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Since Shi Xia began to absorb Qi into her body, she had travelled a long way deep into the forest but rarely felt hungry.

Zhen Bing was a spiritual beast, so naturally, he also didn’t need food.

The only one out of the three who needed to eat was Long Aotian.

But who knew if Zhen Bing had some loose screws in his head.

He would play with a chicken leg in his hand, twisting and shaking it rather than giving it to Long Aotian, who never got to eat enough.

Obviously he was quite obedient in the past two days, so Shi Xia let him do whatever he wanted.

But the moment Long Aotian woke up, he started to show such a childish tantrum.

Three people stopped traveling through the forest and rested for a while.

Two of their injuries have almost healed.

Shi Xia thought it was time to go on their journey again and urged the two to get up.

“Why don’t you use the longsword” Zhen Bing suddenly spoke up and asked.

Someone who did not take the driving licence of this world stiffened and patted his shoulder, “Zhen Bing ah, you are a spiritual beast so you may not know.

Magic weapons are very expensive.” The shame of not knowing how to use the longsword, she dare not say.

“I have one!” A flash of light flashed at Zhen Bing’s hand and a longsword suddenly appeared.

“Uh ……” the corners of Shi Xia’s mouth twitched, “But there are three of us, with only one ……”

Her words weren’t finished, and Zhen Bing raised his other hand.

Three more identical longswords appeared.

“Heh heh …… actually, it’s very windy today.”

Zhen Bing immediately pulled out a white vest.

“Uh …… If we fly in the sky, we would become a large target for the demonic beasts ……”

He pulled out a handful of stealth amulets.

“……” Damn! Are you’re a spirit animal or Doraemon How can you have everything Don’t just bring things I can’t use.

“I can’t use the longsword!” Shi Xia finally admitted herself illiterate, gritting her teeth ……

Zhen Bing froze, his eyes widened a bit.

He seemed stunned by this answer, and looked at Shi Xia for a long time.

The corners of Shi Xia’s mouth twitched again. Yes, your master is a weak chicken, come bite me ah!

“No harm.” Zhen Bing suddenly stepped forward and took her hand as he said with a serious face, “I will teach you.” With a wave of his hand, he took her up with his longsword.

Shi Xia jumped in surprise at the sudden movement and grabbed his clothes in death grip. Don’t just casually take me to fly, I’m afraid of heights ah!

“Don’t be afraid.” Zhen Bing smoothly wrapped his hand around her waist and supported her with a hand.

A low voice sounded in her ear as she felt his chest vibrating, “You need to concentrate and send your spiritual energy to the longsword.

Your divine sense and sword have to connect as one.”

Shi Xia became dumbfounded, then according to his method, she sent her spiritual energy to the sword beneath her feet and connected her divine sense with it.

Her mind suddenly became heavy, and suddenly, the sword under her feet moved forward at terrible speed with her standing on it.

The scenery around her zipped past as the sound of wind slapping came in her ears.

This ……she did it!

Because she was distracted for a while, the sword under her feet suddenly shook again.

Zhen Bing immediately appeared beside her and sent his spiritual energy to it.

As Shi Xia’s spiritual energy was forced back, the sword was stabilized and began to move forward smoothly again.

“There is no hurry, take your time.” Zhen Bing assured her in a low voice.

Although the tone of his voice sounded cold, it seemed to be mixed with….guilt Well, it must be her illusion.

She once again calmed her mind down and began to learn how to use the longsword while heading towards her destination.

Huh Why does it seem like I forgot something

“Benefactor ……” Long Aotian, who was left standing where he was, burst into tears.

At least leave the chicken leg ah!

———- —

With the flying sword as a means of transportation, their speed of journey was instantly sped up a lot.

Originally, where it should have taken several months, it only took them three days to reach their destination.

From a distance, they saw a town, which was not large.

Cultivators were constantly entering and leaving flying with their longswords.

Shi Xia took a look at the location map on her phone, it was right here.

But the name on top of the city gate clearly says Juewang Mi City, not Mu Xuan Immortal Palace.

Did they take the wrong route

“Juewang Mi City is the only city outside Juewang Mi Forest where cultivators reside.” Zhen Bing said before asking, “Do you want to go in”

Shi Xia was in a bit of a dilemma, to go or not to go, this is the problem!

After hesitating for a while, she hardened her heart and finally decided to go and take a look.

Whether it was the destination said on the phone or not, they had journeyed so many days on the mountain road and were tired.

At least they could take a rest.

Just as they were about to enter the city, suddenly they heard a crack, as if something was being treated apart.

When they looked at the ground, they saw the ground was cracking.

“Xia Xia!” Zhen Bing pulled her over to him and jumped away several steps from the crack.

The crack in the ground had turned into a meter wide deep trench in less than a minute.

Shi Xia was startled, the soil here seems a bit loose ah.

“Look at the city!” Long Aotian pointed ahead with a surprised face.

They looked up, and saw that the buildings behind the city gate, which were standing straight just a moment ago, suddenly began to collapse.

Dust particles, bricks and wood splinters began to fly everywhere.

A rumbling sound was suddenly heard and many cultivators inside the city began to fly out one by one standing on their longswords.

“The ground cracked…… Is it an earthquake!” Shi Xia and her small group were stunned.

They just wanted to enter the city but the city collapsed.

Was it self-destructing itself as a form of rejection towards them

“I’m going to save the people.” Long Aotian declared with a sense of justice.

His huge body jumped ahead and rushed towards the chaotic city.

“Wait ……” Before Shi Xia had the time to stop him, he had already disappeared.

Shi Xia didn’t want him to save people, not because she was worried he would be in danger again.

The people of the city were all cultivators, they didn’t need saving and could save themselves perfectly. At least hear me out ah.

Less than a minute later, he rushed out from inside, holding a woman in green with a dusty body.

The woman was directly shoved to her along with a sentence, “Benefactor, please take care of her.”

“Wait, don’t……,” before she could finish her sentence, he turned around and dove headfirst into the still collapsing city.

A minute later, Long Aotian came out again.

And this time, he was carrying a woman in red, filled with dust.

“Benefactor ……,” he stuffed the woman to Shi Xia again before turning to the city once more.

Shi Xia had a head full of black lines, “I said ……”

Long Aotian was long gone before she finished her sentence.

Two minutes later, he helped out a woman in yellow …… Stuffed the woman to her!

Five minutes later, he helped out a woman in white …… and stuffed the woman to her!

Ten minutes later, he helped out a woman in blue …… and stuffed the person over!

Fifteen minutes later, a woman in purple came out……

Shi Xia: “……”

Is he going to create a rainbow and then summon a divine dragon* Where in the world did he find so many suffering “women” ah

[T/N: Summon Dragons is a Dragon-themed idle RPG game, where you can summon and hatch various dragons, and train them to fight with demons/monsters.

To summon a dragon, a player first needs to obtain the orb/crystal of the dragon representing a certain colour.

To summon a divine Dragon, the player must collect seven colours representing the rainbow.]

Seeing that the city had almost collapsed, she glanced at the sky.

Amidst the flying dust, broken walls of the buildings could be seen.

Shi Xia this time managed to grab the Messenger of Justice, Long Aotian who was about to go in again.

“Okay, the ground is dangerous after the first wave of an earthquake.

If you go in now, you will be in danger.”

“But …… lives are at stake ……” Long Aotian looked inside with some hesitation as he exclaimed, “I think I can still save another one! ”

“Why don’t you go straight to heaven then” Shi Xia gave him a sidelong glance.

“I’m not an immortal cultivator!” He froze before saying, “I can’t fly.”

“Damn it!” Shi Xia felt like wanting to kill him.

She took a deep breath before pointing inside and explaining, “They don’t even need you to save them.”

“The city is full of weak women, how will …… eh” He stopped mid-sentence and looked behind her, but didn’t see the figure of the women he saved earlier, “Where are they”

“They left!”

“Just …… left” As a person who believes saving lives means saving the Heaven, he couldn’t believe it.

“Or what” Shi Xia knocked on his thick head and said, “Everyone in the city are cultivators, why would they need you to save them” It’s better if he didn’t hinder them from saving themselves.

As Long Aotian heard her, he looked up and saw many people flying in the sky with their longswords.

Their clothes were clean and tidy, without a speck of dust or wrinkles.

They didn’t seem like they just came out from a collapsing city.

Except for the few women he saved, all of them looked like they were just coming out of an opera hall.

Knowing how stupid he was to think that they needed saving, Long Aotian scratched his head in embarrassment.

“I told you not to be impulsive when things go wrong.” Shi Xia sighed, “Why do you always behave like a monkey seeing a beautiful woman”

“What the benefactor said is right.

I’m used to staying in the mortal world and thought they were all weak …… Huh! Sister Lu!”

“What Sister Lu Are you still thinking of going in and saving people” You are so stubborn.

If you were a cannon fodder in any TV drama, you wouldn’t survive even three episodes.

“No, benefactor, look there.” Long Aotian anxiously pointed not far away.

A green figure was seen walking into the city, “It’s the woman who scammed us in the forest.”

Shi Xia turned her head and realised it was really that little bitch.

She glanced at Zhen Bing who was standing next to her.

There didn’t seem to be any hostility or anger in his eyes, only his eyebrows were tightened.

“Let’s go and follow her.” Shi Xia didn’t hesitate this time and pulled Zhen Bing and Long Aotian with her to follow the green figure walking to the ruins of the city.

Inside the city was dustier than outside, and from time to time, broken walls of the buildings would fall down.

Shi Xia set up a protective barrier around them that would cover the three people and moved forward.

Although cultivators who are in the Qi Refining stage have zero magic to set up defending barriers, their physique is better than other people.

The woman in green was several levels higher than Shi Xia, so she could only follow her from behind, keeping a long distance.

The woman in green was very cautious as she went straight towards the city.

An earthquake just destroyed the city, everyone was running outside but she instead rushed inside.

Her behaviour seemed a little strange.

Shi Xia inadvertently glanced at the phone and found that the path the woman in green was advancing was actually the centre of the direction she herself was going.

“Senior sister Lu.” Suddenly, a calm male voice sounded in front.

As the flying dust particles settled down, the silhouette of three men appeared.

They were wearing a similar style of green clothes as the woman.

“We were just waiting for you and thought you weren’t coming.” The man in the middle said with a smile.

“Senior BrotherJi Han.” The woman bashfully smiled and walked over quickly, “The stigma of the formation was farther away, that’s why I was a bit late.

Please don’t be offended, Senior Brother.”

“It’s good that you’re okay.” The man on the left stepped forward and looked around, “Have you been followed”

“I don’t think so.” Sister Lu shook her head, “When I entered the city, everyone was running out, no one noticed me.”

“This is a matter of great importance, it is better to be cautious.” The man frowned, “We had a hard time finding this entrance and wasted so much effort to get all the cultivators out of the city, we must not make a mistake.”

So the earthquake just now was caused by these few people

“Senior Brother Ji.” The man looked at the man named Ji Han in the middle and said, “You have the highest cultivation level among us.

Why don’t you use your divine sense to probe around and see if anyone is following us”

The man named Ji Han nodded, closed his eyes and raised his hand.

A spell formation appeared in his hand and started spreading outward.

Divine Sense Searching! This is a technique only cultivators at Golden Pill Stage can use.

That man is actually a Golden Pill Stage cultivator.

If we are exposed, we will be dead!


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