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 Ch.25 You have to take responsibility after kissing

    Zhou MuHui rejected him.

           He grabbed Xin Yi’s wrist, Zhou MuHui could feel that the person who was pressing on him kept trembling, maybe because he was anxious, or afraid, especially when he heard him say no, that pair of eyes suddenly dimmed down. 

           He reckoned that the kid was going to cry, Zhou MuHui saw that his eye sockets turned red, but he only sniffled, then quietly nodded.

           “Alright, then… I am going to ask you again next time.” 

           He did his best to squeeze out a smile, and said to Zhou MuHui.


           “It will also be no next time.” 

           Zhou MuHui took his hand back, lowered his head to look at him, “It will be no any time.”

           His tone was a bit heavy, but Xin Yi didn’t notice it, he was only looking at Zhou MuHui foolishly, then the rim of his eyes turned redder and redder, pulling Zhou MuHui’s hand at a loss.


           Xin Yi suddenly cried, his thick lashes wet with tears, his wasn’t like before nodding and saying yes, or acting spoiled and saying no, only standing and wiping his tears in front of Zhou MuHui, looking at him heartbroken.

           “I am almost grown up, wait for him.”

           Zhou MuHui’s body turned stiff, he indeed wanted to reject Xin Yi, but not with this kind of angry tone, but the kid didn’t notice, and he has no way to say it one more time.

           Because Xin Yi cried too sadly, although Zhou MuHui rejected him so many times before, but he never cried like this. 

           Xin Yi went to pull Zhou MuHui’s hand, Zhou MuHui dodged it in a conditioned reflex, the little kid’s tears were hanging on his lashes, foolishly looking at the empty hand that he stretched out. 

           “Zhou MuHui…”

           Xin Yi called him with a crying tone, as if he was rejected by Zhou MuHui, or that him avoiding his hand was as if the sky have collapsed, he shredded more and more tears, Zhou MuHui started to be irritable, as if the air was blocked in his chest, following Xin Yi’s tears and pooling at the bottom of his heart, not scattering no matter what.

           Zhou MuHui frowned, and increasingly couldn’t understand what was wrong with him.

           Xin Yi was extremely sad, falling apart and wailing like a real kid, Zhou MuHui looked at his cheeks which were wiped by the back of his hands until they turned red, and at those mottled tears, and was momentarily stuck, not knowing how to end this farce.

           He was not good at comforting others, especially when Xin Yi was crying.

           Xin Yi was wiping his uncontrollable tears, taking advantage of Zhou MuHui’s inadvertence to sneakily hold the hem of his clothes, Xin Yi was crying and calling his name at the same time, then anxiously nestled up, calling him, “Zhou MuHui, I like you.”

           This is the twelfth time that Xin Yi said he likes him, Zhou MuHui didn’t know why he remembers so clearly, he lowered his head to look at the kid who cried uglily1, his fingers were stiff, slowly stretching them toward his (XY’s) shoulders.

           The light of the street lantern on one side flickered twice, the light sparks particles fell on Xin Yi’s shoulders, Zhou MuHui paused, then quietly put it down.

           “Don’t cry.”

           He stiffly said.

           Zhou MuHui tardily noticed his unusual action, and an unbelievable thought sprouted in his mind, but Zhou MuHui didn’t dare to think deeply about it, only when this thought emerged from the fog, he used force to push Xin Yi away.

           Xin Yi’s hand was forced to separate from Zhou MuHui, the kid was pushed away and was stunned, but in the next second, he didn’t care and pounced over, like a fearless and courageous lion cub, holding tightly Zhou MuHui.

           “Not okay, your no, is not okay!”

           He desperately said.

           So strange, Xin Yi’s voice was obviously a bit hoarse, and the words he spoke out were a bit messy, but Zhou MuHui understood.

           Xin Yi cried until he was about to faint, it was not easy for him to sort out his ideas, how could Zhou MuHui say that it was always going to be no.

           He could understand that today was not okay, tomorrow was not okay, but it couldn’t be always not okay. 

           Xin Yi was almost a grown-up.

           “I will be eighteen once my exams are over.” Xin Yi looked at him with tears in his eyes, and complained to Zhou MuHui, “I’m grown-up, I want to be in a relationship with you.”

           No one would ask for love in this way, it was clearly a threat, but it also seemed like a little kid throwing a tantrum, Zhou MuHui looked at that pair of eyes that were dense with water light, but didn’t say his rejection once more.

            Did it count as him being indulgent

           When Xin Yi stood on his tippy toes and moved closer, Zhou Muhui got distracted.

           But when those lips really brushed over him, Zhou MuHui seemed to have gotten the answer.

           He was indeed… being indulgent.


           Xin Yi’s first kiss ended between his tears and snot, he soaked Zhou MuHui’s face with tears, until when they were about to part away did he notice that Zhou MuHui’s lips were bitten and broken by him. 

           The other’s party lower lip was dyed in deep red, overflowing from the narrow hole, and even split a bit of it on his own lips, Xin Yi dumbly pursed his lips, hurriedly lowering his head, afraid that Zhou MuHui would notice the criminal evidence on his own lips.

           But forgot that there would be pain if there was a wound, and Zhou MuHui wasn’t stupid.

           “… Xin Yi.”

           Zhou MuHui called him.

           Xin Yi was scared witless, his guts were as small as a mouse, afraid to admit it after making a mistake, scared and at a loss he hid in Zhou MuHui’s arms, and hurriedly said, “Xin, Xin Yi isn’t here!”

           Zhou MuHui was suffocated by him, he lowered his head to look at the soft hair swirl on the top of the kid’s head, Zhou MuHui frowned, the wound on his lips made him uncomfortable, his physical reflex was wanting to lick it, but he couldn’t. 

           It was still covered with Xin Yi’s saliva.

           Xin Yi only sneakily lifted his head after a while, Zhou MuHui was quiet the whole time, he was a bit anxious, but strangely wasn’t afraid.

           The trace of tears on his face was all over the place, it was rubbed when he hugged Zhou MuHui just then, Xin Yi had a bit guilty conscience because he remember that he seemed to have sniffled his nose, not knowing if he has wiped his snot on Zhou MuHui’s body. 

           But his messy thoughts haven’t ended, Zhou MuHui spoke.

           “Get up.” Zhou MuHui called him, “About to be late.”

           Xin Yi slowly reacted, then hurriedly took up straight, and nodded at Zhou MuHui.

           He didn’t dare to speak, because Zhou MuHui didn’t say anything either, only walking quietly in front of him, Xin Yi didn’t dare to disturb him, afraid that Zhou MuHui would turn around, and reject him once again.

           Xin Yi would surely cry.

           He was walking behind Zhou Mui while stepping on his shadow, and was secretly calling Zhou MuHui’s name in his heart.

           During this one month he really really missed Zhou MuHui, the first thing he did after getting his new phone was to save Zhou MuHui’s phone number, but didn’t dare to text him, because he was afraid that he couldn’t help but go to find him.

           But at that time, Xin Yi hadn’t sorted out his own mind.

           But it was fine now, Xin Yi was following behind him and quietly watching him, thinking, he was already prepared to continue liking Zhou MuHui this good and also bad person.

           Of course, Xin Yi hoped that he could always stay good.

           Just like when they met for the first time, although Xin Yi bumping and hurting himself was unrelated to him, he still seriously took responsibility.

           Zhou MuHui is too great, making Xin Yi even more surprised why he wasn’t good before. 


           Zhou MuHui turned around when they were almost at the bar, Xin Yi’s heart missed a beat, thinking that he was about to reject him one more time, but he didn’t dare to interrupt him, because Zhou MuHui kept staring at him.

           They were staring at each other eye-to-eye, and Xin Yi couldn’t bring himself to open his mouth.

           But he didn’t speak even after a long time, Xin Yi couldn’t help himself, asking a question in a small voice.

           “… What do you want to say.”

           Zhou MuHui was pondering quietly, even his expression didn’t fluctuate, Xin Yi was anxious, and added in a hurry, “not allowed to say no!”


           Zhou MuHui paused for a while, “Let’s talk about it after your exams.”

           Xin Yi blinked, understanding that he passed another hurdle, but couldn’t resist wanting to get a foot after getting an inch, asking him, “Can I be in a relationship with you after my exams”

           Zhou MuHui’s no was very quick, but Xin Yi acted as if he didn’t hear it.

           “Try with me.” Xin Yi was playing dirty, “Zhou MuHui, I’ve already pursued you for such a long time.”

           Of course, Zhou MuHui knew it, this little kid has been following him for almost a year.

the three-minute warmth that he calculated has been broken by Xin Yi, it’s been such a long time already, but he still hasn’t lost one bit of interest.

           “You even kissed me…” 

           He then stole a glance at Zhou MuHui, not admitting defeat, “You have to take responsibility after kissing.”

           Zhou MuHui quietly look at the wound on his lips, not exposing him for confusing truth and falsehood, this kid said before that he likes him, but now he has redoubled his effort wanting to go out with him, Zhou MuHui thought, how could he have small guts, they were obviously so big that he was going to be absolutely lawless. 

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           In the end, Zhou MuHui didn’t promise anything, Xin Yi also didn’t dare to ask anymore, only pulling at the hem of his clothes not wanting him to go, and leaving him his new phone number. 

           “Lost my phone last time…” He hesitantly said, not daring to be too detailed.

           Zhou MuHui’s line of vision on him slightly paused, watching him for a while, then nodded.

           Xin Yi seemed to still have something to say, the hand that was gripping at the hem of his hand hadn’t loosened up, Zhou MuHui lowered his head to look at him, putting behind his body the phone which the kid touched, furrowing his brows, “What are you doing”

           An uneasy expression on his face.

           “I, I have an exam next month!”

           The little kid was scared by his sudden question, looking at him in a hurry, “Zhou MuHui, you’ll come to see me ok”

           Zhou MuHui didn’t even think about it and said no, college entrance exams2 are too important, and there is no way he was going to disturb Xin Yi.


           The kid’s disappointment was obvious to the eye, Zhou MuHui was a mess due to his stare, he couldn’t say that he was irritated, especially when Xin Yi looked at him so sadly, it was as if he did something wrong.

           Zhou MuHui’s thoughts were in turmoil, pulled away the hem of the clothes he kept holding onto, and took a step back. 

           “I’m leaving.”

           Xin Yi was sadder, even his mouth deflated, Zhou MuHui saw that his eye rims turned red again, and inexplicably stiffened, he wanted to explain, but didn’t know where to start.

           “Zhou MuHui…”

           Xin Yi called him, his voice soft and pitiful, Zhou MuHui immediately turned around, not daring to look at him.

“In the evening.”

           He seemed to be fleeing in panic, but his hand was gripping tightly the phone that Xin Yi touched, “After you are done with your exams.”


The Chinese sentence is “cried until he (his face) turned into a calico cat” which is a way to say that his tears were all over his face and making wet patches, hence “calico cat”.Gao Kao, equivalent to SATS in the US-

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