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Chapter 1358: Deliberately Making Him IllTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Huo Yao handed the medicine bottle back to He Shu.

“Chronic poison is very hard to detect.

Even if we find out about it later, it is usually too late.”

He Shu tightened his grip on the pill bottle.

He found it completely unfathomable that there could be a problem with the medication.

The chairman was a decent physician.

It made no sense for him to take the medication for years without catching on to the problem.

Then again, if the medication was genuinely fine, the chairman would not be in this condition in the first place.

He had tried refining all kinds of medicine for the chairman, but nothing worked.

In an instant, He Shus mind went into chaos.

Huo Yao could tell that He Shu did not believe her entirely.

Her eyes drifted away as she pondered for some time before she said softly, “Doctors might be good at treating patients, but they often have trouble treating themselves.”


He Shu looked at Huo Yao.

He was not the stubborn sort.

He parted his lips hesitantly and said, “Is there any cure for him”

“Chairman Wang has taken the medication for too long, so the poison has spread throughout his system.

Also, he is deteriorating very quickly.

If Im not mistaken, he probably took some other meds before he fell sick.

Those meds might have caused him to end up this way,” explained Huo Yao calmly.

He Shu did not know about it.

He anxiously turned to look at the butler beside them and asked.

“Do you know if he has taken any other medication recently”

The butler pondered before shaking his head.

“I dont know either.

Chairman Wang was busy working before he fell ill and did not come home much.”

He paused before he added.

“Shall I bring over all the medicine at home so that you can check it”

The butler left the room hurriedly.

He Shu looked at Huo Yao and asked softly.

“Since hes suffering from poisoning, does it mean we can cure him by detoxifying him”

“If he were still young, then maybe.

Since hes getting on his age, it would be hard,” said Huo Yao sadly.

He Shu staggered a small step upon hearing this.

He looked at Chairman Wang as he lay in bed and said sadly, “Is there really no cure”

“If the poison did not get fully activated, it can still be placed under control with long-term therapy…” Huo Yao stopped mid-sentence but the answer was blatantly clear.

He Shu felt terrible.

Deputy Chairman Qin had refused to let Chairman Wang access any medication for the past few days.

Ever since Chairman Wang stopped taking medication, his condition had aggravated.

Considering the situation, it never dawned on him that it might be chronic poisoning.

Meanwhile, the butler came over with all the medicine in the house.

He placed it on the small table by the side and said, “Here are all the meds in the house.”

Huo Yao walked over.

The box was filled with dozens of medicine bottles.

Most of them were for maintaining good health and the rest of them were for lowering blood sugar.

After examining them, Huo Yao said, “These look fine and wont harm Chairman Wang.”

When He Shu thought about what Huo Yao had just said, a notion emerged in his mind.

“Does this mean someone is deliberately making Master ill”

Huo Yao was unaware of the politics within the Apothecaries Association.

Judging from the situation, it was possible.

Since she was in no position to say more, she simply replied.

“Well, its possible.”

He Shu instinctively thought about Deputy Chairman Qin.

During this time, he blatantly tried to take over as the associations chairman, so he had every reason to do this to the chairman.

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