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“Only Sir Yves has ever held that position this long.” 


 “Don’t worry, I have no intention of leaving His Majesty’s side.”


“Ha, that’s…”


Armin sighed deeply and explained.


“His Majesty asked me to find a new escort.”


“A new escort”


“If His Majesty made up his mind to kick out Sir Yves, I’m sure he’ll be very grumpy and bad-tempered.”


Theo is trying to kick me out and have someone else next to him Theo I knew would never have done it.

First, it seemed like I had to check to see if he was really my Theo.




The next morning.


After a brief sick leave, I went back to work in Theodore’s office.


The fever hadn’t completely gone down yet, but it wasn’t too bad that I couldn’t work.


But as soon as I took one step into his office, a sharp voice rang out.


“What is that”


The question was directed to his aide Armin, but his ferocious eyes were glaring at me.


“Didn’t you hear what I said yesterday”


“Oh, of course I did.

However, it is difficult to find a new escort.

The existing knights are all afraid to be Your Majesty’s escort….”




At that, Theodore looked displeased.


“As soon as possible, find a new escort.”


He spoke coldly and turned his attention to me.


‘He really doesn’t recognize me.’


The doubts in my heart grew bigger and bigger with the appearance that had not changed from yesterday.


Glancing at him, I found a lukewarm teapot on the table.

Theodore didn’t give me a single glance, just staring intently at the papers on his desk.

Now was the chance.


I sneaked up to him, holding a kettle of still lukewarm tea.

Then I pretended to pour the tea into his empty teacup on the desk, and twisted my hand and spilled it.




With an awkward scream, and the tea soaked his shirt.






Armin and his attendants in the office looked at me with a surprised expression with eyes wide open, and a brief silence lingered in the room.


drip, drip.


There was a particularly loud sound of tea water dripping from the kettle to the floor.


“Now you’re crossing the line…”


A grim murmur emerged from Theodore’s gritted teeth, who had become like drowning mice.


“What are you doing”


A terrifying gaze turned to me.

But I also had excuses.


“I’m sorry, Your Majesty.

My hand slipped.”


“Why are you touching my teacup”


“Because it’s my duty to be in charge of Your Majesty’s refreshments.”


When I replied shamelessly, Theodore opened his eyes and asked Armin.


“Is this true” 


“…Ah, yes, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty’s snacks were always served by Sir Yves…..”


Armin responded slowly, but the end of his speech was blurred at Theodore’s terrifying gaze.


Theodore let out an annoyed sigh and brushed his hair from his forehead. 


“Bring a change of clothes.”


It sounded like he was holding back his anger.


At his command, one of the attendants hurriedly went out.


Theodore unbuttoned his shirt one by one, feeling uncomfortable with the wet clothes.


I peered intently at the shape, his nape and his firm skin hidden under his shirt.


And he was really my Theodore….


How did I know There was a way.

It was an adult situation, so I could explain it in detail.


Anyway, he was really my Theo.

Then why did my Theo change like that He really injured his head… 


“Are you crazy Where are you peeping”


At this time, Theodore stopped unbuttoning, but looked at me and yelled.


“Ah, well… You are in good shape….”




The teacup that was rolling on his desk flew straight to me.


Of course I could avoid it quite easily.


“Get out of here right now.”


In the end, I was kicked in the hallway just like yesterday.


However, the results were not in vain.


Once I confirmed that he was my Theo, I had to fill in the void in his memory.

His head was injured and his personality became strange, but when the memory returned, everything would be resolved.


I wish I could at least let him know that I was the Yvonne Chernicia of his childhood… 


[I’m not stupid enough to not remember the girl I love.]


 I suddenly became embarrassed.

He said he recognized it right away, but this time why… …




A feeling of resentment surged toward him who did not remember me.


But I immediately shook my head.

It wasn’t that he lost his memory on purpose, but that he was injured.


Besides, the reason he got hurt… 


[Falling off the horse, he’s never made that kind of mistake…… ]


His aide said he was not the type of person to make such a mistake.


I know he hadn’t slept well until that morning, taking care of me for a week.


And the fact that I, who was an escort knight, couldn’t stay by his side just because I caught a cold… 


So I couldn’t blame him.


I needed to get well soon and help him get back to the old Theo.


After making up my mind, I pondered why he didn’t recognize me right away.

When I came to visit him right after waking up, Theo looked at me with a very startled expression on his face, then hardened his expression.

Then he was obviously…


“He looked at my wrist.

Could it be that because the wound is gone”


I muttered as I looked into my clean hands.


My hands, full of calluses and blisters and scars, were clean after meeting him.


The scar on my wrist that his divine power had healed had completely disappeared without a trace.


It was a wound that was made with magic and could not be erased without divine power, but while he healed it himself, he had forgotten that fact.


“Anyway, I just need to let him know that I am Yvonne.”


After thinking deeply for a long time, I finally came to a conclusion.


I had to go see Theo first, but I had just been kicked out of his office, so I was hesitating about what to do.


Just then, he saw his attendant coming from the other side, carrying a change of clothes.


“Give me that.

I’ll bring it to His Majesty for you.”


The servant was delighted when the clothes was taken away without explanation.


I opened the door again and entered his office.


“Obviously, I told you to go away.”


“The servant who was carrying the clothes came and fell in the hallway and broke his leg, so I came instead.”


When I answered without changing the color of my face, Theodore muttered relentlessly. 


“What a useless man.”


I stared at him because it was too awkward seeing him judging people that way.


“What are you doing Give me the clothes right now.”


“Ah, here it is.”


When I held out a new shirt from the basket, he changed his clothes.

I watched him change.


Those tightly woven muscles that I did not get tired of looking at every night were revealed.




Without realizing it, I swallowed my breath and looked at him lustfully, then I quickly closed my eyes.




It was not like it’ll be worn out by looking at it a little, but it was disrespectful.


Of course, my gaze may have been a little sly.

But it was also his fault.


It was entirely Theodore’s fault that made me like his body.


It was unfair that I was suddenly treated as a stranger, so I looked at him with dazed eyes.

Then, he put his arms through the new, soft shirt and locked the buttons, and he glanced at me and frowned.


“Your Majesty, I have something to tell you……”


But I did not give in and spoke to him.


I had to tell him that I was Yvonne Chernicia, but it was difficult to tell because Armin and other servants were in the room.


Glancing at them, I said to Theodore with earnest eyes.


“If you send everyone out…..”


“What Send everyone out Are you going to attack me while we’re alone”


“What Why would I do that”


Attack him It was nonsense.


I waved my hands in bewilderment, and he looked at me with a very suspicious face.




Then he raised the corners of his mouth sullenly and asked in a languid voice.


“Are you trying to attack me”


“No, Your Majesty.

I would never…”


I was mesmerized for a moment by the alluring tone that flowed out slowly, and I took another deep breath and looked at his fingers as he was pressing the last button.


I had to reply that I was not in the slightest bit of such a sinister thought, and I became speechless for a brief moment.


Recognizing my condition, he wiggled his eyebrows, opened his eyes wide, and shouted.


“Get out now!”


In the end, I was kicked out again.

It was already the third time.


But this time, I deserved to be kicked out.


It was true that I looked at his body with a sinister gaze, so he must have been surprised.



[Oh my, Yves.

Why are you looking at me with such lustful eyes I want to eat you right now.]


He used to say that my sly gaze was cute.


I pouted my lips and tumbled back with an upset heart.


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