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“Why isn’t Yves coming”

Theodore muttered with his arms folded.

“I thought she would come to see the survivor of Chernicia…….”

Wrinkles formed over his handsome forehead.

If it had been up to him, he would have tied Brian Chernicia upside down in the square and set it up as if it were an exhibition.

Wait for her to show up, and then release the soldiers and capture her.

However, he did not do so.

Because he knew that the last time when she was with him, he had left a very bad impression on her.

So Theodore spread the rumor in a good way so that she wouldn’t be frightened.

He is searching for and treating Chernicia’s survivor with great care, and also will soon reinstate the family.

It was originally quite different from the way he solved the problem.

Was it a problem to try to conciliate her in a way that he never used in his life

A day passed, two days passed, and three days passed, but still she did not show up.

Theodore’s patience was about to reach its limit.

“What did I say, Your Majesty She’s not Yves.”

Next to him, Lyndon expressed his opinion in a much more confident tone than a few days ago.

“If she was really Yves, she would have shown up to find her family immediately.

But isn’t she too quiet”


When Lyndon said he was wrong, Theodore was very upset.

But there was nothing else to say.

“So, Your Majesty, don’t lose your energy in useless things and return to Albrecht…….”

“One more day.”

Theodore opened his tight lips that had been closed the whole time.

“I’ll wait another day.”

“Then if Yves doesn’t show up a day later, we’ll just go back, right”

“……if she doesn’t show up a day later.”

A low, monotonous voice spoke in a strange tone.

“Brian Chernicia will be tied upside down in the square.”


Lyndon looked at Theodore with a look on his face as if he had heard some kind of weird sound.

He looked at Theodore with a look as if he were looking at an extremely evil man, but Theodore smiled regardless.

“If she can’t be conciliated with the easy way, I have no choice but to use the hard way.”


Lyndon, who was speechless, sent his condolences to Brian inwardly.

If someone else had said that, he would have passed it thinking it was a mischievous joke.

But coming out of Theodore’s mouth, it didn’t sound like a joke at all.

Lyndon opened the paper he brought with him to do his job.

“Caligor is peaceful today as well.

Still, it’s hard to find traces of the King’s party…….”

His report briefly described the events that took place inside and outside the occupied territory.

“In the northern part of Caligor, hail fell in the early spring…….”


Theodore replied, nodding half-heartedly.

Lyndon also skimmed through, as if he didn’t expect to hear his response heartily.

“And there appeared a witch in an area called Arbela who fought with the demons.”

Theodore, who had been listening to Lyndon’s report the whole time, suddenly responded and asked.

“A witch who fought……demons”

“Yes, it is said that she destroyed the whole area with a sword, and it is also said that the witch is a great beauty.

With silver hair and green eyes…… Your Majesty”


Theodore suddenly jumped out of his seat.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty”

Lyndon gasped as he chased Theodore out of nowhere.

“Your Majesty Where are you going”

How could Theodore have better stamina than him, the Chief of the Knights He walked at a fast pace as if he were running, but he(Theodore) was not disturbed at all.

“Your Majesty, you have to tell me your destination.

Your Majesty”

Theodore, who stopped in front of the stable, climbed onto the horse and said.

“It’s Yves.”


“That’s Yves.

I’m sure.”

A woman who beats the demons with a sword.

There’s no way there’s another cool girl like that other than Yves.

Thump, thump, thump, thump.

Theodore’s heart began to pound at the thought of seeing her again this time.

“So, where is the place”

“What Oh, yes…….

The witch lives in a mansion with a view of the lake in the Arbela estate, everyone calls her ‘The Witch of the lake mansion’…… Your Majesty!”

Theodore’s horse started running before Lyndon finished explaining.

Lyndon’s cry came from behind, asking if he knew the way in a strange land.

Just before the invasion of the Kingdom of Caligor, he looked at the map and memorised all the rough terrain in his head.

Theodore ran his horse nonstop.

Lyndon, who was belatedly chasing with the guards, was at a faster pace but they still couldn’t catch up with him.

The Arbela estate was a very small place, as it was drawn on the map.

It wasn’t hard to find her, who was already considered a celebrity there.

“Where is the woman who beat the devil”

The menacing words brought people to notice him and answer his questions truthfully.

Theodore went to the lake mansion that people told him about.

A sense of overwhelming joy came over his face as he looked at the main gate of the tightly closed mansion.

‘Yves, is here…….’

He quickly got off the horse and walked toward the mansion.

Thump, thump, thump!

With each step, the thumping of the heart became stronger.

Finally, standing in front of the main gate, he grabbed the doorknob and pushed it.


The door, which was closed, was easily opened, as if it were not locked.


Theodore’s eyes seemed to grow round as he looked at the easily opened doorknob, but soon frowned slightly.

It’s so dangerous, it’s not doing the right thing to keep the door open.….

What if someone comes in with bad intentions….


Theodore bit his lower lip for no reason.

This is because he didn’t like the door that was easily opened.

He did not have a speck of thought that he could be the most unwelcoming guest to her.

He took a step inside the old mansion embracing the lake, tilting the open door even harder.

Theodore was frozen in place for a moment at the landscape that unfolded in front of him.


It was an empty mansion that greeted him.

The small mansion of a small estate, which was situated far away from the capital of Caligor, seemed to have moved in a hurry.

Theodore’s eyes sank coldly as he stared at the empty mansion.

After a brief silence,


A laugh resembling the cold wind broke out through his lips.

“Haha! Hahahaha!”

A loud roar of laughter rang out.

Theodore, who smiled like that, looked genuinely happy.

He even shed tears.

“It’s Yves.

As expected, she was alive!”

He stopped laughing and breathed while holding his stomach.

“If it weren’t for you, you wouldn’t be able to screw me up like this and run away.

Isn’t that right, Yves”

Unlike the sharp eyes that seemed to break the world, only the voice whispering her name, “Right, Yves” sounded so sweet.

“So this is proof that you’re alive.”

Theodore’s neckline, staring at the empty mansion, tilted.

It was this time.

Sabak –

Theodore perched back at the sound of something from the back.

For a moment, a flame blazed in his eyes, recognizing the owner of the sound.


It was none other than Benjamin who attacked Brian.

He became very anxious shortly after he heard that the Emperor had headed for Caligor.

Caligor was also where Yves stayed.

Then, his eyes turned red to the news that the Emperor called in Brian Chernicia.

‘Why would the emperor call him’

Maybe he’s trying to find Yves by using Brian.

‘Maybe they’ve already run into each other.

Because the suspicious emperor won’t bring in Brian Chernicia for no reason.’

Thinking of it like that, the anxiety that was bothering him was amplified to the fullest.

Chernicia’s reinstatement was not far away, and rumours about the reinstatement have already circulated inside and outside the Empire.

Even if the two of them haven’t met yet, if Yves hears this news…….


Benjamin thought, chewing his lips.

‘I won’t leave a tiny possibility of losing her to Theodore again.’


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