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Xiao Ling nodded and replied, “Okay.”

A moment later, Xiao Ling made a hand gesture, and with a flash of green light, a child wearing a red dudou appeared in front of them.

Uh, this child was of course a Little Red.

When Xiao Lingyu saw the chubby white child, she immediately hugged him in surprise and said with a smile, “Haha, Little Red, you look more and more adorable.

Youre chubby and white.

Come, give me a kiss!”

When Xiao Letong and Xiao Ling saw this, alarm bells went off.

They looked at each other and immediately realized that they were going to lose their favor in front of their mommy.

Xiao Letong glanced at Little Red, and a bright light flashed in his eyes.

Then, he said with a smile, “Mommy, if you have any questions, quickly ask.

Because of Leng Piaoxue, Little Red is very weak now and needs to rest.”

When he said this, Xiao Letong gave Xiao Ling a look.

Xiao Ling immediately understood, “Thats right, Mommy.

Little Red is very weak now.

He needs to rest and cultivate.

If you have any questions, you should ask them properly.

Otherwise, he will enter a deep sleep again and wont wake up.”

Little Red, who was being hugged, was also very happy to see Xiao Lingyu.

He liked Xiao Lingyus hug.

However, when he received the warning from the two little brothers, he immediately quivered and said, “Thats right, Mommy.

Im very sleepy now.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Ill definitely tell you everything I know!”

Xiao Lingyu immediately asked, “Little Red, since youve chosen Leng Piaoxue, then let me ask you.

Did Leng Piaoxue establish any forces Where are the forces”

Little Red suddenly yawned and opened her mouth to say, “That woman was reborn because I exhausted my spiritual power to let her be reborn.

However, after she was reborn, I was too weak and fell into a deep sleep.

“However, after I woke up, I told her that I let her be reborn because her constitution was suitable.

However, I wanted to find my main pendant, so I asked her to look for it.

After finding it, wake me up.”

Xiao Lingyu and the others were speechless.

This child was really too naive and innocent.

Just like that, he casually exposed her jade pendant space.

He wasnt afraid that anyone would obtain this jade pendant space.

If Leng Piaoxue knew about it, she would definitely snatch it away.

One had to know that this persons heart was greedy.

It was very obvious that Leng Piaoxue had indeed done so.

“It was just that when I was in a deep sleep, I sensed that master, uh, Leng Piaoxue was in danger, so I forced myself to wake up and then gave her invisibility to save her.”

When Xiao Hong said this, she said somewhat dejectedly, “From that time onwards, she knew that I had the ability to turn her invisible, so she begged me to teach her.

When her life was in danger, she would escape and avoid danger.

“At that time, I didnt think too much about it.

I just felt that since I had chosen her to be my master, I naturally had the duty to protect her.

Plus, I was sleeping most of the time.

I might not be able to save her in time the next time.

When she died, I might never be able to find brother LingEr.

“So, I taught her how to use the invisibility technique.

At that time, I told her that using the invisibility technique could only be used to save her life, not to harm others.

She also promised me that she would do that.

After that, I fell into a deep sleep again.

When I was forcefully awakened again, I found out that she used the invisibility technique to harm others and suffered a backlash from the spell.

She begged me to save her!”

Little Red was very annoyed and angry, “I clearly warned her that this invisibility spell could only be used to save her life, but it couldnt be used to harm someone.

However, she refused to listen.

She used an invisibility spell to harm someone and even begged me to save her.

She clearly suffered a backlash, and I had a master-servant agreement with her, so the backlash I suffered was even greater.

“I was very angry and didnt want to bother with her at all.

After scolding her a few times, I immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Later on, Brother LingEr, you guys found me.”

Xiao Lingyu and the rest were speechless.

They now understood that ever since Leng Piaoxue was brought back by the Little Red, he had only been in a deep sleep.

The amount of time he had been awake was very little.

Furthermore, he had been forced to wake up in order to save Leng Piaoxue.

Xiao Letong asked speechlessly, “So, after talking for so long, it seems like you dont know what kind of forces your original owner, Leng Piaoxue, has established and where they are from”

Little Reds white and small face turned red as she said somewhat embarrassedly, “Yes, I really dont know!”

Xiao Ling, however, was a little anxious.

He asked in puzzlement, “How can you not know Arent you in a master-servant relationship You should know what Leng Piaoxue has done.”

Little Red shook her head and explained, “But brother LingEr, when I signed the contract with Leng Piaoxue, she was the master, and I was the servant.

As long as she didnt let me know, I wouldnt know at all.

Besides, I spent most of my time sleeping.

She couldnt have woken me up and told me everything about her directly, right”

Xiao Lingyu and the others were speechless.

That was indeed the case.

Xiao Tong asked again, “So, you dont know anything about Leng Piaoxue”

Little Red shook his head and said, “I dont know!”

His spiritual energy was not as abundant as brother LingErs, and his spiritual spells were only a little bit.

Naturally, he was not as powerful as brother LingEr.

Xiao Ling said angrily, “You… how can you not know”

Xiao Lingyu looked at her and said immediately, “LingEr, dont be angry.

You cant blame Little Red.

Little Red has been sleeping.

Leng Piaoxue is the master, and he is the servant.

He cant control Leng Piaoxue at all!”

“Little Red, do you want to sleep again”Xiao Lingyu asked when she saw Little Red, who was yawning and wiping his eyes.

“Yes!” Little Red answered with his eyes closed.

“Okay, you can sleep if you want to.

Rest well.” Xiao Lingyu patted his little head.

Then, she ordered Xiao Ling, “Linger, let Little Red sleep!”

Xiao Ling knew that it was useless for the red rope to stay.

He nodded and made a hand gesture.

With a flash of green light, Little Red disappeared.

After Little Red disappeared, Xiao Letong thought for a moment and asked, “Mommy, do you want me to take a look around and see where Leng Piaoxues forces are”

By taking a look around, Xiao Letong meant flying in the air and using his hearing to confirm.

Xiao Lingyu patted his little head and said with a smile, “Theres no need for that for now.

Your Daddy said that hes using a strategy to force Leng Piaoxue to use her own forces.

Well just wait for the news.

When Mommy needs Tong Tong for help, shell definitely ask for it.”

Xiao Letong nodded.

“Okay! Thats good!”

He had already given his family a protective talisman.

If anyones life were in danger, he would be the first to sense it.

Thus, he was not too worried about the safety of his family.

After knowing about Leng Piaoxues problem, Xiao Lingyu also took many precautions.

She did not dare to underestimate Leng Piaoxue at all.

Such a selfish and vicious woman would definitely use some drastic measures before reaching her goal.

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