits together.

I have a job for them.

Eren said and pursed his lips before laughing a bit.

His voice was domineering yet casual.

Altashia chuckled when she saw Eren\'s love for her boobs was stronger than she had initially anticipated.

A pleasant surprise.

That made her proud of her assets.

She did what she was asked to do and held her breasts together with her hands.

The hatchlings of the flame climbed on her breasts and made her brassiere disappear into thin air.


Their size and plushness are just the way I like them to be.

Eren said and brought his rod closer to them.

This would be his first titty** after the start of his second timeline.

And he needed boobs like these to perform the act, which normally wouldn\'t be as thrilling to him as it was now.

Eren drove his dick between her tits and into the cleavage Altashia had created by pressing her boobs from either side.

At first, she didn\'t feel anything.

But then Eren started twisting one of her nipples with his one hand.

The five 3-inch hatchlings of the flame that were on standby acted fast when they understood what their master wanted.

They made their way behind him and made Altashia\'s black undies the target of their fire.


Altashia couldn\'t help but moan when she felt Eren\'s hand on her lady mound as he kept on driving his dick in and out between her cleavage.

She hadn\'t taken care of her pubic growth because she didn\'t feel it necessary.

The blonde pubic hair had a darker hue compared to the hair on her head, making them look curly and golden.

Like threads of gold that glistened with Al\'s love juices.


I don\'t want to state the obvious but at the same time, I can\'t just ignore it.

You are pretty wet down there, Al.

Spread your legs apart.

Let\'s give your pussy the attention she deserves.

Eren spoke in a voice that indicated he was completely in control of his emotions.

Although he was enjoying the feel of Altashia\'s boobs around his dick, it didn\'t prevent him from focusing somewhere else on Al\'s body at the same time.

Altashia spread her legs and felt Eren\'s finger rub her clit.

Her body\'s first response was to close her legs once again.

But she held on and kept them open.

Aaaaah… Eren.

Slow and steady.

I\'m a bit… oof… sensitive down there.

Altashia let go of the one end of the breast as Eren\'s hand did the job.

She then used her free hand to grab the wrist of Eren\'s other hand, which was slowly working on her pussy.

Altashia guided Eren\'s hand along the length of her pussy crack.

She felt her partner\'s fingers wantonly massaging and exploring her lady part, making it moister than before.

As Eren played with Altashia\'s dripping wet hole, he increased his strokes and drove his dick through two ample jugs at exceptional speed.

He inserted his finger inside her while rubbing the clit with his thumb.

His agile fingers as slime half-blood allowed him to do maneuvers that usually weren\'t possible for a normal man.

To make the titty** more comfortable, he spread her love juice over her boobies with his on-the-job fingers.

The sound of the hearth\'s crackling fire and Altashia\'s moans were almost in sync.

She resumed holding her boobs as per Eren\'s wishes once again seeing that he was focusing on cumming on her tits.

Just when Eren was about to burst, Eren heard Altashia\'s words that she spoke with some difficulty from the height of her orgasmic point.

Eren… I… I can\'t hold...


Altashia suddenly spun her head to the left and bit her lips hard as waves of ultimate bliss washed over her entire body.

Her eyes were rolled back before the eyelids closed on them.

Her pussy squirted the warm, wet, and sticky love nectar she was keeping and building inside her.

The curly golden pubic hairs were drenched in her pussy juices, sticking close to her skin.

Eren came on Altashia\'s tits before lying beside her.

He took a long breath before looking at Al who still had her eyes closed and smiled.

A thick, musky scent started permeating the room that was stronger than before.

It was mixed with the burning smell of wood and created a unique aromatic combination.

Altashia slowly opened her eyes when the waves of ecstasy subsided.

She still wanted more.

But now she was in better control of herself.

The warrior-ranker adjusted her vision and turned towards her partner who was looking at her from her left side.

She tucked her hair behind her eyes and looked at him with her pretty blue eyes before speaking up.

Your hands are magical, Eren.

Eren smiled before returning the compliment he received with a compliment he had for her.

So are your tits, Al.

Look at them.

They heave up and down as you breathe.

So beautiful.

Eren said while fixing his gaze on Al\'s naked titties.

She followed his gaze and saw that her partner\'s white load was on them.

She also realized that some of it had stuck in her hair above her right ear.

If she hadn\'t turned to her left, the thick load would have gotten in her eyes.

A dry haze was created around Altashia as she channeled her Adept rank mana through her body.

It made every residual stain on her body disappear, whether it was hers or her partner\'s.

She had gotten fresh in her own way.

This time, Altashia grabbed her tits with her own hands before pressing on them to entice Eren some more.

She looked at him playfully before speaking up.

If you like them so much, I\'ll feed them to you for as long as you like.

Saying that Altashia climbed back on Eren and let her tits fall on Eren\'s face.

She copied Eren\'s move and reached her hand behind her to stroke Eren\'s dick.

Eren wasn\'t quite ready for Altashia\'s sudden move.

But he didn\'t mind.

He welcomed it with open arms and an open mouth.


Although Altashia\'s right nipple didn\'t have any distinct taste, it felt delicious to Eren.

He used his own hand to fine-tune her other free nipple.

On the other hand, he began to work on her pussy some more.

The two rankers had their hands full satisfying each other.

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