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“Okay silly girl, quickly adjust your breathing.

Im going to start infusing you with spiritual power!”

Ye Xuan smiled and habitually patted his disciples head.

This woman was very sensitive.

She knew how and when to be grateful.

The way she cried really made him feel helpless.

“Yes, Teacher!”

Just as the two drops of tears were about to fall, Li Qingyan quickly wiped them away.

‘Li Qingyan, this is a good thing.

Why are you crying Be happy, okay How much virtue did I accumulate in my previous life to be able to meet such a good teacher!

That nose sniffled a little, after which she finally composed herself.

‘How could I cry like that I embarrassed myself in front of Teacher.

Still, Teachers hands are really warm.

“Okay, get ready.

Were going to start!”

Ye Xuan withdrew his hand and signaled to Li Qingyan to sit down with his eyes.

Li Qingyan nodded, and then quickly went over to the mat in the cultivation room.

She sat down cross-legged and slowly adjusted her breathing.

Li Qingyan had originally thought that with the high-grade cultivation method given by her teacher, as long as she practiced hard, there was a good chance that she would be able to step into the true essence realm in under a year.

However, she did not expect her teacher to perform spiritual power infusion for her.

Her teacher was a core formation realm cultivator.

She was worried that she might even advance to the true essence realm right after this process was complete.

She was also curious, and wondered how far her cultivation would break through after receiving her teachers spiritual power infusion.

Would it be the second, or perhaps the third level of the true essence realm

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The so-called spiritual power infusion, in laymans terms, was akin to a charitable donation.

The funds, or spiritual power in this case, that he had painstakingly accumulated would be infused into his disciples body.

However, there were many limitations to spiritual power infusion.

The most obvious one was related to the recipients strength.

If the recipients cultivation level was too weak, and their foundation was unstable, even if they underwent the spiritual power infusion process, the spiritual power that their bodies could accept would be limited.

If the recipient forcefully withstood it, the infusion of spiritual power would greatly damage the recipients body and, in the worst case scenario, the recipients cultivation foundation might even be destroyed.

Ye Xuan was a core formation realm cultivator, while Li Qingyan was only a seventh-level qi transformation realm cultivator.

The difference in strength between the two was akin to the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Moreover, Li Qingyan did not know much about spiritual power infusion.

From her perspective, if she could reach the second or third level of the true essence realm after being infused with spiritual power, that result would already be extremely heaven-defying.

Most importantly, Li Qingyan did not think that Ye Xuan would waste too much spiritual power on her.

After all, if the degree of spiritual power infusion was too great, it would greatly affect the formers cultivation.


A wave of spiritual power like a vast ocean suddenly appeared, completely enveloping Li Qingyan.

“This… this power is so majestic…”

“Is this Teachers true strength”

At that moment, Li Qingyan could not help but tremble, and her eyes were filled with shock.

Compared to this overwhelming spiritual power, she was like a small boat, tossing and turning in the vast ocean, in danger of being overturned by the magnificent waves at any time!

“Channel your qi into the Dantian, and use it to contain your true essence power!”

At this moment, Ye Xuans voice rumbled.

Li Qingyan immediately circulated her cultivation method to stabilize the chaotic power in her Dantian.

Just like the spiritual power that had been poured into Yue previously, Ye Xuan chose to slowly decompose the gold core power in his Dantian, transforming theminto streams of warm current that slowly flowed into Li Qingyans Dantian.

“This power is so pure…”

As the streams of warm current flowed in, Li Qingyan felt as if she was bathed in holy light.

Her face could not help but reveal an expression of pleasure.

At the same time, the aura around her body rose steadily.

Eighth level of the qi transformation realm!

Ninth level of the qi transformation realm!

Tenth level of the qi transformation realm!

Under Ye Xuans precise control, the decomposed gold core power entered Li Qingyans Dantian and slowly condensed into true essence power.

If Li Qingyan were to refine it alone, it would take her at least half a month to complete.

However, for Ye Xuan, who was in the gold core realm, it was a piece of cake.

As the spiritual power in Li Qingyans Dantian slowly transformed into true essence power, her realm also advanced, and she stepped into the true essence realm.

First level of the true essence realm!

Second level of the true essence realm!

Not only did Li Qingyan advance a major realm, but thanks to Ye Xuans precise control, the true essence power contained in Li Qingyans Dantian was also extremely strong, and the stability of her cultivation realm far exceeded that of other cultivators.

Before Yues Sword Jade physique had awakened, her physique was much weaker than that of ordinary cultivators.

However, even under such harsh conditions, Ye Xuan still successfully helped Yue break through to the qi transformation realm.

Li Qingyans cultivation foundation was far sturdier than Yues, so the improvement of the former would naturally far surpass that of the latter.

Fifth level of the true essence realm!

Sixth level of the true essence realm!

Seventh level of the true essence realm!

When Li Qingyans realm reached the eighth level of the true essence realm, Ye Xuan gradually stopped the spiritual power infusion process.

Given Li Qingyans current cultivation foundation, the eighth level of the true essence realm was already the limit.

If she was forcefully pushed into the ninth level of the true essence realm, it was very likely that it would affect her cultivation foundation.

“I… I reached the eighth level of the true essence realm”

“Is… is this for real Am I really not dreaming”

After the magnificent power slowly faded away and dissipated, Li Qingyans tightly shut eyes slowly opened.

When she sensed the powerful true essence power contained in her Dantian, her eyes were filled with disbelief.

To her complete surprise, she had not only advanced to the true essence realm, but her cultivation had also reached the eighth level of the true essence realm.

Now, looking at the river of true essence power circulating in her Dantian, the spiritual power she had just a while ago seemed like a gentle stream.

Moreover, after truly reaching the true essence realm, Li Qingyan finally understood how big the gap was between the true essence realm and the qi transformation realm.

Advancing a minor realm in the true essence realm was equivalent to advancing three or four minor realms in the qi transformation realm.

While there was an evident difference in numbers, the difference in the nature of the spiritual power was even more obvious.

“Ding! As the host has infused his disciple with 73 days worth of cultivation, the host has received a randomized 13x critical reward.

Congratulations! The host has obtained 949 days worth of cultivation!”

As soon as the system finished speaking, the aura around Ye Xuans body started to surge.


Li Qingyan, who had been immersed in her cultivation breakthrough, squinted her eyes when she sensed this terrifying power.

She was both shocked and surprised.

‘Why does Teachers spiritual power feel even more powerful after infusing his spiritual power into me

“Right now, your cultivation has taken a huge leap.

The most urgent thing for you to do now is to completely adapt to the power in your body and consolidate your foundation.

Once youve completely stabilized your eighth-level true essence realm, then you can start practicing the cultivation method and martial techniques that I taught you previously!”

Right at this moment, Ye Xuans words interrupted Li Qingyans thoughts.


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