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Zion glanced at the unconscious Rain Dranir.

This is good enough.

In addition to this, in the original Frosimar Chronicles, Rain Dranir, who survived the destruction of the Ruin City and woman’s whim, saw the scene and fully awakened as a dragon warrior but Zion didn’t intend to observe that far because that’ll go against his plan.

“I’m sure I said you would die if you came.”

The voice came into Zion’s ear.

Zion turned his head toward the owner of the voice.

He could see the six-headed beasts and their red eyes that fill the sky.

The eyes were only looking at Zion.

He can feel being suffocated by the overwhelming resentments from her.

Zion knew who that woman was.

Liusina Bloodwalker.

She was called the strongest and worst villain in the world two hundred years ago.

As a single individual, she killed most people in the world.

She is one of the great enemies of mankind and was called by countless names, such as the Queen of Monstrums, the One-man Army, and the Mother of Beasts but she had only one typical alias.

She is a thousand-year-old witch.

She is one of the middle bosses of the Frosimar Chronicle, and she is destined to be re-sealed by a group of heroes after awakening as the ‘Witch of the Apocalypse’.

That’s why Rain Dranir and other Chilgeol, who had not been awakened from the beginning, were not able to win.

She was an existence that could not be killed until the future group of heroes arrive, they were the only people who could seal her.

There was no way that a mere subjugation team could win.

“Did you not understand”

Liusina slowly approaches Zion.

The smile on her lips was as seductive and gruesome as it was when he first saw her.

“Why should I listen to you”

Zion also answered with a smirk.

“If you don’t listen, should I kill you”

“Really I have no intention of killing you.”


Liusina’s eyes shook for the first time.

It’s refreshing to hear someone having such confidence as if he can kill her and how he still won’t kill her.

She was dumbfounded because she couldn’t believe it but compared to the words that followed from Zion’s mouth, it was more ridiculous.

“You will come under me from today.”


In the current situation, the words that he uttered make one think that he might be crazy but Zion meant it.

Since Zion was thinking of “Liusina Bloodwalker” as a subordinate from the start, that is why he went through all this trouble, and why he entered the Black Forest.

A thousand-year-old witch in front of him was worth it.

He doesn’t care about her tendency, the power she uses, and how many people have been killed in the past.

For Zion, it was nothing more or less than a tool.

Therefore, he was willing to reap the devil for the support.

At first, he also thought of Rain Dranir, but she was supposed to be a hero companion so he didn’t touch her.


A loud laugh came out of Liusina’s mouth, who had been looking at Zion in a daze for a while.

But on the contrary, her eyes were stained with displeasure.

“Me, you”

The resentments that hovered around Liusina began to swell explosively.

The power that makes someone shudder just by looking at it.

How long has it been A person who utters such a thing in front of her.

“Well, then… try to make me work under you.”


After expressing her thought, the beast heads from her whole body united and immediately plunged toward Zion.

An attack that takes over all the surrounding space, there was no place to hide.


Zion silently looks at the beast heads rushing toward him.

The moment the beast’s head arrived in front of him and tries to bite off his whole body.


Zion pulls something out of his pocket and flicks it into the air.

A small stone with tiny runes etched all over its surface.

Soon after.


A bright light erupted from the stone and the rune’s language shone all at once, engulfing Zion and Liusina.

Zion had transferred the soul-binding technique that was embedded in the grey swamp monument stone to the first-class ceremonial stone that he had ordered Nari in advance and had activated it here.

The technique itself was so vast and esoteric that he brought only the core of it, but it was still not enough.


His whole body is sucked somewhere, along with the feeling of someone grabbing his hair and pulling it.

His vision is constantly flickering.

How much time had passed When Zion’s vision returned, he saw a completely different scene from the forest that had just been there.

It’s working.

A world filled with grey.

The trees, the atmosphere, and the water were gone only Zion and Liusina stood in an empty world where nothing existed.


The great magic that Dranir’s ancestors used to seal the thousand-year-old witch in the past.

A supernatural technique that extracts only the soul of a person and the object isolates it from the world.

The spell was now invoked here once again.


“Then… Do you believe this”

A sneer was seen in Liusina’s eyes as she gazed at the grey world that had trapped her.

Slowly, the witch’s eyes turn to Zion.

“Do you know That I knew everything about you from the moment you entered the forest.”

There was no way she didn’t know because the Black Forest itself was the same as her in the first place so she already knew what Zion was doing.

Even the transfer of the sealing technique from the Monument of the Evil Spirits of the Grey Swamp to the ceremonial stone.

“Then why did you do nothing to me”

It was useless anyway.

“The Annihilation that you just unfurled was not magic created by a sealed technique in the first place.”


The grey world begins to fluctuate with Liusina’s words.

“The magic of destroying the other person’s soul with the former soul as collateral.

Therefore, it is no use unless the spirit of the former is stronger than the other person.”

Therefore, the hero Dranir, who was one of the strongest in the world in the past, also ended up sealing Liusina without destroying her.

Hundreds of years have passed since then, and her soul has become stronger.

Who could destroy Liusina herself No, it is impossible to even seal her completely.

That’s why she neglected the Monument of the Evil Spirits and just watched.

It must be fun to see how the worm wriggled before it was trampled.


As if there is no need to restrain anymore, the resentments that burst out from Liosina’s whole body quickly dominated the entire grey world and began to turn red.

The thousands of beast heads and tens of thousands of red eyes arise from them.

If there is a mythical evil God, would this be the case This is a world full of evil resentments that would make ordinary people go crazy.

“Is your soul stronger than mine”

The thousand-year-old witch looked down at Zion, she was lowering her head with a blood-red smile on her face.

The answer to the question had already been decided.

At least that’s what Liusina thought.



A quiet voice flew out of Zion’s mouth, it was neither bewilderment nor fear that existed in Zion’s eyes as he slowly raised his head.

An enjoyment.

It was a look of joy and excitement in this situation.

“So I’m going to test it now.”

Ever since Zion fell into the world of Chronicles, it has always bothered him.

Was he trapped in the body of Zion Agnes, the soul of an Emperor who has the world in his hands, or is he merely an incompetent prince who has received only his memories

Has his soul lost all its power

This is a world where only the soul exists, not the body.

Therefore, Zion thought he could find the answer here.

A world that has been completely reddened by evil resentments.

In such a world.


Foreign darkness began to descend.


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