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Chapter 103, A Lesson From the Cultivation World

Upon listening to the conversation between these cultivators, Lu Ye finally understood what had happened.

Just like what he had imagined, after he disappeared into the lake, Yi Yi and Amber looked for a secret place to recuperate.

However, their whereabouts were discovered by the three Third-Order cultivators.

The Ghost Spirit and the tiger had dealt with such circumstances before, so they were not flustered.

They joined forces and scared off these cultivators.

Judging from the fact that these cultivators had even given up their Storage Bags, they must be terrified.

After they returned to their great force, they told Senior Brother Zhou, who was in the Fifth-Order, about what had happened.

Senior Brother Zhou felt that something was off, so he brought these people to look for Amber.

He must have invited the Fourth-Order woman to help him.

The woman was able to use an artifact that could tame beasts, which was useful when dealing with Spirit Beasts.

Just like this, five of them came back here and found Amber.

After some probing, Senior Brother Zhou confirmed that Amber was just pretending to be powerful, so he decided to make a move.

Fortunately, they were trying to capture Amber, so they didn’t use any fatal moves.

Otherwise, Amber would have lost its life by now.

Recently, Lu Ye had given Amber a lot of Spirit Restoring Pills, and the tiger ate the best food every single day.

Therefore, its power had increased significantly as it was as powerful as a Second or Third-Order cultivator.

However, even with the help of Yi Yi, the tiger was no match for these cultivators.

Senior Brother Zhou alone could easily capture it.

After collapsing to the ground, Amber tried to get back up, but the Beast Taming Collar seemed to weigh 1,000 kilograms.

Although it could hoist its body, its head was still firmly pressed against the ground.

Immovable, the tiger roared in a hoarse voice again.

A Spiritual Light flashed across Amber as Yi Yi emerged from the tiger and furiously pounced on that woman.

She yelled, “Release Amber!”

Seeing that Amber was suffering, she couldn’t take it anymore despite knowing that she was no match for the woman.

However, after she charged forward for a bit, she became startled for a moment before appearing elated, as though she had seen something surprising.

The next instant, she whirled around and disappeared into the tiger again.

On the other hand, Senior Brother Zhou had already dashed forward in an attempt to deal with the Ghost Spirit, but he hadn’t expected that she had backed down all of a sudden, which puzzled him.

However, following Yi Yi’s yell, the collar around Amber’s neck dimmed.

Without the collar’s suppression, the tiger slowly lifted its head as its amber eyes radiated a strange glow.

Golden Demon Power spun around its body, which made it look murderous.

All the tiger had gone through earlier had ignited its ferocious nature.

“Senior Sister Yu, please tighten your Beast Taming Collar quickly!” a Third-Order cultivator hurriedly shouted.

However, Senior Sister Yu didn’t respond to him.

A perplexed Senior Brother Zhou turned to look at her, whereupon his expression darkened.

That was because there was someone who was standing just 60 centimeters behind her with a sharp weapon in his hand that had been pressed against her back.

At this moment, Senior Sister Yu had turned pale as she wouldn’t dare to move a muscle.

As their eyes met, she called out to Senior Brother Zhou, “Senior Brother, help me…”

It wasn’t until this moment that the smell of blood permeated the place.

The three Third-Order cultivators finally realized that something was amiss.

When they turned around and saw the man behind their Senior Sister, one of them bellowed, “Who are you Release her now.

Otherwise, all of us from Serene Cloud Mountain will never let you off!”

After he was done barking, he activated his Spiritual Power to examine Lu Ye’s Spiritual Light, but to no avail.

That was because Lu Ye didn’t exude any Spiritual Light at all.

His chest tightened as he wasn’t sure whether Lu Ye had covered up his Spiritual Light with an artifact or a talisman paper.

If it was the latter, he could be at ease.

If it was the former, it suggested that their opponent came from a powerful background.

While he was doubtful, Senior Brother Zhou said through clenched teeth, “Shut up, dumbass!”

While the cultivator who spoke earlier didn’t understand why Senior Brother Zhou chided him, Lu Ye, who was behind Senior Sister Yu, became at ease.

“Serene Cloud Mountain…”

He had seen this great force on the 10-point map before.

It was a Ninth-Tier great force that was on the Thousand Demon Ridge’s side.

Initially, he wasn’t certain which side these people were from, but one of them had made a mistake by trying to threaten him with their great force.

That was the reason Senior Brother Zhou scolded him.

When cultivators met one another for the first time, it’d be extremely unwise for anyone to expose their background without first finding out which side the other party was from.

This Third-Order cultivator was obviously inexperienced in battles, which was why he hadn’t been taught a lesson from the Cultivation World.

Initially, Lu Ye was worried that these people might be on the Grand Sky Coalition’s side.

In that case, he wouldn’t know how to handle it.

Even if they were from the same side, if he just leaped forward and told them that Amber belonged to him, they would probably ignore him.

Therefore, whatever side they were from, he had to control one person first so that he had a bargaining chip to talk to them.

The reason he chose Senior Siser Yu was that she was focused on controlling the collar, so he’d stand a greater chance of succeeding to restrict her.

As for Senior Brother Zhou, he was a Fifth-Order cultivator.

There was a gap of two minor realms between them, so Lu Ye wasn’t confident of restraining him.

The reason he didn’t press his sword against her neck was that there were too many uncertainties by doing so.

She was a Fourth-Order cultivator, so she might have some ways to escape from him.

Therefore, he decided to sneak behind Senior Sister Yu and directly stab her in the back with his sword.

At the same time, he placed his hand on her shoulder as the tip of his blade was only 5 centimeters away from her heart.

In that case, if she wanted to stay alive, she wouldn’t dare to make any rash moves.

It could be said that the moment he made a move, regardless which side the other party was from, a grudge had been formed between them.

He had no other choice.

If he wanted to save Amber, it was pointless to negotiate with them.

The weapon in his hand was what could save the tiger.

However, upon finding out that they were from Serene Cloud Mountain, he had no more worries.

With a whoosh, he extended his hand as the sword stuck out from Senior Sister Yu’s chest.

The blade was covered in blood, which dropped onto the ground.

Her pupils contracted and then expanded.

Stretching out her hand towards Senior Brother Zhou, she uttered, “Senior Brother, save…”

Lu Ye directly pulled out his sword and landed a kick on her, which sent her flying towards Senior Brother Zhou.

Of all these people, Senior Brother Zhou was the most powerful and agile.

The moment Lu Ye made a move on his Junior Sister, he unsheathed his sword and stomped his foot on the ground before charging towards Lu Ye.

His Spiritual Light dazzled, and his eyes were bloodshot as he said through clenched teeth, “Go to Hell!”

He had never expected this man to kill his Junior Sister directly.

His resoluteness sent a chill down his spine.

Faced with his Junior Sister that was flying towards him, he hurriedly caught her, but before he could find out whether she was still alive, he was engulfed in darkness.


Looking up, he saw a spinning bell.

A belt of light had been formed around the bell as it swirled around the artifact.

The bell soon descended from the sky and covered him in it.


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