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This was the previous king of the Great Qian Dynasty.

He had abdicated his position a few decades ago and resided in a deep part of the royal palace behind closed doors.

His cultivation level had already reached the peak of the core formation realm.

Moreover, he had already condensed 72 blood-red strands around his golden core.

In other words, his strength far surpassed that of Ming He.

Although he did not believe that Ye Xuans strength had actually reached the peak of the core formation realm, in order to clear any doubts he had, he decided to head toward the Xuanyin sect personally!

As for the Qingyun sect, it would be handled by the grand elder of the Qian Gate.


He turned into a streak of light and headed toward the Xuanyin sect at a blistering pace.

At the same time, Ye Xuan was also hurrying toward the Xuanyin sect!

The conflicts between the top-ranked sects was actually tacitly approved by the Great Qian royal family.

They would even secretly push the sects to fight each other.

However, the Great Qian royal family also did not allow any top-ranked sects to be destroyed or have their foundation greatly damaged.

This would break the balance fostered by the Great Qian royal family.

After all, no matter how powerful the ten top-ranked sects were, they were just individual forces.

However, if they really gathered together, it would undoubtedly be extremely dangerous for the Great Qian royal family.

Moreover, if they could keep the top ten sects in check, when they fought against the other empires, they could also send these sects to fight on their behalf!

Therefore, they would never allow the top-ranked sects to be destroyed.

The Xuanyin sect.

After Patriarch Ming He led the sect leader and the elders to the Qingyun sect, there were only five elders left in the sect.

Among the five, the strongest was the Third Elder, whose cultivation had reached the advanced stage of the true core realm.

At this moment, the remaining elders were all gathered in the main hall.

The atmosphere inside was extremely oppressive, and the brows of those present were filled with worry!

“What exactly happened Why were the soul lamps of the patriarch and the others extinguished in such a short time”

“Did that old monster from the Great Qian royal family take action personally”

The Eighth Elders eyes were filled with disbelief at the thought of this.

He still could not accept that the soul lamps of the patriarch and the others had been snuffed out.

The rest of the elders did not want to believe it either.

After the patriarch left secluded cultivation, the entire Xuanyin sect had celebrated.

They were playing chess, drinking tea, and discussing the Dao! They were enjoying themselves immensely!

All they had to do was wait patiently until they received the news of the patriarch and the others triumphant return.

At that time, the Qingyun sect would have been completely destroyed and consigned to the history books of the Great Qian Dynasty.

The most important thing was that the matter of the sect secretly collecting qi and blood essence would also be completely concealed.

They could then also utilize the same method and steal the qi and blood essence of others to break through.

As long as the patriarch succeeded in breaking through to the unity realm, then the leader of the Great Qian Dynasty would have to change.

These few days, they had been enjoying themselves in the main hall, their minds constantly envisioning the glorious future of the sect.

However, something that caused their expressions to change drastically happened.

Gongsun Wuji and Li Wujis soul lamps were extinguished at the same time!

A soul lamp contained a wisp of aura that was extracted from the cultivators soul and refined into a soul lamp using a special method.

This soul lamp reflected the cultivators life or death status.

If the soul lamp was snuffed out, it meant that the cultivator had already died.

Previously, when Duan Wujie and Duan Wuyi died, Li Wuji and Gongsun Wuji had used the same method to confirm the news.

However, they did not expect that they would be reunited with their disciples so soon.

At that time, the elders overseeing the sect were all shocked, and their expressions were filled with unease.

Reality would prove that their worries were warranted.

Shortly after, the other elders soul lamps were also extinguished one after another.

Then Ming Xue and Ming Hes soul lamps also went out!

This was like a bolt from the blue, and the five elders were stunned senseless.

Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

The patriarch had reached the peak of the core formation stage.

Even though he might be weaker than the old monster from the Great Qian royal family, he should have been stronger than almost anyone else.

The Qingyun sect was the last-ranked sect among the top ten sects.

How could they have withstood, and even killed the others in the patriarchs presence

Their hearts were filled with fear and panic.

No matter what, the Xuanyin sect was currently facing an unprecedented disaster!

Among those sent to the Qingyun sect, all of them had died, including the patriarch.

What should they do

Fortunately, the third elder reacted quickly.

He immediately worked with the other elders to activate the sects great guardian array formation.

After the barrier formed by the great guardian array formation enveloped the entire sect, the uneasiness in their hearts dissipated a little.

Soon, a day passed.

The five elders were filled with fear and anxiety.

However, the distance between the two sects was very far.

In addition, unlike the Great Qian royal family, they did not have the scrying orb, so they could not receive any definitive news for the time being.

“Could it be that the patriarch and the others have encountered the old monster of the Great Qian royal family Or did the Great Qian royal family and the Qian Gate attack together”

The possibility appeared in the minds of the Third Elder and the others, but they quickly rejected it.

Even if the Great Qian royal family learned that the Xuanyin sect had destroyed the Qingyun sect, they would at most be furious, or they would kill a few elders as punishment.

They would not kill the sect leader and vice sect leaders of the Xuanyin sect!

The most important thing is that the patriarch had already reached the peak of the core formation realm.

There was no way they would go overboard in his presence.

After all, if two peak core formation realm experts fought, the aftermath of the battle would destroy much of the Great Qian Dynasty.

The Great Qian royal family will certainly not allow this to happen, and would most likely choose to ignore the destruction of the Qingyun sect.

Perhaps they would only be let off with a light warning.

After all, if they attacked, but were unable to kill the patriarch, the entire Great Qian royal family and the Qian Gate would live in fear in the future.

After all, who could stop a peak core formation realm assassin

Therefore, they decisively ruled out the possibility of the Great Qian royal family making a move.

However, in the entire Great Qian Dynasty, apart from the Great Qian royal family, who else possessed such strength

Could it be that a supreme unity realm expert had acted


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