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Chapter 110, Running Away

In Jiu Zhou, it was very rare for anyone to betray their own great force.

That was because in order to erase the great force’s Brand, one had to spend a large amount of Contribution points.

Nevertheless, Dong Shu Ye had no other choice.

Not only had he squandered all the Contribution points he had accumulated over the years, but he also had to bear the reputation of being a traitor.

Three of his Spiritual Points had been damaged, and there was basically no future for him.

It could be said that he was in the worst possible situation.


All this had happened because a Mountain Tiger called Yi Ye had killed the Young Master of Nine Star Clan.

Otherwise, his great force wouldn’t have accepted Mystic Sect’s declaration of war.

If that hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t have taken the risk to race after Lu Ye, and the station wouldn’t have been destroyed.


At the thought of the dead Mountain Tiger, he felt his chest burning with fury as he had the urge to find his corpse and slice it into pieces.

He had practically spared his enemy a horrible death!


Fortunately, he wasn’t without anywhere to go.

In the past few years, he had established quite a few connections in Spirit Creek Battlefield.

Despite the fact that his cultivation had dropped, he was still a Sixth-Order cultivator, and he was more powerful than most others in the same minor realm.

It was possible for him to join an Eighth or Ninth-Tier great force.

However, before that, he had to stay away from the station of Nine Star Clan.

Those people from the clan must have started looking for him.



Inside the room, Yi Yi asked, “Lu Ye, are we leaving soon”


Lu Ye nodded.

“It’s time to leave.” He turned to look at her.

“You and Amber can stay here.”


“Don’t even think about getting rid of us!” Yi Yi became displeased.

“We’ve promised each other that we’ll start and finish the journey together.

Do you think we’re a burden to you”


“That’s nonsense.” Lu Ye flicked at her forehead.

“If it weren’t for Amber, I would’ve been killed.”


Yi Yi covered her forehead and pouted.

“So, I’m the useless one here.”


“You’re useful as well.”


“How am I useful” Yi Yi looked at him with a hopeful gaze.


After giving it a thought, Lu Ye replied, “You always keep guard around me whenever I rest.

I can have some shut-eye thanks to you.”


“Oh.” Yi Yi hung her head low.


Then, Lu Ye lifted his hand and gently pinched her face.


We’re leaving tomorrow, so you’d better bid Ling Yu farewell now.”


After she was gone, Lu Ye pondered for a moment and reckoned that he should say goodbye to Hua Ci.

Previously, he had left this place without informing her.

Regardless, she had saved him twice, so it was inappropriate for him to do that again.

Upon leaving the bamboo room, he headed to a neighboring room and knocked on the door.


Hua Ci opened the door, and upon seeing that it was Lu Ye, she said vigilantly, “What’s wrong Are you going to drug me again”


“Stop acting!” Lu Ye shot her a glare.

“You were just fooling me the other day.

Do you think I didn’t know”


He only came to that realization a few days after the incident.

Hua Ci was a Fifth-Order cultivator who was an expert in medicine, so how was it possible that she was so easily drugged Even if the pill had that kind of effect, it wasn’t likely that she’d pass out after sniffing it.

Therefore, he decided to fish out the pinkish pill and sniffed it.

Upon confirming that nothing had happened to him, he finally realized that he had been fooled by Hua Ci.


“You found out about it…”


Lu Ye shot her another glance and told her about his purpose of visit.

“I’m leaving tomorrow, so I’d like to bid you farewell now.

Thanks for saving me twice.”


Hua Ci batted her eyes.

“I’m a doctor, and you’re a patient.

You’ve paid me pills to save you, and it’s how things should be.”


“Whatever the case, I have to thank you,” Lu Ye said solemnly.


Hua Ci put on a smile.

“Bon voyage, then.

I hope that you’ll have a bright future.”




“Is there anything else”


“Hmm No.”


“I’ll have a rest, then.”


It wasn’t until the door was closed that Lu Ye recalled he hadn’t added this woman to his friends list.

He raised his hand in an attempt to knock on the door, but after some deliberation, he decided not to do it.

After he was gone this time, they probably wouldn’t meet again.


The next morning, Hua Ci and Kong Niu went to Tassel City as usual.

When Lu Ye left the place, she was already nowhere to be seen.

On the other hand, Ruan Ling Yu had come over to see them off and she and Yi Yi wept for a bit.

After Lu Ye went away for a long distance on the tiger’s back, he turned his head, only to see that she was still waving her hand at the dilapidated entrance.


After they left the mountain, Amber started running at full speed as the view around them moved backwards rapidly.

Yi Yi appeared dispirited.

Recently, she had developed a close bond with Ruan Ling Yu, which was why she was reluctant to part with her friend.

Lu Ye had no idea how to console her, so he could only let her be.

Staying on the tiger’s back, he consumed some pills and refined them.


Presently, he was just one step away from the Fourth-Order, and he reckoned that he could achieve it the next day.

When they were taking a rest in the evening, Yi Yi finally pulled herself together.

After untying the Storage Bag from Amber’s neck, she took out some herbal powder and clean cotton cloths from it.


As Lu Ye was eating his roasted meat, he asked curiously, “Where did you get all these from”


“Senior Sister Hua Ci gave them to me,” Yi Yi explained.

“She said that if you get injured again, this medicine could be applied on your wounds and also consumed.”


There was no doubt that these clean cotton cloths were used for dressing up wounds.

Looking at these things, Lu Ye felt conflicted within.

Although Hua Ci was a miser who was also sharp-tongued, there was no denying that she was a kind-hearted person.

Knowing that Lu Ye might get injured in battles in the future, she decided to prepare these things for him.


“She…” Lu Ye pressed his lips together.

Since she had prepared these things for him, she could’ve given them to him when he was bidding her farewell on the previous night.

Nevertheless, she said nothing.


“Lu Ye, Lu Ye.

Do you think Senior Sister Hua Ci has a thing for you” Yi Yi asked curiously.

Amber, who was chewing on a piece of meat, lifted its head and stared fixedly at him.


“Stop spouting nonsense,” Lu Ye replied as he cleaned up the mess.

He didn’t think he was charming enough to make a woman like her fall for him.

It had only been a short time since they got to know each other.


Hua Ci had treated many people before.

To her, he was just a wealthy patient.

However, to Lu Ye, he would never forget the fact that she had saved his life twice.


In fact, Rogue Wanderers’ Club was a wonderful place.

If it weren’t because he had to head to the station of Crimson Blood Sect, he might’ve chosen to stay there.

As he continued cultivating, he realized that Yi Yi was nowhere to be seen.

When she returned, she appeared to be stealthy.


The next morning, they went on with their journey.

Yi Yi would disappear from time to time, and she’d bring along the Storage Bag given to her by Lu Ye.

When Lu Ye asked what she had done, she would only put on a mysterious smile but not tell him anything.

There was a special connection between Amber and her.

As long as they were not too far apart, they could sense each other’s presence.

Therefore, Lu Ye wasn’t worried that she’d become lost.


When Yi Yi was finally sitting still on the tiger’s back, Lu Ye asked, “Yi Yi, what’s your surname”


“I don’t remember it.” Yi Yi shook her head.

She could remember many things, but there were also things that she had forgotten.


“In that case…” Lu Ye gave it a thought.

“A person has to have a surname.

Why don’t you get my surname”


“Get your surname” With a tilted head, Yi Yi pondered on it and beamed.

“That’s great.

Your name is Lu Yi Ye, and I’m Lu Yi Yi.

We sound just like a family!”


All of a sudden, she leaped onto Amber’s head, and as she faced the gale, she cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled, “I’m Lu Yi Yi!”


Her voice reverberated around the wilderness.


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