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The Slander’s Salvation (One)

This matter of Lu Yuanyuan cast a shadow over the whole Zhou family.

But the end result was that Lu Yuanyuan still reported it to the police, and didn’t know how much of a role Ji Chen’ai played in it.

Somehow Zhou Yaoyun knew about this matter too.

He sent an email to Ji Chen’ai, telling him that if anything happened at home, he must tell him.

Ji Chen’ai could only agree with him.

He also asked Zhou Yaoyun what he was doing recently.

Zhou Yaoyun took some pictures of him.

He looked thinner than before, shaved his hair into a very short hairstyle, and made a peace sign in the photo.

It looked as if he’s doing fine.

Ji Chen’ai still needed around 300 points more to reach Level 1 positive energy system.

He had been visiting Lu Yuanyuan, while picking up junk everywhere, hoping to reach Level 1 within this month.

Lu Yuanyuan was discharged from the hospital a week later.

In fact, she was not seriously hurt physically, but her mental condition was very bad.

In just a few days, her whole person was thin and out of shape.

According to Wang Zhixiu, Lu Yuanyuan originally had a boyfriend.

But after this incident, he only called her once and did not even look at her later.

As a man, Ji Chen’ai disdained Lu Yuanyuan’s boyfriend’s behavior.

Now, as soon as the cooling time for ‘the sun’s gaze’ was over, he would go have a chat with Lu Yuanyuan.

Therefore, his relationship with Lu Yuanyuan became familiar.

On one morning in the middle of the month, Ji Chen’ai went to Lu Yuanyuan’s home to chat as usual.

He knocked on the door and saw Wang Zhiping, who had tears on her face, come and open the door.

Ji Chen’ai asked: “Auntie, is there…something wrong”

Wang Zhiping shook her head and gestured for Ji Chen’ai to come in first.

After entering the living room, Ji Chen’ai did not see Lu Yuanyuan, but only noticed that her bedroom door was tightly shut.

 “Auntie, what’s wrong”

Wang Zhiping’s face was ugly as she sat down on the living room sofa: “Xiao Qin, why is it so difficult these days” Then, with bleak eyes, she told what had just happened at home.

During this period, Lu Yuanyuan’s mental state had been greatly relieved through the comfort of his family and her own psychological adjustment.

She also began to try to go out and even was willing to talk to her parents.

But the day before yesterday,a piece of news on TV made Lu Yuanyuan’s mood worse.

Ji Chen’ai asked what the news was.

Wang Zhiping told him that it was the news about a young girl who came back at night and was raped.

Wang Zhiping also said that the rapist was also on the news, and his identity was not exposed.

But Lu Yuanyuan saw the news; naturally there was a sense of common hatred towards the enemy.

Although Lu Yuanyuan did not go out this time, she still surfed on the Internet.

When she saw the news broadcast, naturally she was very indignant.

However, when she searched the Internet for news about this incident, she saw some comments that she could not accept.

“Going out so late, that woman is definitely not a good thing.

She deserves to be raped.“

“That’s true.

Look what she’s wearing, so coquettish.

That’s just asking to get raped.”

“That  man is really unlucky.

Maybe they didn’t have a good negotiation about how much he should pay her, he was framed”…

Such remarks directly stimulated Lu Yuanyuan’s most sensitive nerves.

She smashed her laptop in a rage and then rushed into the bedroom like crazy.

Wang Zhiping was extremely worried.

She hurriedly looked for the key and opened the bedroom door, only to see Lu Yuanyuan sitting on the desktop computer in the bedroom with a bewildered expression, frantically tapping the keyboard.

Wang Zhiping thought that Lu Yuanyuan was just stimulated.

After a while, she would calm down and it would be fine, but she didn’t expect that Lu Yuanyuan would sit there for three days and argue with those people online without eating or drinking.

Even her fingers became swollen because of continuous typing, she refused to put down the keyboard.

After Wang Zhiping talked about the matter, her tears came out again.

She said: “Xiao Qin, Yuanyuan is usually only willing to talk to you.

If you can… go and persuade her.

Her father and I have said everything we should say.

It’s useless.”

Ji Chen’ai nodded and walked with Wang Zhiping towards the bedroom.

Xiao Qi’s voice suddenly came out: “Well, here’s your chance!”

“What chance”

“Whoever humiliates others will humiliate themselves,” said Xiao Qi.

Ji Chen’ai slightly frowned, and wanted to say something to Xiao Qi, but he had already reached the bedroom.

After Wang Zhiping pushed open the bedroom’s door, Ji Chen’ai saw Lu Yuanyuan with messy hair and a pale face at a glance.

Lu Yuanyuan noticed that someone had opened the door and was typing desperately with her head down.

Her eyes were numb and it was obvious that her entire state was in an extremely bad condition.

Ji Chen’ai sat behind Lu Yuanyuan and stared at the screen for a long time.

After almost seeing what posts Lu Yuanyuan was replying to, he whispered: “Cousin”

 Lu Yuanyuan paused for a moment, slowly turning his head to look at Ji Chen’ai.

Ji Chen’ai did not nag, directly used ‘the sun’s gaze’ and said, “Cousin, you rest for a while, I’ll help you scold them.”

Lu Yuanyuan’s lips trembled.

She pulled out an extremely ugly smile and she said, “Xiao Qin, I really want these people to die.

Why don’t they just… die”

Ji Chen’ai said softly, “Cousin, you take a rest first.

When you wake up, we will continue to scold them.”

Lu Yuanyuan stared at Ji Chen’ai for a long time, and finally nodded gently.

Almost the moment she lay down on the bed, Lu Yuanyuan fell asleep.

But even after she fell asleep, her brow was slightly furrowed.

It was obvious that she did not sleep steadily.

Ji Chen’ai sat down at Lu Yuanyuan’s computer desk and he roughly browsed through the posts and replies she made once again.

On the Internet, because the identity was anonymous, most people would show the greatest malice without scruple.

For example, in the post that Ji Chen’ai was reading, some people inside even started to call Lu Yuanyuan a slut, and that she definitely experienced  you know, that thing [1], which was why she’s so emotional.

These obscene language, even Ji Chen’ai as a man felt uncomfortable after reading it, not to mention Lu Yuanyuan who encountered those things.

[1] netizen trying to imply yuanyuan have sex transaction or have been in these situation, which is why she is so emotional.

Can also be translated as ‘you-know-what-I-mean’.

Xiao Qi obviously also saw it, and said faintly, “Sometimes, I really want to cut off these peoples’ fingers.”

Ji Chen’ai wholeheartedly agrees.

Although sometimes Xiao Qi seemed like a negative energy system, ultimately it was a positive energy system.

Therefore, generally it would only make mental punishment to these people, and would not directly harm these people.

 Xiao Qi said, “Severe negative energy detected, suggesting enabling ‘The Slander’s Salvation’.”

This skill was one of the skills Ji Chen’ai had gotten during the time when he was kidnapped and he hasn’t used it yet.

He was also curious about the effect of this skill.

It would be pretty good if this skill was like ‘The Sadist Self-Realization’. 

Within a few minutes of starting this skill, Ji Chen’ai heard a ding-dong.

Xiao Qi’s gentle voice sounded: “Congratulations, positive energy value reached Level 1.

Open skill ‘Primary Healing‘, ‘Holy Father’s Holy Light‘ and ‘Love of the World‘.”

“… Do you provide interpretation service” asked Ji Chen’ai.

“Your authority is not enough for me to provide interpretation service,” answered Xiao Qi.

Ji Chen’ai admired Xiao Qi’s serious spirit of telling lies.

Obviously, it could explain the use and effect of these skills to him, but Xiao Qi wanted to find a reason to evade it.

Ji Chen’ai did not expect that he would get nearly 300 points of positive energy in an instant.

He studied a bit  and almost knew why these people could provide him with so much positive energy…Most of the people who scolded Lu Yuanyuan on the Internet were actually online Navy [1].

[1] “Internet Navy” / paid Internet posters / astroturfers

Ji Chen’ai was thinking, no wonder the direction of public opinion was so strange.

Even if there were so many ‘wonderful’ men in the world, most of them were still normal.

Those who were saying things like the woman ought to be raped by that man should go and have a taste of their chrysanthemum being burst.

Xiao Qi seemed to understand very well what Ji Chen’ai was thinking, it said: “I checked the source of these posts …”

“Who hired the online navy”

“Do you still remember the news that Wang Zhiping said before


“These online navys are hired by that rapist,” said Xiao Qi.

Then it briefly described why that person would hire online navys to create noise online.

After hearing the reason, Ji Chen’ai was even more unhappy.

It turned out that the rapist was deliberately exposed to the media.

It was mixed with struggles of some people above, so it was extremely pell-mell [2].

Although this man’s identity had not been revealed, his current situation was very bad.

Therefore, in order to control online speech, or to be precise, to shift the public’s attention; he invited a group of online navys to exchange curses with the aggrieved netizens online.

[2] pell-mell: In a jumbled, confused manner.

In frantic disorderly haste; 

When netizens set their eyes on the online navy who spread strange remarks, their attention would be shifted from him.

This plan was actually successful, if he hadn’t met Ji Chen’ai and Xiao Qi.

‘The slanderer’s salvation’ – let those online navys continue to post.

but this time the content of the post became “I am an online navy.

I said a lot of words against my heart, I am really sorry for everyone.

The content of most people’s posts was like this, and a few of them even directly exposed the name and requirements of their employer.

The netizens were shocked when they saw this strange behavior.

Ji Chen’ai’s hand propped up on his chin and suddenly he wanted to smoke a cigarette.

Lu Yuanyuan had a nightmare.

She dreamed that she was walking in a dark alley.

A group of snakes were chasing her and biting her.

She ran and ran.

When she was about to fall into the snakes, suddenly, she woke up.

She opened her eyes laxly.

It took a long time for her eyes to focus again.

When Ji Chen’ai heard Lu Yuanyuan’s movement, he asked, “Cousin, are you all right”

Lu Yuanyuan turned her head to look at Ji Chen’ai, her dull gaze softened a bit, and she said, “I’m not … are you still posting”

Ji Chen’ai nodded.

This action seemed to calm Lu Yuanyuan a lot.

She said, “Forget it.

No matter how much you post, it won’t change anything.

Let those people say what they like.”



Rambling section:

Shunraiki: Goshhh, in reality, there were people who blamed the victim and they are real people, not the navy.

I wonder how their brain works…

Kum: There’s definitely something wrong with their brains!! 


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