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That’s why Benjamin wanted to get rid of Brian.

So that he won’t be the bait to lure Yves.

Upon hearing the news that Brian was using teleportation magic, Benjamin played a small trick on the wizards group.

Whether under the Emperor’s order or not, Brian’s group was attacked by his(Benjamin) people while they were worried because the wizards did not work properly.

But it failed.

Leobrante’s family was also a great power, but Brian Chernicia himself was a much better swordsman than Benjamin thought.

Indeed, he is a Chernicia.

It was a mistake to take him lightly because he was an ordinary human being who could not express his sword.

Benjamin clenched his fist in pain.

It was only a small mistake why Brian wasn’t killed before he left for Albrecht, but now it was only a matter of time before the fact that he was alive goes to Yves’ ears.

There was no other way to stop it.

Benjamin was so anxious these days that he couldn’t sleep for three days and three nights, so he just bit his fingernails, formulating more plans in his head.

Then, when there were no more nails left to bite, Benjamin moved to the lake mansion.

Now this is what he planned, he was going to forcibly kidnap Yves and hide her from the world.

Maybe he was too anxious to move and didn’t understand the situation well.

But when he arrived at the lake house.

Yves was not there.

Not only Yves, but her two children and a handful of employees were also gone.

Benjamin looked around the empty mansion.

There were traces of the disappearance of packing in a hurry.

‘Yves…… disappeared.’

And there, before he could even figure out what happened.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

He found Theodore smiling like a madman.


It was strange to see him smiling with his shoulders shaking up and down in front of an empty mansion.

‘What is this’

Benjamin often found Theodore hard to understand.

But that was particularly extreme today.

‘Are you crazy’

a lake house empty as if the residents had disappeared in a hurry.

And Theodore folding his eyes and laughing happily in front of it was more weird that he could think of.

The story of the Emperor’s madness spread throughout the whole continent, but it was the first time since four years ago to face the mad Emperor in person.

‘I should avoid crazy dogs.’

Benjamin tried to avoid meeting Theodore.

It was when he tried to leave this place as quiet as possible.


Theodore, who quickly noticed the small sound, immediately looked back at Benjamin and stared with fierce eyes.

“Benyamin Ferdinand.”

Benjamin, quickly gathered his expression, said hello in an indifferent voice, hiding his surprise.

“I greet the ruler of Albrecht.

Glory to Albrecht…… Ugh!”

But even before the greeting was over, Theodore’s hand grabbed Benjamin by the collar.

“It’s you, right”

In an instant, Theodore, who came close enough to touch the tip of his(Benjamin) nose, roared fiercely and asked.

“What do you mean”

“It’s you who tricked my Yves and made me a bad person to her.”

The corners of Theodore’s mouth curled up fishy.


Benjamin had to hide his disapproval inside.

That crazy Emperor, who is uselessly quick-witted, must have noticed the general situation.

‘How did you know Did you really bump into Yves’

However, he couldn’t bring this curiosity out of his mouth.

Benjamin replied, pretending to be innocent.

“What are you talking about You mean poor Yves Lleywellyn who died four years ago Yves died.

By protecting your fiance.”

He answered, scratching on his(Theodore) wound with envy.

But Theodore smiled, narrowing his eyes so much as if he knew it would come out that way.

“Where did you hide Yves”

As soon as he finished speaking, a cluster of golden lights bloomed everywhere.

The group of lights slowly changed into the form of dozens of daggers and aimed at Benjamin.


Benjamin swallowed his breath silently.

From the man smiling in front of him, and the murderous aura that was spreading.

The fear of dying gave him goosebumps on the back of his neck.

“…… No matter how much you are the ruler of Albrecht, you cannot attack a Ferdinand like this.”


Theodore grinned and whispered in a gentle voice.

“It’s just you and me here anyway.”


“If I kill you and get rid of you, no one will know what I’ve done.”





Dozens of daggers, made of light created by Theodore, flew toward Benjamin at once.

Benjamin immediately drew a spell to counterattack with his fingertips that he had memorized in his head.

A small wave of sound broke out and Theodore’s body was pushed out backwards.


Theodore, who was pushed back, frowned and clenched his teeth and endured.

Likewise, Benjamin’s body, which was pushed out by the reaction, rolled on the floor.

Theodore, who found it, quickly continued his attack on him.

– Boom! – Boom!



Daggers flying toward Benjamin exploded with a loud noise.

Benjamin rolled on the floor, barely escaping Theodore’s attack.

‘Damn it.

He got even more violent after spending the four years on the battlefield .’

Unlike four years ago, Theodore no longer hid his power, nor did common-sense work on him.

‘The demons also ran away from Emperor Theodore…….’

Once again Theodore’s attack brushed past Benjamin.



As a result, Benjamin’s right shoulder was torn and blood flowed.


Escaping the relentless attack that was really about to kill him, Benjamin quickly unleashed his teleportation magic.

Soon Benjamin’s body disappeared.

Theodore looked coolly at the spot where Benjamin had fled.

All that remained where he fled was red blood dripping from his torn shoulder.


Theodore clicked his tongue regretfully.

‘Benjamin Ferdinand…… I wish he’d just died.’

Seeing him here, Theodore was more convinced.

Yves is alive.

And Benjamin Ferdinand joined her in a suspicious plot.

Otherwise, there is no reason for her to suddenly appear on this far western continent.

‘Did she pretended to be dead’

Theodore was lost in thought, dusting the dirt off his coat.

But she couldn’t just simply pretend to be dead.

It was the cold dead body of hers that he hugged and spent time with.

‘Oh, by any chance.’

Suddenly, there was an idea that crossed his head.

The strong smell of Ferdinand felt from her ‘dead’ body.

He thought she was dead……but Maybe it was someone or something other than her.

‘No way.’

Theodore had seen something similar in ancient literature, while he was looking for traces of Tenebris.

‘Did he use dark magic’

A faint energy lingered over Theodore’s eyes staring at the bloodstains whose owner had disappeared.

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