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“Go! Defeat him!”

Just as Yue was about to speak, a voice suddenly rang out in their ears.


Hearing this, Li Qingyan revealed a pleasantly surprised look.

She quickly looked around, but did not see the figure of her teacher.

However, she also knew that although her teacher was still in secluded cultivation, he still paid great attention to her and her senior sister.

It seemed that he could divide his consciousness while cultivating, which allowed him to still observe the situation outside.

How terrifying was her teachers strength

As everyone knew, if a cultivator was in secluded cultivation, it was extremely taboo to disturb them.

After all, it was very likely to cause a distraction and lead to cultivation deviation.

However, if a cultivator was still able to divide their consciousness and observe the situation outside while in secluded cultivation, it meant that the cultivators spiritual sense was extremely powerful and that they were not afraid of any interference from the outside world.

Now that she had received her teachers instructions, Li Qingyan no longer hesitated.

“Father, lets accept the challenge!”

“Its also time for them to witness the true strength of our Li family!”

Li Qingyan took a step forward.

Her aura was domineering, and was somewhat similar to Ye Xuans.

When she saw Ye Xuan make a move at the auction house back then, Li Qingyan had long been attracted by his terrifying strength and domineering aura.

Her heart was filled with yearning to someday possess such capabilities herself one day.

When Ye Xuan had said, “Who are you How dare you act so arrogantly in front of me!” she felt tingles run up her spine.

In addition, now that Li Qingyan was his disciple, it was inevitable that her style of doing things would be somewhat similar to Ye Xuans.

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At the same time, the news that Chen Ping and Zhu Peng were about to fight in the arena spread throughout Jiangqing City.

Everyone saw the changes taking place in Jiang Qing city over the past few days.

It could be said that the Chen and Zhu families had been constantly fighting these few days.

Moreover, the news of the Chen family slaughtering the Zhu family outside the city made them even more fearful.

They did not dare to discuss the matter between the two families, afraid that it would bring disaster upon themselves.

Although the City Lords mansion had a rule that the fights between families could not affect the commoners, who could guarantee that the other party would not do something crazy when they were cornered

Therefore, even if many people wanted to watch a good show between the Chen family and the Zhu family, they did not dare to get too close.

They could only watch from afar.

Now that they knew that Chen Ping and Zhu Peng were about to have a decisive battle, many cultivators were extremely clear about one thing.

This was not an ordinary fight, but a life and death battle.

Once the cultivators entered the arena, they would not rest until one of them was dead.

However, curiosity was part of human nature.

After learning that the two cultivators were about to have a life-and-death battle, countless cultivators gathered at the arena.

The arena was not located in the center of the city, but in the north.

It was said that the arena was built by the first city lord of Jiangqing City.

After that, every generation of city lords would strengthen the arena, and there was a powerful defensive array formation covering the arena.

Cultivators below the fifth level of the purple spirit realm were unable to break through the defensive array formation, so this array formation could also effectively protect the spectators.

The arena was originally used to host competitions between cultivators.

Sometimes, if there was a huge conflict between cultivators, or if there was a deep grudge between the two, under the agreement of both parties, they could choose to duel to the death in the arena.

Although the final battle had not begun, the audience seats in the arena were already full of cultivators.

They were all prepared to watch a good show.

Those cultivators who could not afford the tickets chose to watch the fight from outside the arena by finding a spot in or atop a nearby building.

Half of the cultivators in the audience seats were only in the body refinement realm, and a small number were in the qi transformation realm.

The number of true essence realm cultivators among them was pitifully few.

A small handful of them had reached the purple spirit realm.

Most of the cultivators were just here to watch the show.

Of course, there were also many cultivators who wanted to use this opportunity to learn.

“Sigh, what a pity! After the arena battle ends, the Zhu family will be completely eradicated!”

“So be it.

The Zhu family were not particularly good people to begin with!”

“Brother, you are too simple-minded.

Once the Zhu family is destroyed, the next in line will be the Li family.

At that time, the Chen family will completely control Jiangqing City.

We cultivators will also have a hard time!”

“Didnt the Li family and the Zhu family choose to enter a marriage alliance How could they be destroyed”

“Hehe, the marriage alliance is just a means for Chen Ping to get Li Qingyan.

After the marriage alliance, the Chen family will definitely think of ways to slowly erode the Li familys strength and then destroy them!”

“According to the rumors, the Li family seems to have rejected the Chen familys marriage proposal!”

“F*ck! Are you sure you are not joking What gives the Li family the confidence to reject the marriage proposal of the Chen family”

“What is there to joke about My family lives near the Li familys residence.

My father heard the conversation between Chen Junhao and Li Zhengyang with his own ears! Li Zhengyang said it himself… that Chen Ping is not worthy of marrying his daughter!”

“At that time, Chen Ping was so angry that he directly proposed to fight with Li Qingyan.

If Li Qingyan can survive three moves from him, the marriage will be canceled!”

“What Chen Ping wants Li Qingyan to withstand three moves from him”

“Thats right! If Li Qingyan loses, she will become the Chen familys slave!”

“Then what did the Li family say”

“The Li family did not give a response.

Chen Ping left directly after delivering that ultimatum.

Moreover, the agreed battle time is after the duel between Chen Ping and Zhu Peng! I have no idea as to whether Li Qingyan will show up,”

“Sigh! Whats the use of coming here The outcome has long been decided! How can a seventh-level qi transformation realm cultivator defeat a tenth-level qi transformation realm cultivator”

“However, if Li Qingyan doesnt come, the Chen family might directly lead their clansmen to kill their way into the Li familys residence!”

At this moment, the cultivators in the audience seats were having a heated discussion.

“Among the current younger generation of cultivators in Jiangqing City, Chen Ping is the strongest.

Now that he has become the personal disciple of the leader of the Mad Saber sect, how can Li Qingyan and Zhu Peng possibly defeat him”

“Do you think that Zhu Peng will go to extreme measures because he knows that he will lose He might resort to some suicidal means!”

“This… is indeed possible!”

“Hehe, if this was a normal situation, Zhu Peng might have been able to perish together with Chen Ping, but it is absolutely impossible today!”

“What do you mean”

“Dont forget that the leader of the Mad Saber sect has already arrived in Jiangqing City.

With a top-tier core formation stage powerhouse watching over things, what can Zhu Peng hope to achieve”

“Zhu Peng might not be able to do it, but if the master of the Zhu family were to fight to the death, there might still be some possibility!”

“Damn, brother, I suddenly understand why you are standing in such a remote place in the audience stand.

It turns out that you are worried that the master of the Zhu family will overhear you and get rid of you!”

“Get lost! Dont you know the rules of the martial world If you see through a scheme, you naturally want to expose it!”


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