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"So this is the feeling of awakening your devil fruit..."

At this time, El felt very mysterious, obviously just now in order to resist the continuous explosion, he consumed a large amount of Haki while his back was still blown to pieces.

But now, he doesn't feel any sense of weakness that he can't do anything due to the large consumption of haki and pain, and in his eyes, the world has even changed.

Those things that were previously invisible to the naked eye appeared in his eyes and observation haki range, he also found out that he could enter and exit this state freely.

Once in this special state, he was able to see these invisible things from another perspective, however, as a price, his stamina was quickly consumed.

To describe it with the vocabulary of the computer, that is, his body is like an ordinary computer, and that special state is entering overclocking and

once he enters overclocking, then his body is forced to operate faster than it's intended to do, which means that his stamina is quickly being drained.

If he uses up all of his stamina and doesn't turn off the overclocking, then the CPU will be damaged, which means that he will consume his life force, this special state is the awakening of the Float-Float Fruit.

"Looks like I guess it's right..."

After realizing that he had entered another level, the corners of his mouth could not help but rise slightly, and he muttered to himself with a smile.

While sailing with Doflamingo to the Onigashima, he once asked Doflamingo about the devil fruit Awakening.

At the same time, he also had his own two guesses on the result of the awakening of his devil fruit.

One is that after the devil fruit awakening, he doesn't need to touch the inanimate objects with his palms, and only needs to move his thoughts to control all the inanimate objects, which is the power of a domain.

The second is that after the devil fruit awakening, the Float-Float Fruit will be the same as Bartholomew Kuma's devil fruit, he will have the same power as him to grasp the power of concept and he will enter to a higher level of manipulating tangible to the intangible object.

These two conjectures, no matter which one they are, will greatly improve his comprehensive strength and let him enter a new level.

For the first conjectures, once the enemy enters his domain, then everything he has and things around him, will become El's weapon.

In this field, El is comparable to the Lord of the realm that controls everything.

For the second conjectures, from controlling tangible to intangible, the Float-Float Fruit will be no longer flawed and becomes the most perfect strategic-level devil fruit.

The reason why Shiki was defeated was because he doesn't have enough stamina to take an archipelago to fight the Roger Pirates, he could only bring a fleet with him to fight the Roger Pirates.

These ships with all their canvas open, once they encounter a strong storm, they will fly away like a kite with broken strings, and even the power of Float-Float Fruit cannot pull them back.

Even Shiki who was free from gravity flew in the sky like a kite with a broken string.

A storm, especially those powerful storms, is the biggest weakness of the Float-Float Fruit user.

If the Float-Float Fruit can control the intangible things, then this weakness will become the greatest help for the Float-Float Fruit user, because the wind is also an intangible thing and just now, he saw the wind when he's in the special state, that is, the airflow.

As he has the breath of all things, he can listen to the breath of air itself, and the principle of flying slash is also to cut the airflow and form sword energy that tears everything and now, he can not only listen to the breath of the air, but also see the flow of the air, and even manipulate them!

He doesn't know if there was a Devil Fruit called Wind-Wind Fruit in the Logia type and if it really exists, then the user of this devil fruit will be out of luck because he is one of the devil fruit that he restrains the most.

The awakening ability of his Float-Float Fruit makes him invisible.

Just like Whitebeard's Quake-Quake Fruit, it is the strongest Paramecia with the ability to create a shockwave in the Sky, Earth, and Sea.

At this moment, El's Float-Float Fruit is also the strongest Paramecia type devil fruit that corresponds to the Sky, Earth, and Sea.

As long as El can defeat Whitebeard and end his decades-long Strongest Man in the World record, he will become the new generation of Strongest Man in the World title holder.

Then in the next issue of the magazine on the strongest devil fruit, the name of the strongest Paramecia devil fruit will not be the Quake-Quake Fruit but his Float-Float Fruit.

Looking at Shanks and Benn Beckman, who was seriously injured in front of him, El grinned while speaking.

"Thank you for helping me awaken my devil fruit, as a form of thanks, I will show you something interesting."

After he finished speaking, El slowly raised his right-hand while, while Shanks and Benn Beckman stared at him with a painful expression on their face.

"Wind..." As El's words fall, both Shanks and Benn Beckman found that their bodies were flying up uncontrollably, and as if they were being grasped by a large number of invisible hands, their bodies began to spin.

In a short moment, this invisible thing to the naked eye, and observation haki, begone materialized one after another.

Where is the invisible hand that holds them up and spinning them, this is clearly a tornado.

On the medium-sized island that turned into a small deserted island, a tornado suddenly appeared out of thin air and it grow from a small tornado to a large tornado in just ten seconds.

Just like the meteor and the mushroom cloud that resulted from the explosion, this tornado was also seen by people on the islands closest to the islands.

This shows how large this tornado is.


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