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Chapter 944 Prodigy Convention

“Sect Master, Ive decided to stay in the Heavenly Dao in the future.

The Chaos is indeed exciting, but Ive also obtained a huge opportunity.

I dont have to take risks anymore.”

Azure Heaven Mystic smiled confidently.

Sect Master Tian Jue smiled and nodded.

“Its good that youre back.

There are still more than five million years.

Hurry up and cultivate.

You have to win the eternal peak!”

Azure Heaven Mystic smiled proudly.

“Of course.”

The two Sages looked at each other and laughed.

Azure Heaven Mystic asked, “Something big has happened to the Heavenly Dao recently.

I sense that many Freedom Sages with no providence of the Heavenly Dao on them have


Sect Master Tian Jue smiled.

“The Hidden Sect is gathering the disciples for a meeting.

The commotion will naturally be huge.

The current Hidden Sect has spread in the Chaos.

Not to mention the second and third-generation disciples, even the fourth, fifth, and sixth-generation disciples have made contributions in the Chaos.

This gathering is naturally as fast as lightning.”

Interested, Azure Heaven Mystic asked with a smile, “Can I participate To be honest, Im also very interested in the Hidden Sect.”

Sect Master Tian Jue shook his head.

“The Heavenly Dao will definitely be lively during this period of time.

You can naturally interact with the Hidden Sect disciples if you want to.

However, you cant enter the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

Youre not a Hidden Sect disciple.”

No one dared to joke about the Divine Might Heavenly Sage, especially in the circle of Heavenly Dao Sages.

The Sages were only curious about the Hidden Sect gathering and not nervous.

There was no need to go through so much trouble if the Divine Might Heavenly Sage wanted to seize power.

One word was enough.

There were still countless Chaotic forces in the Heavenly Dao.

Most of them were here to inspect the Heavenly Dao and wanted to cooperate with it.

They could use the Hidden Sects power to intimidate the Chaos.

For a time, the Hidden Sect was busy, and so were the Heavenly Dao Sages.

Ten thousand years passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes and stretched.

Another hundred thousand years passed.

It was really comfortable.

Han Jue began to check his emails.

His circle of friends in the past hundred thousand years was very calm.

Calmer than before.

He observed the Primordial World after reading the emails.

Several hours later, he slowly stood up.

He teleported into the main Dao Field with Qingluaner and Xing Hongxuan.

The two women opened their eyes and were stunned when they saw that the scene in front of them had changed.

Han Jue smiled and said, “The Hidden Sect Meeting is about to begin.

I brought you here to take a look.

You can go out for a walk first.”

The two women immediately smiled.

They naturally wanted to join in the fun.

It was time to take a breather after cultivating for so many years.

Han Jue summoned Li Xuanao after the two women left.

Han Jues clone was in the main Dao Field.

He could contact Li Xuanao at any time and enter and leave.

Currently, many personal disciples had returned from the Hundred Peak Immortal River, such as Chu Shiren, Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, and others.

Li Xuanao entered and knelt down excitedly.

This Hidden Sect Meeting was unprecedented and had great influence.

He was the most respected person because he was the host.

All the disciples had to give him face.

Even the Sages of the Heavenly Dao and the mighty figures from the Chaos had to welcome him with a smile.

Han Jue asked, “When can we start”

Li Xuanao said, “Im only waiting for your order.

Give me a few days of notice.”

Han Jue smiled.

“Prepare to start.

Ill stay in the Hundred Peak Immortal River during this period of time.”

Li Xuanao nodded and left.

Han Jue teleported to the second Dao Field and strictly forbade all the Fiendcelestials from revealing their bloodlines.

Then, he sent them to the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

With the addition of the 53 Chaotic Fiendcelestials, the Hundred Peak Immortal River was immediately in chaos, especially the Black Hell Chicken and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog.

They shouted everywhere like overlords patrolling their territory.

Han Jue began to teach his personal disciples one after another.

He talked alone, and everyone chatted for a period of time to nurture their feelings.

He couldnt see them all at once.

Han Jue also wanted to hear their stories.

It was more interesting than the messages in his circle of friends.

Three days later.

He met all the second-generation disciples.

As for the third-generation disciples, there was no need to meet them.

Their masters were the link.

The Hidden Sect Meeting began under everyones anticipation.

The Hundred Peak Immortal River was very lively, but the outside world could not spy on them.

The second-generation disciples appeared one after another and spoke, raising the atmosphere of the banquet.

The outer sect disciples served wine and spirit fruits one after another.

This joy lasted for several days, and the disciples of the various generations became familiar with each other.

Su Qis only disciple, Zhao Shuangquan, also attracted the attention of his fellow disciples.

His potential was indeed impressive.

Because Zhao Xuanyuan had the same surname as him, the two of them became close and even agreed to explore the Chaos together.

On the last day, Han Jue appeared and let all the disciples see his true appearance.

After a few simple words, Han Jue preached the Dao to all the disciples.

It lasted for ten years.

The Hidden Sect Meeting this time could be considered to have ended successfully.

There was no melodramatic incident of someone causing trouble.

All the disciples had to follow the rules in front of Han Jue and didnt dare to act recklessly.

The Hidden Sect disciples enthusiasm did not dissipate after the meeting ended.

Even the Heavenly Dao became lively.

Han Jue paid attention to Zhao Shuangquan but didnt show it.

This prodigy reincarnated from the Eighth Chaos was indeed impressive.

Although he had not reached the point of being the best in the Hidden Sect, he was definitely one of the top few.

Su Qi also obtained the envy of the other personal disciples because of this.

He didnt show it on his face, but he was delighted.

Han Jue didnt return immediately after the Hidden Sect Meeting ended.

Instead, he transformed into a mortal and traveled the mortal world.

Several decades later, outside the 33rd Heaven.

Dao Sovereign led the way and held the first Heavenly Dao Prodigy Meeting in Long Haos Dao Field.

He invited the Heavenly Dao Prodigies to gather.

It was not to spar but to talk about the situation of the Heavenly Dao and the situation in the Chaos.

Azure Heaven Mystic also came.

He was rather disdainful of Dao Sovereign and the other two.

He felt that these three were acting cool, but the other party was indeed powerful.

He was truly a Great Dao Sage.

After the Prodigy Convention ended, some geniuses suggested sparring.

Everyone was a prodigy and was proud and arrogant.

No one was convinced by the other.

Zhao Shuangquan became famous after a single battle and defeated several geniuses of the same realm.

Azure Heaven Mystic did not leave after the meeting ended.

Instead, he challenged Dao Sovereign and the other two after the others left.

No one knew about this battle.

The purple sky was covered in crimson clouds.

Below was a continuous forest.

The trees here were ten thousand feet tall, like straight mountains.

The bark was like iron.

Han Huang, Han Qinger, and Jiang Jueshi hid under a tree.

“Damn it, I cant go to the Hidden Sect Meeting since I am trapped here!”

Han Huang cursed indignantly, unable to suppress his anger.

Jiang Jueshis expression was solemn as he said, “I keep feeling that something is wrong.

The other party didnt kill us and only forced us to stay here.

Im afraid he has a plan.”

Han Huang cursed.

“If not for that treasure, how could he be my match”


Han Qinger sighed.

“Indeed, I didnt expect him to have such a powerful Dharma treasure Its really impressive.”


At this moment, Han Huang suddenly felt something and suddenly looked up.

He saw a figure standing on a tree branch tens of thousands of feet away.

Azure Heaven Mystic would definitely know him if he was here.

Carefree Immortal!


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