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Theodore didn’t want to see his face reflected on the glass surface.

The moment he felt that he wanted to get rid of this face that was no longer loved by Yves.

Odelia’s face flashed on the surface of the dark mirror.

“Oh, Odelia……!”

Theodore unwittingly reached over the mirror.

And at the same time that his fingertips touched the mirror, his body slipped away.

A while later.

Inside a drawer in the corner of the office, in a wooden box piled with dust because it was long ago someone took a look at it.

The small crystal ball in it jingled and turned black.

It will only react to dark magic and turn black.

It was the crystal ball that Katarina had delivered to Theodore through Yves a long time ago.

However, Theodore, who had already passed through the mirror to the place of time and space, was not aware of that.

* * *

Theodore greeted Odelia warmly.


Odelia, who was crouching and scribbling on the dirt floor, glanced up and looked at him.

Theodore’s face was reflected on the fresh green eyes, which looked just like Yves’s.

Shortly after his first visit to Chernicia’s mansion and being evicted, Theodore asked Armin to investigate the children.

Erwin Chernicia.

And Odelia Chernicia.

Yves’s children, who inherited her last name, are believed to be three or four years old.


She said no, but Theodore was sure.

Her children, who look like her, must be his children too.

Thinking of it like that made the child in front of him look much more lovely.

Thump, thump, thump, thump!

His heart was beating fast.

Theodore looked down at the child, who was much smaller than him, with fond eyes.

However, even though he said hello first, the child did not accept the greeting, saying, “Hello, Mr.

Friendly Azo” and only blinked her eyes.

Theodore tilted his head and called the child.


At that moment, the child’s face, who was looking up at Theodore, turned ugly.

“Go away, bad man!”

Odelia waved her small hands to Theodore and said in a frighteningly loud voice.

The corners of her eyes, which rose sharply like a baby dragon, and the mouth that turned into the shape of an inverted triangle like a squirrel warrior were so cute.

“I hate Mr.

Azo, because he is a trash.

Go away!”

“I’m a trash”


Azo is trashy and dirty.”


Theodore remained silent for a moment, then slowly crouched down to meet the child’s eye level.

“Who taught you such bad words”

“I learned it”

Odelia tilted her head.

At that time, Odelia’s angle of tilting her head was similar to Theodore who tilted his head a while ago.

Although the two were not aware of it.

“My mother told me…….”

“Your mother Yves”

“My mother said Mr.

Azo is trash.


Azo is bad and dirty.”


With a low exclamation, a happy look appeared on Theodore’s face.

“So, Yves told you about me”

“Oh, yes.

She said Mr.

Azo is dirty and ugly.”

“Yves has been thinking about me all along.”

Odelia looked at Theodore, muttering in an ecstatic voice, like a strange person.


Azo is a little strange.”

“Yves, you’ve been…….”

Odelia shook her head like a mature person.

“You’re a strange person…….”

Theodore was intoxicated with his emotions for a long time.

Odelia left him alone and began to draw with branches on the dirt floor.

There was something that looked like limbs under a large circle.

“Who is this”

Before she knew it, Theodore sat side by side next to Odilia, and pointed to the child’s graffiti and asked.

“Mommy, Er and Lia.”

Odelia said, pointing at three large circles one by one.

Next to it, there was another square that could not be recognized for its shape.

Theodore asked, pointing to the square this time.

“Then what about this Is it me”


Odelia looked at Theodore with eyes asking what he was talking about.

Then he replied in a sulky voice.

“This is a squirrel Yonza (Hero)…….”


Theodore’s eyes narrowed.

Looking closely, there was a winding line behind the square shape, which must be the squirrel’s tail.


Theodore smiled briefly and sat down with his legs stretched out.

If he sat like that, his pants would be dirty, but he didn’t care much.

Instead, he looked around the space that he came to.

‘Come to think of it, I’ve been busy for a while, so I haven’t gotten the chance to look into the mirror.’

Originally he planned to investigate the suspicious black mirror first after reaching the Royal Palace.

However, Yves suddenly appeared in front of him and deprived every thinking of his from his mind.

So the investigation of the mirror was stopped for a while.

Theodore glanced at Odelia.

The medium that drew him into this space must be the black mirror that looked like a cursed monster.

But how did Odelia come here

“How did you come here”

“I don’t know.

Lia was practicing with Er to be a squirrel warrior but Lia suddenly came here.”

“Practicing being a squirrel”

“Oh, Lia is a squirrel who can shoot fire!”

“I see.”

Theodore nodded, recalling the moment he met Odelia here just before.

At that time, Odelia said she wanted to be a squirrel that breathed fire and flew in the sky.

“Lia accidentally burned down the garden.”

“Did you play with fire’

As Theodore frowned after understanding the meaning of the word, Odelia murmured in a somber voice.

“Mommy will get mad when she comes back.

Because Lia destroyed the garden.”

“Comes back Yves isn’t at the mansion”

The extermination of evil spirits was finished long ago.

She should have reached the mansion by now.

“Mommy went to beat the monsters, and then went to meet her friends.”


Yves didn’t have many friends.

And her few friends were all the ones he wanted to kill.

“Oh, Erong Samjon and Benjamin Samjon.”

Theodore’s face turned grim as soon as he heard the name.

“Benjamin Ferdinand…….

Why is he your uncle”

When Theodore asked questionably, Odelia tilted her head.

“Because he is Samjon!”

Odelia explained, folding her fingers one by one.

“Lia has three Samjon.

Benjamin Samjon, Erong Samjon and Brian Samjon.”

“Uncle is only used for the brothers of your parents.

Ernst and Brian can be called uncle, but Benjamin can’t be your uncle.”

“Then what should Lia call him Benjamin Azo”

“…… No.

It’s a waste of the title for an old man.

Just don’t call him anything.”

“Then what about when Lia has to talk with Benjamin Samjon What should Lia do then”

“What’s the point of speaking with him”

“Benjamin Samjon is Lia’s third best Samjon…….”

When Odelia pouted her lips and grumbled, Theodore smiled and asked.

“Then what about me”


Azo Hmm…….”

Odelia, who had been agonizing for a long time, soon replied with a big smile.


Azo is friendly.

Lia likes Mr.

Azo because Mr.

Azo is pretty.

Mommy said Mr.

Azo is a ‘trash’.

So I will call Mr.

Azo ‘trash’.”


Odelia, smiling with her eyes bent, looked very much like Yves’s smile he remembered.

So Theodore couldn’t take his eyes off Odelia’s smiling face and stared blankly.

Then, he soon came to his senses and coughed a couple of times.

“Well, draw me, too.”




Theodore said, tapping on the dirt floor with graffiti on it.


Odelia smiled and nodded.

A small hand moved slowly and drew a picture on the dirt floor.

Under a particularly large circle, she drew lines that looked like arms and legs.

“Here! Lia drew it! Mr.

Trash Azo!”

Next to him, Theodore, who was quietly watching with his chin resting, picked up a rolling branch.

Then he drew a large heart shape around the round figures of Odelia, Erwin, Yvone and himself.

“Hmm, it looks much better this way.”

“What’s this”

“Proof that we are a family.”


Odelia tilted her head because she didn’t understand what he was saying.

“Trash Azo, why are you Lia’s family”

However, Theodore just smiled happily instead of explaining in detail.


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