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Chapter 12 – Let’s hatch a dragon egg 2

I tilted my head in puzzlement and asked, If it’s someone with a lot of mana that you want, you have other options right Why me The guild master seemed to have a similar opinion, He’s right.

Why did you choose make this request to Nicola, a human. Manuela weighed me and the guild master with her gaze. You guys really don’t know Nicola’s mana pool is several times larger than my own.

Putting it plainly, he’s an aberration.

I am surprised he’s managed to live for so long as a human.

That much, said the guild master dumbfounded. Originally, I was planning to give all my mana to the egg for seven days, but with Nicola we could hatch the egg much sooner. I folded my arms and asked, And my reward

Oh yes, hold on., she said, and drew a circle in the air with her index finger.

The interior of the circle she traced turned pitch black.

Manuela put her arm inside that circle and rummaged for something. Not that, or that….

There it is. As she drew her arm out of the circle, it was holding a leather pouch. What’s this, I asked as she handed it to me. A magic tool.

If you circulate your mana through it you’ll be able to use it.

It’s a magic bag that can hold how much ever you’d like it to.

However, it needs a lot of mana to be opened.

A normal human could never use it, but you would be able to do so with ease.

You can circulate your mana right, she explained.

Well, yeah.

I can circulate it., I said turning the bag in my hand. It’s so small.

Can it really hold an unlimited number of things When I was inspecting the bag with a dubious expression, the guild master said haltingly, Is….

Is it really okay to give away something like that as a reward I can’t even begin to put a price on it….

It’s fine.

I can do the same with my magic after all., said Manuela breezily. Teach me that magic instead., I asked immediately.

Manuela laughed in response and said, What is someone who can only cast water balls saying Moreover, to use that magic you need to be able to the other attributes too.

You only have the water attribute right Aww man, that sucks.

There should be some stuff inside it, you can keep that too.

I haven’t touched it for over a century anyway. Over a hundred years Exactly how old is she Well at least the bag looks pretty useful.

I could carry heavy stuff pretty easily so far, but it’s tiresome when I have to transport lots of small things. When I said that I would take the request, Manuela smiled widely. Well then, shall we get started, she said standing up and gathering the egg in her arms.

After saying my farewells to Allison and Cornelia, I was taken to the best hotel in town by Manuela and the guild master.

The room we entered was easily four times as big as the one I was renting currently.

The furnishings looked really luxurious and expensive.

It was not a place you could rent working as an adventurer.

Just that, despite all the luxury it didn’t feel comfortable.

Once the guild master left, it was just me and Manuela in the room.

She placed the egg on the bed and beckoned me. Come here and feed your mana to the egg with me. Why on the bed The dragon egg had scales with sharp points on its surface. Does this thing really have a healing effect Looks more like a weapon to me. (T/N: And you mistook it for a stone)

Remove those first., ordered Manuela, pointing to my bracelets. You’ll waste your mana by wearing them. She then flopped down on the bed and touched the egg.

I removed the bracelets and touched the egg in the same way.

I suddenly felt an imaginary pull, something warm inside me was being extracted by the egg. It would be best if you lie down.

This one will keep sucking you mana till you dry up after all. My mana was being used at rate I’d never experienced before.

When I took Manuela’s advice and lied down on the bed, she brought her arm towards me. What do you think you’re doing, I asked. I feel very cold.

This guy is absorbing at much faster rate than I thought he would., said Manuela trembling.

As I moved closer to her, she pulled me by clothes and embraced me tightly.

It was like we were warming up the egg by placing it between us and hugging each other around it. Aren’t you feeling cold, she asked. A little bit I guess., I replied. Oh! Aren’t quite reliable.

It might have been dangerous if I’d tried this alone. Manuela hugged me even closer, her body felt like ice making me panic a bit, Are you okay

No, I’m not okay at all. She lost consciousness after saying that. Is she dead! I hastily took the egg away from her.

From that moment, it began absorbing my mana at an even faster rate.

I began feeling cold but I could still endure it.

I noticed that Manuela was still breathing shallowly. Thank god she’s not dead. Aren’t I the one doing all the work here I continued supplying mana while thinking that I should definitely demand an additional reward, and at some point, fell asleep.

Hey! HEY! Nicola! I was being shaken awake by someone and finally opened my eyes. Ah, thank goodness! I was worried that you wouldn’t wake up at all., said Manuela sighing in relief.

It was the next morning.

I was still feeling a bit cold, but it wasn’t as much as I’d felt when I fell asleep. You ended up doing almost all the work.

Thank you.

An additional reward would be the best way to express your gratitude. Manuela smiled wryly in response. Alright alight.

More importantly… She pointed at the egg that I was still holding.

It was oscillating steadily.

Gradually, the oscillation grew larger in amplitude until the egg finally cracked.

The top of the shell opened like a door.

A jet black dragon hatchling raised its head through it and opened its jaws wide.

The rest of egg fell apart as the dragon stretched and yawned, looking at me.

It extended its neck towards my hand and began to rub its cheek on my palm. This is a dragon He’s so cute!

Looks like it was born safely.

I never expected it to be born after just one day though., said Manuela shaking her head in disbelief.

Since the dragon wouldn’t leave my side, Manuela went make the report regarding its birth.

Soon after, the guild master came running with food for the dragon.

Seemed like the baby dragon was starving, it began tearing into the food the moment it was presented.

The guild master was watching over it in rapture. Oh! How divine!, he exclaimed stretching his hand towards it as if it to pet it, but backed off hastily.

He might have lost those fingers if he hadn’t.

The dragon had noticed him and was growling threateningly.

Once it had had its fill, it flapped its wings and flew haltingly to me. Wow, it can already fly Dragons are amazing. It rested on my knee, and nuzzled into me. I tried my best too you know You could give me a hug too., said Manuela pouting a bit as she stretched out her hand.

The baby dragon considered her, and as if it were saying Whatever.

Fine., it rubbed its head against her hand. You should give it a name, said Manuela looking at me. Me In the first place, I don’t know if it’s a male or a female.

I tried asking Manuela but she didn’t know either.

I thought for a bit and said, Well then, let’s call it Winter. He did make me feel pretty cold. I suppose that works., said Manuela smiling wryly. You’re Winter from now on., I said stroking its head with my finger.

Winter closed its eyes a raised a happy cry.


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