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Chapter 675 Espying: Heavy-handed Approach

Those who disagree, I challenge them to come forward.

A clap was heard when Eren pitted his palms against each other after he threw his command into the crowd.

The monsters were free to discuss at this point.

There were no restrictions placed upon them.

Yet, they knew approaching Eren and confronting him had become even more difficult now that Ror was on his side.

He was an Ogre Overlord who was a step away from becoming an Ogre King.

No other monster was at his level in the audience from any faction.

However, in monster traditions, someone proposing mortal combat was considered sacred.

There wouldn\'t be external support involved in such battles when the challenger himself had thrown a challenge.

At least that\'s what the audience thought after hearing Eren\'s words.

The Orc Lord that had previously spoken up against Eren stood up after hearing Eren\'s supposed mortal combat challenge and came forward with a confident stride.

It looked like he wasn\'t afraid to show that he didn\'t care about Eren or his show of power.

You… I don\'t even know what to call you.

Is Varhan even your real name

Eren looked at the Orc Lord without saying a word.

He could tell that this Orc Lord was from a different Orc tribe.

The Orc Lord smiled after he observed Eren\'s silence and continued.

It is a deep shame for us Orcs that you entered this place by being one of us.

Even if you control the crown, I refuse to believe that you are one of the children of Echidna.

You will be purged from existence by Kon in this mortal combat.

This way, I will wash away the blemish that all our Orc tribes have to bear for nurturing someone like you amidst our mist.

Eren had to say the guy had articulated his thoughts well.

However, there was a bit of consistency in his logic.

If he refused to believe that Eren was not one of them, why would he believe that the butcher would follow monster tradition That we would settle the conflict with traditional mortal combat

Eren wasn\'t interested in correcting the Orc Lord.

His cat-bird was hungry.

He needed a plentiful diet of monsters to evolve.

But before he could say or do anything he heard Ror\'s voice from behind him.

My king, please allow me to speak.

Eren raised his eyebrows and looked back to see Ror bowing his head in his direction.

He shrugged his shoulders before commenting.

Make it quick.

Understood, Ror said and came forward from Eren\'s side.

He looked at the audience with serious expressions before commenting.

The children of Echidna need to understand that we are not savages.

We have rules and traditions.

My king has only asked that they be modified to suit his needs.

Not outright discard them.

Ror started speaking.

Eren could feel with his soul sense that a lot of monsters who were completely supporting Har Jahar had started having doubts in their psyches when they heard Ror\'s words.

The Ogre Overlord hadn\'t become the king\'s right hand for the show.

He understood the monster mentality and how to influence it in the direction of his king\'s will.

The Ogre Overlord looked at Eren and the crown on his head before adding further.

What\'s more I\'d like to remind everyone about the peculiarity of Echidna\'s Authority.

It can only be used by Echidna\'s Oni royalty.

The fact that my king can use the crown is proof enough that he is not only one of us but also someone qualified to rule over us.

This is as per Echidna\'s tradition, right

Ror looked at the audience with a smirk on his face after he said that.

Whispering sounds ensued in the sacred hall that collectively sounded like chaos.

Yet, Ror and Eren knew exactly what they were talking about.

Eren was shocked by the fact that Echidna\'s Authority was bound to only the Oni race.

He was also shocked that Ror could use this fact in a way that would instantly put him on a higher pedestal than the rest.

Eren looked at Ror in a completely different light after he managed to bring down the opposition the neutral parties had in their minds to an absolute low.

He can always rule over the monsters with Echidna\'s Authority.

But it wouldn\'t be the same as them willingly and wholeheartedly serving him.

What Ror had done now was a step in that direction.

Kon the Orc Lord was left speechless when Ror was done speaking.

He readjusted his stance and said out loud.

Even if that is the case, the fact remains that the former king obtained his position by deceit and trickery.

That is not in line with Echidna\'s values.

I accept the challenge of mortal combat by the new king…

Kon was about to complete his statement when he was interrupted by the butcher\'s words.

Wait a minute.

Who said that it was mortal combat I don\'t care about those mortal combats or why you need to do them.

I only asked the opposition to come forward because Argo is hungry.

And as the caring and benevolent king that I am, I can\'t just kill anybody here, can I

Ror, kill this guy and feed it to my demon beast over there.

Eren said and took out his Sativa Stick.

He lit it up and watched Ror look at him with tense expressions.

The ogre had just shifted public opinion of Eren in his favor.

The kingkiller was doing something that would nullify all his efforts.

Argo roared when he heard Eren\'s words.

His mouth started drooling and he looked ready to pounce on Kon even when he was supposed to be weaker than an Orc Lord.

one had to say that Argo\'s confidence in himself was on another level.

Not even his master could match up with his level of confidence.

My king…

Do it.

Ror was trying to persuade Eren into taking back his decision.

But the latter shut him off before he could do so.

The Orge Overlord could only sigh at that point and oblige.

Kon took some time to realize that Eren hadn\'t thrown a mortal combat challenge as per the monster traditions.

They were still looking at Eren from their point of view because that\'s the only one they had.

In the next moment, Kon\'s heart was pierced by the Ogre Overlord\'s bare hands.

The Orc Lord didn\'t even have a chance to register his dissatisfaction.

When the Ogre Overlord\'s mana invaded his body and shut down his organs, he died while still standing.

Ror then threw the Orc Lord\'s body in Argo\'s direction, which Argo caught with both his front legs in a pouncing manner.

He held the corpse by placing one of its legs over it before activating his devour ability.

The Orc Lord\'s body started disintegrating in the small typhoon of mana and essence Argo had created in front of his open mouth.

Unlike Eren\'s slime half-blood powers, Argo\'s devour ability first disintegrates his target before allowing him to devour only their purest of mana and life essences.

Who\'s next

Eren asked while releasing a dense cloud of smoke from his mouth.

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