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Qin Jiu remembered that it was often said in movies, TV dramas, and novels that imperial physicians in the palace only wanted to do nothing and does not admit they lack talent.

Therefore, most of the prescriptions were used to seek favor and stability in their positions.

Qin Jiu then suggested, “Wangfei, why don’t we ask the famous physicians in the capital to have a look”

Wang momo nodded and said, “The third master also said so, but wangfei did not think it was necessary, saying that she had only taken the medicine for a few days, so the effect is not so noticeable yet.”

Qin Jiu frowned slightly, then said coquettishly, “Wangfei, this is not acceptable.

If you don’t ask a physician to take a look, I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep at night when I go back.”

She also widened her pair of black almond-like eyes, looking charming, naïve, and cute at the same time.

Duan Wang Fei was amused.

Qin Jiu climbed up the pole, smiled, and said to Wang momo.

“Wang momo, if Duan Wang Fei smiled, it means she agreed, so hurry up and ask the physician to go, lest Duan Wang Fei take it back again.”

Wang momo looked at Duan Wang Fei and saw that she did not oppose her.

She responded with a smile, secretly boasting that the future third young madam was clever.

In the past, even if wangfei’s servants persuaded her, Duan Wang Fei would not necessarily listen.

The third master was a man, and it was not good for them to always disturb him for some internal affairs in the inner courtyard.

However, after the third young madam passes the door, Duan Wang Fei would have someone she could share her worries with and would take good care of her.

Wang momo hurriedly sent a servant girl to the Renji Hall to ask for a physician, while Duan Wang Fei and Qin Jiu went back to the main hall riding on a sedan chair.

Gu Zezhi was back first before the physician arrived.

When he reached the eaves, he heard a woman’s laughter in the room, which added some warmth to the chilly winter.

The corners of Gu Zezhi’s lips were slightly curved, and his footsteps subconsciously sped up.

The servants in the main hall saw Gu Zezhi and hurriedly bowed.

“Third master.”

Concurrently, someone draws the curtain for him.

By this time Qin Jiu and Duan Wang fei in the east secondary room heard the sound and looked over in his direction with both of them smiling.

Qin Jiu waved his hand at Gu Zezhi and smiled, “Big brother, you’re back!”

Gu Zezhi looked at the smiling faces of the two, and the smile on his lips widened even more, like a spring breeze.

“What are you guys talking about” Gu Zezhi asked casually.

Gu Zezhi lifted his robe and sat down on an armchair beside Qin Jiu, with a straight and elegant posture.

Qin Jiu looked at Gu Zezhi and smiled until her eyes narrowed into two slits.

“Duan Wang Fei is telling me about your childhood!”

She deliberately increased the volume on the word “childhood” and smiled even more.

Gu Zezhi looked at Duan Wangfei, who was also still smiling mysteriously and winked at Qin Jiu, meaning that this was a little secret between the two of them.

Qin Jiu nodded and smilingly offered Gu Zezhi tea, “Big brother, have some tea, your favorite Liu’an tea.”

Qin Jiu confidently and boldly acts as a host and treated Gu Zezhi as a guest generously.

Duan Wang Fei liked her undisguised attitude and made her smile deepened even more.

She has been waiting for her son to get married for five or six years, and she could now finally achieve what she had been praying for.

For her, as long as the young couple was harmonious that was all she could ask for.

Gu Zezhi has just had a sip of tea when a servant girl who had gone to invite a physician came back bringing an old physician with gray hair and a medicine boy carrying a medicine box.

“Duan Wang Fei, this is Physician Li from Ji**ang.” The servant girl bowed to Duan Wang Fei.

The old physician and the medicine boy hurriedly saluted at Duan Wang Fei, “Greetings Duan Wang Fei.”

Gu Zezhi raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Originally, Gu Zezhi planned that after he came back today, he would ask someone to invite a famous physician from the capital to check on his mother but unexpectedly, someone had already invited a physician.

Wang momo smiled and said: “Third Master, it is third young miss Qin’s ability, she persuaded wangfei to invite a physician.

Third master, you are not as sweet as third young miss Qin.”

Wang momo dared to speak up like this to Gu Zezhi because she was the dowry maid of Duan Wang Fei and had watched Gu Zezhi grow up.

Her words made Duan Wang Fei smile deeper, and several servant girls beside her also couldn’t help curling their lips upward.

Qin Jiu also smiled with curved eyes and eyebrows as she thought to herself that since she met Gu Zezhi, her ability to coax people has really grown!

Gu Zezhi looks at her more softly.

Two servant maids quickly brought a chair and asked Physician Li to sit down.

Physician Li felt Duan Wang Fei’s pulse skillfully.

After a long time, he got up and said.

“Duan Wang Fei, Third Young Master, Duan Wang Fei is overworked, thus her body is weak and feeble.

And because of the cold wind…”

Gu Zezhi didn’t say anything, but he wondered if there were too many bad things going on in Luo’an City, that’s why his mother was overworked

He was thinking of letting Duan Wang Fei stay in the capital for a long time, but now he has made up his mind.

After Physician Li had prescribed the prescription, the servant girl specially brought it to Gu Zezhi to look over.

The ink on the prescription was squarely dried and emits a faint ink scent.

Gu Zezhi quickly scanned the prescription.

He was not proficient in medicine and only knows a little knowledge of medical theory and the medicinal properties of some herbals.

Recently, he also turned over some classical prescriptions in the theory of typhoid fever in order to deal with Duan Wang Fei’s disease and gain some understanding.

And upon seeing this prescription, he could safe to say that it was much the same as the prescriptions prescribed by the two former imperial physicians.

But the prescriptions of the imperial physicians were to provide more heat and give more nourishment, while the prescription of Physician Li focuses on clearing the heat of her three truncal cavities, also energizing and tonifying the spleen and lungs, and strengthening the vitality.

After thinking about it for a moment, Gu Ze instructed the young servant, “Just boil it according to this recipe.”


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