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Chapter 265


He and Qin Jiu were already engaged to be married, so he would not hide anything from her.

Also, he was never a person who repays grievances with kindness, he has always retaliated against every grievance and held vengeance.

That’s him!

Qin Jiu’s eyes shone brightly, if not for her hand being held by Gu Zezhi, she would have already applauded him, nodding her head and saying, “Wow!”

Golden thighs were really worthy of being golden thighs, they won’t suffer a loss nor eat their grief!

Gu Zezhi chuckled softly, his adam’s apple rolled up and down as his bright laughter was blown away by the wind…

Qin Jiu curiously pulled Gu Zezhi’s sleeve with her eyes still brightly shining and asked curiously, “Is there anything else”

She firmly believes that with Gu Zezhi’s character, he must have done more than just this one thing, but must pay them back ten times more after all this was more in line with the personality of the boss villain.

With ripples in his eyes, Gu Zezhi looked at her quietly as his smile thickens.

He suddenly snapped his fingers, and the white horse that had been following the two of them “walked” over beside them.

Gu Zezhi pulled out from the leather pouch on the white horse back a pumpkin-shaped hand stove that was already warm and stuffed it into Qin Jiu’s hand.

“Take it.”

Qin Jiu stared at him, then stared at him, and stared at him.

Since he has a hand stove, why didn’t he take it out sooner!

Gu Zezhi made a gesture of putting the hand stove back into the leather pouch, which made Qin Jiu took a step forward, snatched the hand stove, and hid it in her cloak before she let out a contented sigh between her lips and teeth.

Forget it, for the sake of the hand stove, she won’t bother with him!

She grunted arrogantly before she turned to the corner with big strides.

Gu Zezhi who was two steps behind immediately caught up, then said, “I have someone bring that monk to the capital, as for the heir.” He said meaningfully, “For the time being he won’t be coming here…”

Qin Jiu was curious about his words again and listened with great interest.

The street across them was very lively, with countless people coming and going, the noise was too loud that Gu Zezhi’s voice drowned out.

As they walked leisurely, she listened while he talked so they didn’t notice that in the lounge on the second floor of the private room in Shenghua Pavillion a burning gaze was looking at their retreating backs.

“Sister Xin!”

Princess Yingluo’s voice came from the person’s next ear, this made Qin Xin’s senses come back, and looked away from the people below.

She looked at Princess Yinglou, and closed the window cover to hide her unusual behavior.

“Princess,” Qin Xin put her hand across the square table between them and pressed Princess Yingluo’s right hand, and with a bit of helplessness could be heard from her voice “… The emperor will probably make peace with Beiyan.”

Qin Xin remembered that in her last life, Daqi did not make peace with Beiyan, but only signed an agreement, asking Beiyan to pay compensation and pay tribute every year.

Later, within a few years, Beiyan tore up the agreement and sent troops to attack western Xinjiang again.

At that time, she was far away in the exile area of Lingnan, this news was supposed to be blocked but this incident shocked the Daqi Dynasty so it also spread in Lingnan.

Qin Xin subconsciously exerted a little force on Princess Yinglou’s hand as her eyes flickered.

In her last life, she once overheard a demoted official from the capital say by chance that the reason why Beiyan turned against the Daqi and tore up the agreement was because the two countries could not agree on the same ground to make peace.

Beiyan people were forced to sign the agreement, which made them hate Daqi more.

She persuaded Gu Jing to ask the emperor to let him participate in the peace talks between the two countries.

With Gu Jing’s coordination, the two countries would surely be able to make an agreement and reach peace talks.

At that time, the two countries would have a permanent truce, and Gu Jing would be able to take the lead.

And she, too, could use it to make Gu Jing think more highly of her.

Thinking of this, Qin Xin’s eyes brightened even more.

“Really” Princess Yingluo anxiously holds Qin Xin’s hand, “Sister Xin, you… did you hear it from Second Prince”

Qin Xin just said, “Princess, this rapprochement is about peace between the two countries.

It is imperative.”

She neither said yes nor no, but in Princess Yinglou’s ears, she only thought Qin Xin was inconvenienced to say it straight.

Princess Ying Luo: “….”

Princess Yingluo’s face turned paler, and the uneasiness in her eyes was hard to conceal as her body tensed up.

Not only Princess Changning was afraid of marriage, but so was Princess Yinglou.

Now everyone thinks she hurt Princess Changning’s face, if Daqi really wanted to make peace with Beiyan, the emperor would use her for a political marriage.

After all, Daqi couldn’t send a disfigured princess to a political marriage.

She had also thought of asking her mother to settle her marriage so that she wouldn’t be chosen for the marriage, but her mother always said she was overthinking it and that in the rush, she couldn’t pick any good candidates for her marriage.

She was a dignified daughter of a prince who couldn’t be married hastily, not even as a consort!

“Don’t worry, Princess.” Qin Xin’s other hand covers Princess Yingluo’s right hand and tightly held her right hand with both hands.

“I know you are being misunderstood because of me… Don’t worry, I, I will help you!”

Qin Xin looked at Princess Yingluo sincerely, her eyes were bright as stars.

“Sister Xin!” Princess Yingluo was moved by Qin Xin’s gesture and with her eyes sore she feels Qin Xin’s kindness and sincerity toward her.

Everyone, including her father and brother, all thought that she had hurt Changning, it was only Qin Xin who believed her.

Only Qin Xin knows what she was afraid of, and only Qin Xin would help her!

Princess Yingluo hurriedly said, “Sister Xin, what should I do” She couldn’t just sit still and wait for the emperor to issue an order for her to marry, by then it would be too late!

Princess Yingluo looks at Qin Xin as if a drowning man had caught a piece of driftwood.

Qin Xin looked at her steadily and asked, “Do you believe me”

“Yes.” Princess Yinglou nodded her head vigorously, “Of course, I believe you.”


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