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Chapter 30: Those People Should Get a Taste of Suffering

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When Di Tai saw Zhong Gufei enter the warehouse, he immediately went to Elder Chens side.

Elder Chen was unconscious on the ground. Di Tai had a cold gaze as he landed a killing slap to Elder Chens chest.

Elder Chens body trembled, and he died on the spot.

After confirming that Elder Chen was dead, Di Tai dragged his own injured body and immediately darted towards a spot with a lot of weeds.

By the time Zhong Gufei reappeared with Hong on his back, Di Tai was already gone.

Zhong Gufei was dumbfounded.

“Where is he

“Hey! Young man, are you there


After shouting for a long time, he still couldnt find anyone.

“D*mn it, if I had known, I wouldnt have come.” Zhong Gufei sat on the ground dejectedly, feeling extremely regretful.

A few minutes later, a police car arrived, but there was only one.

Nothing could be done. In order to capture Di Tai, the police had mobilized almost the entire citys police force. If they wanted to dispatch men to attend to other matters, they could only draw away a small number of people.

The police car stopped, and two young police officers walked over.

Zhong Gufei immediately dashed to them.

“Police officers, youre finally here.”

The two officers surveyed Zhong Gufei and said, “You were the one who called the police”

Zhong Gufei nodded. “Mm!”

“You reported that someone wanted to kill you”

“Yes, yes!”

“Then where is the person who wants to kill you”

“He fainted!”


Zhong Gufei stammered, not knowing how to explain himself.

Now that his only witness was gone, he could only take things one step at a time.

“Where is he” The two policemen asked.

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Zhong Gufei pointed in the direction. “Oh right, there was another person whos quite badly injured. Ive called for an ambulance. They should be here soon.”

“Lets go and take a look!”

The two police officers headed towards the warehouse, and Zhong Gufei followed behind.

“Officers, hes the one who wants to kill me.”

Zhong Gufei ran to Elder Chens side.

The two policemen nodded and walked over.

One of the police officers squatted down and started to check him.

“His pulse has stopped” The officer was taken aback when he felt for the pulse on Elder Chens neck.

Zhong Gufei was also very shocked.

He immediately said, “Thats impossible. He was still breathing when I checked him. It hasnt been that long. Why is he dead”

Zhong Gufei was in disbelief.

The two officers glanced at him before they went to check on Hong Hu.

“Hes still alive, but hes in a critical condition.”

After the two police officers finished their inspection, they immediately sealed off the area.

After all, someone had died.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, they interrogated Zhong Gufei.


“Zhong Gufei.”

“Where do you live”

“Victory Street, Friendship Estate, Unit 3, 502.”

“Family situation”

“I have two daughters, but both of them have married and moved abroad.

“I divorced my wife more than ten years ago.

“Some of the other relatives are out of town. Some are in the city, but we rarely see each other.”

“Why did you come here”

Zhong Gufei did not answer this question immediately.

After all, he did not have the right to use this warehouse. If he were to use this place for forging, it would violate the law.

Seeing that he did not answer, the two policemen could not help but grow suspicious of Zhong Gufei.

When he saw the shift in the officers expression, Zhong Gufei hurriedly came up with a reason.

“This warehouse is abandoned, isnt it So I just wanted to come look for treasure and see if theres anything of value.”

The two policemen looked at each other and continued, “Tell us what happened.”

Zhong Gufei didnt hesitate this time.

A minute or two later, Zhong Gufei finished speaking.

The two policemen asked, “You are saying that there was another person”

“Yes, yes! Wed agreed that he would testify for me, but he ran away.”

“What does that person look like” The two policemen asked.

Zhong Gufei thought for a moment. “That person looks quite familiar, but I just cant remember where Ive seen him before.

“Hes not tall, but hes skinny. He has short hair and a square face. Theres a bit of stubble around his chin. Theres also a scar on his left cheek and under the corner of his eye. ”

When they heard this, the two policemens expressions changed. They quickly took out a photo.

“Is that him” The two policemen pointed at the photo with a solemn expression.

Zhong Gufei leaned forward to take a closer look.

“Yes, yes, its him.” Zhong Gufei was very confident.

The two officers called their superiors.

“Captain, we found trails of Di Tai near an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city in the west. We have one dead and one injured here…”

Zhong Gufeis eyes lit up when he heard Di Tais name.

“So its him. I was wondering why he looked so familiar.”

A few minutes later, the ambulance arrived.

Then came police cars and helicopters.

This was the first time Zhong Gufei had been involved in such a huge incident. He looked stressed.

He had just wanted to see the warehouse. He didnt think it would be such a big deal.

Not long after, the television news and major media outlets were all reporting this incident.

As someone who had personally experienced it, Zhong Gufei became the focus of attention.

Faced with the interrogation from the police and the cameras from the major media, he was on the verge of breaking down.

In the rental apartment.

Qin Chuan had nothing to do, so he sat on the sofa and started watching television.

However, he didnt watch the news. Instead, he found a movie to watch.

Zhao Xuanxuan, on the other hand, stared at her computer.

Qin Chuan took a glance and said, “Xuanxuan! What have you been doing recently Why are you always looking at the computer”

Zhao Xuanxuan replied, “Im submitting my resume!”

“Submitting your resume” Qin Chuan was surprised. “Arent you livestreaming to earn money”

Zhao Xuanxuan shook her phone and said, “Brother, how can a phone that costs 1000 yuan be used for live streaming Its too outdated!”

Qin Chuan rolled his eyes. “It sounds like youre blaming me for not buying a good one for you!”

Zhao Xuanxuan giggled and ran over.

She sat beside Qin Chuan, held his arm, and rested her head on it, rubbing back and forth like a kitten.

“Brother, dont be angry! Why would I blame you

“To me, no matter what you buy for me, I like it very much.” Zhao Xuanxuan said sweetly.

“Really” Qin Chuan raised his brows.

“Of course! Youre my brother, the most important person to me. As long as Im by your side, I feel very happy and safe.”

Qin Chuan felt warmth trickle through his heart.

He lightly ran his fingers through Zhao Xuanxuans long black hair. He was emotional.

To him, kinship didnt come by easily. He needed to cherish it.

He didnt want anyone to ruin such a precious thing.

“Those people must have gotten a taste of suffering!” Qin Chuan thought to himself.

“If they come again, I dont mind making them disappear.”

Unknowingly, Qin Chuan released a brief lapse of murderous energy.

Late at night.

Beichuan Citys Public Security Bureau.

A group of people had their heads bowed. Wang Jiajun slammed the table angrily. He flew into a rage and scolded them for more than half an hour.

“Reclusive expert Qigong Master Theyre all swindlers!

“Wang Hongyun, the next time you recommend some master to me, I will remove you from your position.”

Wang Hongyun was Chief Wang.

He couldnt even breathe right now.

Wang Jiajun was furious.

They had paid a fortune to hire someone to capture Di Tai, and on top of failing to do so, there were now two more bodies.

He was livid.

After a period of silence.

Someone said weakly, “Director Wang, should we ask for reinforcements”

Wang Jiajun pondered for a moment. “Theres no hurry. Weve found something recently, so we should be able to get results soon.”


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