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Dreaming through multiverse Ch 5 - Separation

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- What the hell?

An unexpected sound tore John away from his memories. A translucent, black-and-red panel that floated before my eyes gently hinted that it was time to sort out the present.

- Hmmmm, what do we have here?

-Good morning to you, too, Mara.

-Thanks. Please show me my status.

# Name: Jonathan Wilson Vic

Type: Human( )

Class: -

Level: 1-0

Strength: 10

Dexterity: 10

Endurance: 10

Intelligence: 45

Luck: 45

Points of characteristics: 0

Shop Points: 0

Skills: Gamers Body; Gamers Mind; Limitless optimization.

- Just like in the game, as far as I understood, 10 is the average value for an ordinary person. Then why is luck and intelligence so high?

- I understand, but I even feel sorry for the old man. So I have super luck and super brain, and what value would Tony Stark have in this graph?

- Well, please, well, don .

Thinking that in general he doesn care what stats the smartest person has in his new reality, John decided to finally sort out the memories of his new vessel.


The new morning greeted John with warm rays of the sun, he remembered last night and Jessicas gift.

- "Fuck, I will definitely take revenge on her, I will take revenge cruelly. Although the knife is cool, her brother definitely had taste. The model for the mafia is also a blade wave goes, a beautiful thing. "

Monday morning is the most hated day and time for most people. For a city child, this truth remained just as true. A difficult awakening and a complete lack of desire to do something was also his curse. Vladislav corrected the situation, after Jonathan turned 14, the old military man woke the guy with a bucket of cold water. Now its just another day and it doesn matter if John has a vacation or a school year, Monday or Sunday, he wakes up at exactly 6 a.m. every day.

The morning routine of taking care of yourself and animals smoothly flowed into breakfast. At the table, the still sleepy Jessica was brazenly giggling at the guy. John sat with a stony face, but his gaze promised the girl quick revenge.

Vlad and Isolde looked at them with smiles and were just happy that their house was filled with life.

- Its almost time. Jessica, are you ready for school?

- Yes, Aunt Isolde, Ive already packed everything and a backpack at the entrance to the house.

- Well, when this sullen lump of anger, whom I have the honor to call my grandson, finishes, Vladislav will take you. By the way, Ive made an agreement and if you want, you can stay with us until your foster parents arrive.

- Thank you, thank you, thank you, hurrah!

Jessica hugged the old lady.

- I really, really want it.

The road to school flew by in an instant. Jessie received her apologies, the three losers were suspended for a week, and the girl herself, no longer thinking about the incident, happily walked around the school holding Johns hand. Surprised and envious glances of other girls did not bother her, she proudly walked down the corridor and only sometimes looked at envious women with a teasing smile.

Jessica was blossoming before our eyes, a whole week of joy had a positive effect on her face, body and mind.

She and John seemed to stick to each other, staying together at school and at home. They had lunch together, sat at neighboring desks, rode the school bus, took care of horses, went to the lake and sometimes even slept together. Countless kisses, hugs and flirtations, gradually led the couple to the last line between them. The only thing that upset the girl was the inevitability of separation, after only two weeks spent in joy, of which only one remained, she had to leave for New York.

- John, can you come with me too? Your parents also live in New York, we will continue to go to the same school and not only, maybe I will even graciously allow you to defame this innocent virgin, hahahaha.

- And when did you become innocent?

- Oh, ** you John, but seriously, I don want to break up.

- I don want too Jess. But I can leave my grandparents like this in the middle of the school year. Will you wait one year for me? Then well go to high school together and well both be 16. And then no one will save you from my clutches.

With these words, John attacked the girl, knocked her to the ground and began to tickle. The comic struggle naturally turned into a squeeze of a girls body with a fair amount of kisses and playful bites. After another lingering kiss, Jessica gently bit Johns lower lip, interrupting the lingering tenderness.

Pointing her finger at Jonathans chest, she continued their conversation, with poking her black nail with every word spoken.

- Okay, John, but only for one year. If your ass isn in town by the end of the summer, youll never be able to touch that ass again. (Jessica slapped her thighs. )

- After all, it will go to someone else, someone who can fulfill his promises. So don you dare linger, Ill scratch your pretty face.

The girl said threateningly.

- No, you love me too much. And when I get there, Ill beat every guy who dares to lay eyes on you.

- And if its a girl?

Jessie asked carefully, getting ready to tell her boyfriend another secret of her own.

- You mean a girl?

- Literally, what if a girl, not a guy, sets her eyes on me. And maybe, but only maybe, this girl I will like too.

- Jess, are you attracted to both sexes?

- Yes, thats right. Am I disgusting to you now?

- Nah, its fun.

- Why?

- Well, I can understand you.

- Do you like both sexes too?

John made a serious face, looking straight into her eyes.

"Ahahahha, of course not, I like girls too, especially you.

- Moron, Im serious. Don you care that I don have a traditional orientation?

- No, I think its good. Ill tell you a little secret. Any guy will be delighted with this news, although few people will admit this even to themselves, because then his chances of a tricycle championship belt are much higher.

- What kind of belt is that?

- Three-so-me.

- Cabeline.

- Just a man.

- I don see any men here, just a little pervert.

- A man of culture, not a pervert. At least a gentleman.

- Did I mention you

e an idiot?

- Repeatedly, but it doesn matter. More importantly, who did you like from the women in our school?

- I won tell you, hmm.

- So there are still such, ahahah? Come on, tell me if you don want to spend the next few minutes choking with laughter.

- Okeeey, don you dare tickle me again. This is Miss Smith, our English teacher.

- Hmm, I can understand your choice, shes hot.

(Clap) John got a slap on the back of the head.

- You dare to talk about another woman in my presence?

- Im sorry…

- Hahahaha, you

e right shes hot, especially her tight ass.

- And which one of us is a pervert after that?

- Still you.

- Touche, I also think she has a gorgeous ass.

- And me?

- Even better!

- Flatterer.

- Maybe.

After this fake quarrel, Jessica was once again convinced that she had chosen a good guy who loves her for who she is.

The time that a couple in love could spend together was slipping away unnoticed. Jessicas foster family will arrive in their town in 2 days, Sunday morning.

John and Jess engaged in the standard follies of teenagers in love, went to the cinema and the arcade, went bowling or just walked. Every day started and ended as a date. They got closer and learned more about each other. John taught the girl to shoot a bow and a pistol, taught her to throw knives and ride his fathers motorcycle. Jessica also opened up the world of music and games for the console and computer for him. Forced him to change his clothing style and hairstyle. John especially liked metal, Jessica listened only to rock music, calling rap and pop bull** for posers or mainstream **. She tried to persuade John to get a piercing, but the guy refused, referring to the fact that his grandfather would tear off his ears if he came home with earrings in them. He did not expect that his girlfriend would persuade Isolde to change his appearance, and his grandmother thought it would be funny to make her husband pierce something for himself. As a result, Vlad had been showing off an earring in his ear for almost a week, and John had both ears and an eyebrow pierced, as punishment for hiding behind his grandfather. At the same time, Vladislav himself also insisted on a nose ring, due to the fact that he was drawn into all this by his grandson.

Last night, the old place by the lake. Jessica was sitting with John in her arms again.

- Sometimes I hate you, Jess.

- Don whine, we both know that you

e crazy about me. And it suits you.

- Ill figure out how to get back at you.

- Im afraid, Im afraid.

- Ulcer.

- Fool.

Playful quarrels and romp were regular events in their short romantic life. The upcoming breakup upset the couple, but the promise of an early reunion made the situation not so sad. Therefore, the young people enjoyed every minute and second left before Jessicas departure.

Late at night in the attic of the once cursed, and now beloved and cozy red and white barn.

- Jess, stay with me today, I want to hug you in my sleep again. Ill miss you for a whole year.

- Of course, I will miss you too, especially at night hahahah.

- Silly , don forget your words when Ill come .

- You won be able to sleep when you arrive.

Night was fleetingly replaced by morning. Its time to leave. The foster parents were surprised that Jessica was not in the shelter, but did not make a fuss.

The meeting of the new parents and Jesse was not too joyful or vice versa. Awkwardness is the best definition of this event. The husband and wife were people in about the forties of their lives, they could not have their own children, so they decided to adopt an heir. They didn want a child too small or too grown up, but Jessica was a very kind and charming girl and they chose her.

- Hello, my name is Brian Jones, and this is Alice, my wife.

- Good afternoon, Im Vladislav and this is my beautiful wife Isolde.

The acquaintance of the adults took place over a cup of tea. Johns grandfather made sure that Jessicas foster parents were decent people. They exchanged numbers and addresses, promising to keep in touch they were only waiting for a couple of teenagers.

The parting, which promised to be tearful and snotty, was surprisingly easy. Jessica and John have already discussed everything that is possible for a long time, only small details remain. Standing on the porch of the house, the couple said goodbye next to the smiling old men.

- Promise to call me at least once a week.

- I promise.

- Promise to study well so that we can go to the same school.

- OK.

- Promise to bang Miss Smith before you arrive, so that our first time will go well.

- I promise... what?

- Ahahahahha, naive, now you have a task for a year.

It was not only John who was shocked, Vladislav froze with his mouth open, and Isolde looked at John mockingly.

- And what? Im leaving and I definitely won be able to do it. So the mission of seducing a young teacher falls on your shoulders.

- Don you think its a little too much?

- No, Ive seen with what eyes she sometimes looks at you, believe me, a panther is hiding behind her modest appearance and glasses. It won be difficult for you to achieve this.

- Its not about complexity.

- Don be shy, you know my so-called "preferences". I don mind if you have a few affairs while we

e not together. Moreover, I don want you to screw up at the most crucial moment. Gain experience and make my first time the best. Just nothing serious, otherwise I won forgive you.

- Okay, but you have to admit that you

e a pervert too.

- Hmm, its all labels, stupid John, you don know anything.

- Okay, okay, leave me alone, youll have the best first time.

- By the way, while Im alone in New York, its possible that I will also date someone. But don worry, it will definitely only be girls.

- Thats the main thing, I love you Jess.

- I know, Ill call you when Im there. Don hang up your nose and try to become the coolest guy possible, so that all the girls in our future school would envy me, hihihihi.

After these words, the young Jessica Jones hugged Isolde and the frozen Vlad, passionately kissed John and ran to the car of the foster parents. She kept waving goodbye to them from the car until they disappeared.

- Grandson?

- Yes?

- You

e a lucky **ing asshole, Im jealous.

- I know Grandfather.

Clap... Bam... Bds

- Are you not satisfied with something, you old bustard ?

Isolde shouted to the soldier retreating after the beatings.

A.N. Hi everyone, how are you? Im in a good mood but a little confused. I haven decided yet which world will be the first for main hero quest, thats why its on you my dear readers.

A) One-Peace B) Twilight C) Underworld

D) High School Of The Dead. Vote for the one you are interested the most, we all live in a democracy (someone more,someone less).

Almost forgot about it Vote=Comment. Bye.

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