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Horsemanship- Your Horsemanship is Really Lacking (1)

Probably because of the continuous snowfall a few days ago, the sun on this day was exceptionally good, and the cold winds were dispelled.

The snow on the way down the mountain had mostly melted, and the servants had been clearing the rest, so the path was quite smooth.

Chu Ning brought Guoer and a few servants down the mountain road and into a carriage.

In a short while, they arrived at the spacious horse farm.

Today, she was wearing a winter riding suit, and her black hair was full of simple accessories.

She looked upright, a little more dignified and delicate than usual.

Her beautiful appearance became more and more dazzling, and almost as soon as she entered the scene, she attracted countless eyes.

She was already used to this kind of situation, and without the slightest turbulence in her heart, she glanced at the nearby figures.

Seeing that there were many noble sons and daughters and a few Qianniu guards, she knew that Xiao Kezhi was also there.

This was why so many people were attracted to this place.

Guoer, who was on the side, was still very shy.

Seeing the gazes of many people, she immediately retreated behind Chu Ning, pulling her sleeves and not daring to move forward.

This child was born with such a nature, and Madame Xu was always a little worried about it.

Today, she asked her daughter to come with Chu Ning to learn how to ride a horse to practice courage.

The two of them were used to their past life in the countryside, and even if they suddenly changed from ordinary farmers to aristocrats, there will be no big waves in the future.

Guoer was still young—she would marry and start a family in the future.

As a parent, she naturally hoped that her daughter could live as well as the other noble girls in Changan.

When Chu Ning watched the old couple love their only daughter so much, she naturally thought of her deceased parents.

Her parents did the same to their daughter back then—they wanted her to grow up carefree.

Looking at the whole of Changan, it was rare that in the noble families, her parents were so upright and were truly a gentle and loving couple.

It was a pity that her mother left early and her father was killed by Xiao Yu.

She was an orphan who was destined to not live as carefreely as her parents had expected.

On the other hand, seeing that Guoer still had both parents and a happy family gave her a lot of motivation.

If she herself was destined to live a tormented life, she might as well help this child.

Helping this child live a good life would also be a consolation and a fulfillment for herself.

“Guoer, let’s pick a horse first, shall we” She smiled and bent over slightly, tightening Guoer’s collar and fur hat and pointing to the stable not far away.

Guoer’s shy eyes lit up when she reached the stables.

After all, she was still a playful child.

After a moment of hesitation, she nodded.

Upon seeing this, the servants who followed them hurriedly led the two to the stable and summoned a horse servant to choose horses for the two of them.

This was not Guoer’s first time visiting Lishan, so she was relatively familiar with the horses there.

The stable master was very clever.

Seeing that Guoer was young and shy, he hurriedly brought the two of them to a young mare.

“Your Highness, this horse is a breed of horse with a gentle temperament.

It is suitable for the little lady to learn to ride a horse.”

Guoer looked at the little red horse, which was much taller than she.

Her eyes were full of anticipation and nervousness, and she was a little afraid to step forward.

“Your Highness, I’m a little scared.”

Chu Ning stood beside her, holding her with one hand, stroking the horse with the other as a demonstration and feeding it with a handful of hay.

The little red horse snorted and slowly rubbed against Chu Ning’s palm, showing a bit of tenderness.

Guoer became more and more excited when she saw that and finally stepped high up onto a stool, carefully stretching out her hand to touch the little red horse.

The little red horse shook its head and approached her actively.

The servant stepped forward to open the stable gate.

It was just that the three of them turned their heads and saw Xiao Kezhi, who was looking at them.

He was wearing a riding uniform and was followed by only two Qianniu guards.

“Your Majesty!” The stable master was startled and hurriedly knelt down to bow.

Guoer also became startled, facing her cousin.

She subconsciously ducked behind Chu Ning for a while.

Chu Ning held her very calmly, glanced at the lively situation outside, took two steps forward with a smile, and bowed towards him meticulously and flawlessly, “This niece didn’t know that Your Majesty was here.

I’m afraid I’ve been impolite.”

Xiao Kezhi glanced at her expressionlessly, thinking of something.

A complex emotion flashed in his eyes, and he said solemnly, “It’s fine, you may rise.”

He didn’t look at Chu Ning anymore, but rather walked up to Guoer, bent down, and asked, “Guoer came to learn to ride today”

Guoer squeezed Chu Ning’s hand, nodded, and said in a small, reedy voice, “Yes, Guoer will follow Your Highness to learn to ride a horse.”

He probably felt that his dignified appearance frightened this shy girl, so Xiao Kezhi tried his best to gentle his face.

He looked at the little red horse behind them, nodded and said, “This horse is well-chosen.

It is suitable for beginners.”

Guoer’s blushing face was a little happy.

“Her Highness brought me to choose.”

“Mm.” Xiao Kezhi didn’t even glance at Chu Ning and just signaled for the stable master to lead the little red horse to a field with fewer people outside.

This group went silently all the way, and they immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Several ministers, messengers, and nobles came over one after another on horseback.

Among them, Zhao Yue, who had just arrived, made Chu Ning sneak a peek at her.

“Is Your Majesty going to personally teach little Lady Wei to ride a horse” a clan leader looked at the little red horse and asked with a smile.

Guoer was startled when she heard that the Emperor would be teaching in person and subconsciously grabbed the corner of Chu Ning’s clothes with a pale face, causing everyone on the side to look a little embarrassed.

Chu Ning was about to open her mouth to explain, but Zhao Yue took the lead and said, “It’s not a matter of a day or two for a little lady to learn to ride.

Your Majesty doesn’t have that much time to teach Lady Wei.

In my opinion, Your Majesty might as well choose a girl with excellent riding skills to teach the lady.”

She came to Lishan after the snow had stopped.

Although she was a noble, she was not a close relative of the royal family.

Her elder brother Zhao Lun was far away in Bozhou, and she did not come with him.

Naturally, it was not easy for her to receive an invite.

It was only recently that she received news from her brother from Bozhou.

She knew that someone had been inquiring about the relationship between her father and Nanzhao in Bozhou recently.

She also heard that Xiao Kezhi had also summoned several local generals to the capital to report their duties.

She was a little nervous, so she thought of asking other relatives of the Zhao family to come over a few days earlier to see the situation through their in-laws with the Xiao family.

After finally meeting Xiao Kezhi on the racecourse, she naturally had to seize the opportunity.


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