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“Mm, looks like this is the end of Ye Chen as well.”

Seeing this system message, Qin Tian was stunned.

Lost the qualification of the Son of Fortune

Does that mean Ye Chen was no longer a protagonist

But after checking his current Villain Points, Qin Tian wasn’t as surprised anymore.

“It seems like Ye Chen indeed doesn’t have much of anything left.”

After Wang Yi slept Wang Ling, he also got 1000 Villain Points from that.

In addition, after destroying the two protagonist’s reproductive systems, as well as finishing the four key figures of the Ye Family…

With all that added together, Qin Tian has a total of 12000 Villain Points now.

Including the Villain Points that he has used before, he earned a lot more from Ye Chen than from Lin Feng.

“Hehe… Qingcheng, get your employees out to clean the floor.”

The previous actions of the bar staff telling the customers to leave and also the sudden meeting were naturally all Qin Tian’s plans.

After isolating the four Ye Family members, he could avoid unnecessary trouble.

Qin Tian asked Gu Qingcheng to bring the on-duty workers to the back and had his bodyguards and Manager Li keep an eye on them.

This meant, these workers could only hear the fighting noises outside, yet they didn’t know what happened exactly.

Now, after receiving the orders that they could come back out and seeing the pools of blood and the four men lying on the floor, they were so shocked that they didn’t even know what to say.

“Miss Gu, what… what happened”

“Holy **, even the bar table is broken.”

“No way…”

“Sister Gu, do we need to… call the police”

“No need, we already did.”


“Ah I see.”

“You all clean the other places first, leave the lobby for the cops.”

Gu Qingcheng started to instruct the employees, “Quick quick, everyone get moving.”

“The people who stayed here tonight will be paid 200 extra yuan for overtime work.

Xiao Wang, please record everyones’ names and then go directly to the finance department to collect the money tomorrow morning…”

“Okay, Miss Gu!”

“Yay! Long live Sister Gu!”

“Miss Gu you’re so nice.”

The bar employees all talked about Gu Qingcheng’s generosity as they cleaned up.

Qin Tian felt a little emotional seeing these workers get hyped up for a 200 yuan bonus.

He remembered that in his past life, he was a small worker just like them.

But now, in this world, he was a completely different man.

Soon, the police arrived.

Liu Ruoxi didn’t come this time, but these police officers all knew Qin Tian by now.

So after simply asking about the situation, they left along with bringing the four Ye Family people to the hospital.

As for Qin Tian

They didn’t dare to arrest him for now, so could only let him go.

They would ask him to return to do some paperwork the next day.

And just like that, four of Ye Family’s masters were sent to the hospital.

And Qin Tian brought Gu Qingcheng back to his villa.

As for Ye Wuya

He has been in a conflict with Wang Ling for the past two days, so he was in a very bad mood.

In the middle of the night, after hearing that his brothers and nephews were all sent to the hospital by Qin Tian, he was dumbfounded.


The master beside Qin Tian was just a side character

The real master was Qin Tian himself

He was a Grandmaster


Ye Wuya immediately booked a flight to Qiuming City.

The next morning, he brought Wang Ling and Ye Chen to the airport to Qiuming City.

Although Wang Ling was still in conflict with Ye Wuya, and she didn’t want to come to Qiuming City again either…

But these four cultivators were directly related to the future fate of the Ye family.

So she had to temporarily put their relationship issues behind her.

As for Ye Chen, he didn’t want to come either, but he knew the seriousness of the problem this time.

So he had to follow his parents back to the place that made him sad again.

Qiuming City Hospital.

Looking at the four people lying on the hospital bed, Ye Wuya, who came here with his wife and child, clenched his fists tightly.

“Big brother, third brother, what happened”

“How come Qin Tian is a Grandmaster”

“I… I want to know too.”

Ye Wutian replied weakly.

All four of them were cultivators, so their body was stronger than that of normal people.

After a night of emergency care, they all regained consciousness.

But because their meridians were destroyed, they seemed a bit weak.

“As a businessman, Qin Tian had the time to cultivate the Grandmaster realm This doesn’t make sense…”

Ye Wuhai agreed, “Yeah, Grandmaster realm… it’s hard to find such a master even in secret cultivation sects.”

“Bastard…” Ye Wuya gritted his teeth, “Then what do we do now”

“Is there any way to take our revenge”

“Revenge” Eldest brother, Ye Wutian, sneered, “Second brother, you’re still thinking about revenge”

“Do you know what the Grandmaster realm meant”

“The only reason we survived this time was only because Qin Tian is a businessman, he considered his future and knew it was best not to kill us… If we went according to the cultivators’ way, the survival of the strongest, we would have long been dead.”


Hearing this, Ye Chen couldn’t understand, “Great Uncle, are you exaggerating”

“There are even worse things than that.”

“Worse Like what” Ye Wuya frowned.

Ye Wutian said solemnly, “I suspect now that there is a hidden cultivation sect behind Qin Tian and supporting him.”

“And it must be a very very strong sect.

Otherwise, Qin Tian would have no way to become even an Innate realm peak, let alone a Grandmaster.”

“Brother is right, I suspect the same.”

“No… no way”

Ye Wuya was in shock.

Ye Wutian continued solemnly, “Second brother, listen to me, if you want to protect the Ye Family, the best option now is to make peace with Qin Tian.

Otherwise, the Ye Family will be over…”

“Is it that bad”

“It’s up to you to believe me or not, sigh… that’s all I wanted to say.” Ye Wutian looked very tired and let out a long breath, “Second brother, I’m tired, let me rest.”

Ye Wuya hesitated for a while, then looked at Ye Wuhai: “Third brother!”

“Listen to big brother, this is the only way to protect the Ye Family.”

Ye Wuhai was also full of tiredness.

Hearing both his big brother and his little brother say this, Ye Wuya was really dumbfounded.

And Wang Ling thought of something as well.

“How come Qin Tian dared to do things so unscrupulously How come even an Innate peak master would be willing to be his subordinate”

“What do you mean”

Although Ye Wuya didn’t like Wang Ling at the moment, he didn’t have time to care about those for now.

“What I meant is that your brothers are right.

Maybe Qin Tian really has a strong sect secretly supporting him.”

“Otherwise, Qin Tian wouldn’t dare to act so arrogantly.

Even our Innate peak masters are only as strong as his subordinate”

Hearing this, Ye Wuya finally realized.

He realized the seriousness of the problem.

A Grandmaster realm cultivator might not be able to affect the roots of the Ye family.

But if he had a whole sect behind him, then that was a big big problem.

Ye Chen was also standing there.

Seeing his parents’ expressions, his whole mind was blank.

No way No way No way

The Ye Family really have to surrender to the Qin Family

Ye Wuya was in disbelief.

They slept his wife, and not only could he get revenge, he even had to kneel down to them


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