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“I don’t know.

Mom said Lia should hide her hair.

Lia heard Mom talking about it with Samjon Benjamin.

Mommy will be angry at Lia now.”

“No, Lia.

Mommy didn’t get angry last time.”


Odelia murmured in an unconvinced voice, then glanced at Theodore.



can you change Lia’s hair”

Odelia asked Theodore in a polite voice.

“No, I can’t, because I don’t have that ability.”

“But Samjon Benjamin can…….”

But when Theodore shook his head, the child immediately took off her polite mask and grumbled.

Theodore’s eyebrows sank when he was compared to Benjamin.

“I can help you in other ways instead.”

“Another way”

Odelia blinked her eyes.

* * *

Theodore was so fast that it was hard for even me, the owner of Chernicia, to chase him.

‘I heard he rolled for a long time on the battlefield.’

As I was searching for the children with Theodore, I stopped at the loud sound of words coming from beyond the bushes.

As I scrambled through the bushes and stepped inside, Theodore was with the children.

I think he found the children before me.


He looked back at me with a happy face, who was running in a hurry.



Erwin and Odelia, who were next to him, also looked back at me.

The children looked as normal as usual.

“I must have been mistaken.

Nothing happened.”

Theodore explained calmly.

I slowly shifted my gaze to the side, pointing to Katarina’s scarecrow which was lying dead on the ground.

“Then why is that thing lying down like that”

“I don’t know.

The man who used that must have run out of magic.”

Theodore replied with a shrug.

It’s suspicious.

Then I looked at Odelia’s hair and felt a subtle sense of alienation, and asked in surprise.

“Lia, your hair got shorter”

Odelia’s hair was cut off by another inch.

“Yes, Mom…”

Odelia rolled her eyes and glanced at Theodore.

Then Theodore said proudly.

“I cut it off.”


For a moment, I asked back, out of spirits.

“She looks prettier with her hair cut.”

“Why did you cut the child’s hair without telling me, her parents”

When I retorted with a more brazen expression, he retorted back at me in a calm manner.

“I’m a parent, too.”

“Don’t talk nonsense and get out of here right now……tra….”

The swear words came up to my throat, but I couldn’t say the words in front of the children, so I had to clench my teeth.

* * *

‘God, Yves.

How can you be so lovely even when you curse’

Theodore grinned to himself like a pervert, recalling her.

Go back now.

I listened to you as you told me, so don’t come to me anymore.

However, you still haven’t..….

You only asked me to listen to you, but now you want me to forgive you I thought you had no personality, but you actually has a bad personality.


Yves kicked Theodore out again with a cold voice.

If the children were not next to them, she would have beaten him with harsh swear words.

He still had a lot to say to her.

He didn’t even get forgiveness from her.

Maybe he won’t be forgiven for the rest of his life.

When he thought so, his heart ached, but Theodore chose to step down for now.

‘Will Yves give me the chance to resolve the misunderstanding’

If the misunderstanding is resolved, won’t she forgive me a little Theodore decided to lean on that little hope.

Yves didn’t immediately believe him and seemed confused.

However, over time, she will have no choice but to believe what he says.

He sent soldiers to Ferdinand’s mansion and asked them to capture Benjamin and drag him before him(Theodore).

‘I want to just go and rip his throat and kill him.’

It was to clear up his guilt, to risk the tedious process.

Benjamin will be brought to justice before everything.

If he confessed his involvement in erasing Theodore’s memory, Yves would believe him.

And if even the fact that he attacked Brian is also revealed, the guilty Ferdinand will never be able to pose as a friend next to Yves again.

‘I hope he disappears from next to her forever.’

Theodore left the limp Katarina’s scarecrow to the knights.

He didn’t even want to look at it because it was unpleasant to him.

Theodore walked to the main gate without riding a horse and carriage.

This is because he wanted to smell the air where her traces remain a little longer.



At that time, a small voice caught Theodore.


Azo, Mr.

Trashy Azo.”

He glanced back and saw it was Erwin looking up at him.


Trashy Do you mean me”


Thank you for helping Lia.”

“You are welcome.”

Theodore replied, pressing the corners of his mouth that rose proudly.

“Of course it was something I had to do.”

“Er will repay you!”


Erwin pulled Theodore’s sleeve.

At the signal to lower himself, Theodore bent down without knowing what was going on.

Then Erwin lifted his tiptoe and blew his breath on his cheek.


For a moment, Theodore’s eyes grew round.

Erwin, who slipped away, smiled and saw Theodore.

“Just now… this is.”

“Er is a doctor! If I say “Pain, pain, go away,” everything that hurts will be better!”

Theodore smoothed his cheek where the child’s breath touched.

The spot was where Yves left a wound when they met in the Royal Castle of Caligor.

It was also a scar that was deliberately left untreated when he was suffering from not knowing her traces.

It was a scar with a sword, so it could only be treated with divine power…….

“The wound…”

Theodore stared at Erwin.

The same golden eyes as himself.

That was… that was the color of Leobrante.

‘Not only does he have the swords’ power, but he also has divine power He expressed two magical powers at the same time Is it possible’

Theodore was told that it was not theoretically impossible, but it was the first time he saw someone who actually had both.

Besides, Erwin is only three years old…….

‘Maybe Yves and my babies are geniuses’

Erwin, who simultaneously expressed his sword and divine power.

And Odelia, who instinctively has the black magic patter, which was a forbidden force in the empire.

Theodore felt overwhelmed by the extraordinary talent of his and Yves’s children have.

“I don’t like Mr.


At this time, Erwin blurted out.


Azo doesn’t smell good.”

Erwin’s expression, with his eyes raised while his brows were furrowed, resembled Yves.

“Don’t come to Er’s house anymore.”

Erwin coldly pushed Theodore’s body out of the main gate, unlike when he was kindly treated a while ago.

“Goodbye, Mr.


Then he gently waved his hand.


Theodore, who was thrown out, stared blankly at Erwin and smoothed the cheek where Erwin’s breath touched a while ago.

* * *

The Emperor’s soldiers stormed into Ferdinand’s mansion.

“Benjamin, the Head of Ferdinand, was taken to the palace because he was identified as a traitor who destroyed the Royal Palace magic camp, attacked Brian Chernicia, and erased the Emperor’s memory with a prohibited technique.”

Lyndon, the Emperor’s chief escort who led the soldiers, pronounced it in a solemn voice sitting on the horse.

“Do you have proof”

But Benjamin asked leisurely in a brazen voice.

“Katrina Ferdinand made a confession.”

T/N: This chapter was done in a hurry.

Sorry if the quality is bad


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