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“If Ye Xuan is really alive, its impossible for him to reveal himself openly.

Moreover, theres a high possibility that hes secretly planning to take revenge on our Xuanyin!” At this moment, Gu Da spoke up again.

“Thats right.

It seems that its necessary for us to…”

Hearing this, Li Wuji nodded in agreement.

However, the next second, his expression changed drastically.

If Ye Xuan was really alive, he would definitely think up ways to take revenge on the Xuanyin sect.

Ye Xuans current strength would definitely not be able to return to its previous peak, and the Qingyun sects strength could not be compared to the Xuanyin sects, so the other party would definitely not choose to take revenge openly.

As such, how would he take revenge on the Xuanyin sect The only method was to eradicate the fundamental foundation of the Xuanyin sect.

It was obvious that the best choice was to eliminate the talented cultivators of the Xuanyin sect.

“Damn it!”

Thinking this, Li Wuji retracted his gaze, his face alternating between shades of purple and green.

He suddenly understood why Duan Wujie and Duan Wuyi had fallen.

Given the strength of the Qian Gate, it was impossible that they would target the personal disciples of the elders of the Xuanyin sect.

Moreover, if the royal family of the Great Qian Dynasty learned that they were collecting qi and blood essence, this matter would not have ended with the mere death of two personal disciples.

Other than the Qian Gate and the royal family of the Great Qian Dynasty, the other top sects did not dare to offend the Xuanyin sect.

However, the Qingyun sect was different.

If Ye Xuan had survived, then the murderer who killed Duan Wujie and Duan Wuyi was very likely to be Ye Xuan.

This guy was taking revenge on the Xuanyin sect.

Although Ye Xuans strength would indeed regress, it was impossible for him to regress below the core formation realm.

A core formation realm cultivator would easily be able to kill a true essence realm personal disciple.

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“Damn it! We have to confirm whether Ye Xuan is still alive or not as soon as possible.

If this guy is still alive, my two disciples very likely died at his hands!”

“Not only that, the lives of our other genius cultivators are also in danger!”

Li Wuji looked at Gu Da with a serious expression.

Gu Das expression changed greatly when he heard this.

He had indeed overlooked this serious problem.

“I will order the genius cultivators who are training outside to return to the sect as soon as possible!”

“Moreover, if Ye Xuan is really alive, we definitely cant let him find out that the Xuanyin sect is collecting qi and blood essence!”

At that moment, Li Wuji and Gu Das expressions were extremely solemn.

The situation was more serious than they had initially thought.

If Ye Xuan discovered that they were collecting qi and blood essence, he would definitely report this to the royal family of the Great Qian Dynasty in order to take revenge.

At that time, the Xuanyin sect would have to bear the fury of the royal family of the Great Qian dynasty and the Qian Gate.

These two figures suddenly turned into two streams of light and disappeared into the distance.

At the same time, the elders of the Xuanyin sect emerged from their palaces in full force.

It could be said that Li Wuji had learned who the real murderer was by accident.

However, what he did not know was that, not only did Ye Xuans strength not regress, but he had also broken through to the golden core realm, and could kill him easily with a wave of his hand.

Most importantly, Ye Xuan did know that the Xuanyin sect was collecting qi and blood essence.

It was just that he did not intend to tell the royal family of the Great Qian dynasty about it.

Instead, he wanted to purge the Xuanyin sect himself.

Ye Xuan knew very well that even if the royal family of the Great Qian Dynasty knew about this, in order to maintain the balance of power between the other top sects, they would not directly destroy the Xuanyin sect.

Just as Li Wuji, Gu Da, and the others were making their move, Ye Xuan had already arrived at Jiangqing city with the others.

His purpose here was also very simple.

He came here to examine Li Qingyans character and see if she had the qualifications to become his disciple.

Of course, Ye Xuan was not in a hurry to do this.

Instead, he chose to bring Yue and the others to an inn in the city to stay, and then chose to secretly observe Li Qingyans behavior.

Other than that, he was also thinking of inquiring about other peoples evaluations of Li Qingyan in the city.

After all, Li Qingyan was the eldest daughter of the Li family, which was the strongest family in Jiangqing City.

The people of Jiangqing city would certainly be familiar with her.

In a luxuriously decorated restaurant, Ye Xuan was seated quietly in a private room as he listened to the conversations of the cultivators in the restaurant with a calm expression.

“I heard that Chen Ping of the Chen family successfully joined the Mad Saber sect and became the personal disciple of the sect master.

I wonder if this news is true”

“Brother, your news is too outdated.

This matter has long spread throughout the whole of Jiangqing city!”

“Oh my God, isnt the Chen family going to rise up then With the Mad Saber sect as their backer, Im afraid that they will soon become the strongest family in Jiangqing city!”

“Hehe, not only will they become the strongest family, but I dont think there will be three big families in Jiangqing city in the future.

Im afraid that the Li and Zhu families are doomed!”

“Theres nothing we can do about it The sect master of the Mad Saber sect is a top-notch expert at the early stage of the virtual core realm.

With the Chen family under his protection, wouldnt it be a piece of cake for the Chen family to become the strongest family in Jiangqing city”

“Ive heard of the core formation realm, but whats the virtual core realm”

“Hehe, brother, you should know that the core formation realm is divided into three realms.

From low to high, they are the virtual core realm, the true core realm, and the gold core realm! The king of our Great Qian dynasty is a super expert at the gold core realm!”

“Hiss… I didnt expect that the core formation realm was further divided into three realms.

Does that mean that the leader of the Mad Saber sect is only slightly weaker than our king by two realms”

“Erm… I guess you can say that!”

“Sigh! Let alone the core formation realm, if I have the chance to step into the true essence realm in my lifetime, my ancestors would rise from their graves.

How could I dare to aim for the invincible core formation realm!”

“However, the Li family is indeed quite unlucky.

The leader of the Li family finally killed that demonic beast, but he was ambushed by his enemies on the way back.

It is said that the leader of the Li familys injuries are extremely serious.

If he wants to fully recover from his injuries, he will have to pay a huge price!”

“Exactly! In order to heal her fathers injuries, the young miss of the Li family traveled thousands of miles to Jiaohei city for their auction to buy healing medicine.

I wonder if she managed to buy anything useful!”

“Isnt it obvious When they came back, they looked like they were in a daze.

They definitely didnt get anything!”

“Whether Li Zhengyangs injuries recover or not, the ending of the Li family is already set in stone!”

“No, the Li family still has a chance of survival!”

“What chance of survival”

“Its very simple.

A marriage alliance with the Chen family!”

“What A marriage alliance”

“Thats right.

The young master of the Chen family, Chen Ping, has long admired Li Qingyan.

Unfortunately, Li Qingyan doesnt like Chen Ping, so its been unrequited love on his part all this time.”

“But now, if the Li family wants to survive in Jiangqing city, they can only choose to marry her off to the Chen family!”


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