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“Hmph, what is Zhu Tuyuan, that old fogey, doing A few of his elders were slaughtered, yet he is still not here.”

Qian Daoliu hovered in mid-air, his blood-red pupils were suffused with a strange light, a strange smile was on his lips.

His spiritual sense did not detect the presence of Zhu Tuyuan in the vicinity.


Moments later, Qian Daolius body suddenly turned into countless strands of blood qi.

In an instant, he appeared above the Qingyuan sect masters hall.

As the blood wriggled together, it transformed into Qian Daolius body once again.

“Oh That old man has finally arrived!”

Qian Daoliu indifferently looked into the distance.

As soon as he finished speaking, a spatial crack appeared not too far away, from whichZhu Tuyuan emerged.

“Old man, youre still as slow as ever!”

Hearing this, Zhu Tuyuan frowned, but did not reply.


Zhu Tuyuan took a step forward and appeared in the sky above the Qingyun sect.

“Ye Xuan!”

“Quickly come out and face your death!”

Zhu Tuyuans voice reverberated across the entire horizon.

At the same time, a huge black palm suddenly descended upon the Qingyun sect, aiming to destroy it.


At this moment, an extremely brilliant sword qi shot up into the sky and destroyed the black palm.

The collision between the two attacks created countless spatial cracks in the sky.

As the spatial cracks appeared, terrifying void power gushed out and tried to suck everything in.

However, moments later, the spatial cracks quickly closed up.

Spatial intent!

Zhu Tuyuan and Qian Daolius expressions changed upon seeing this.

Normally, the natural spatiallaws would repair the spatial cracks, but not this quickly!

As such, the only explanation for this scene was that Ye Xuan had comprehended spatial intent.


Jun Lingtian and Zhao Yuzhen, who were standing at the peak of the mountain, were also stunned.

They had already heard that Ye Xuan had comprehended heavenly lightning intent in the Moon Demon mystic realm, but they had not expected Ye Xuan to comprehend a second supreme intent.


Space rippled, and Ye Xuans figure suddenly appeared.

“I didnt expect you to have even comprehended spatial intent!”

Zhu Tuyuans gaze, which was full of killing intent, fell on Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan did not answer, but opened his right hand slightly, and the azure divine sword suddenly appeared.


Suddenly, the space not far away distorted again, and a huge spatial crack appeared.

A kind-looking monk slowly walked out.

“Guang Liang!”

Guang Liang was the abbot of the Yunjin Temple, and also their strongest expert.

Another pattern condensation realm expert had arrived.

“Almsgiver Ye!”

As soon as Guang Liang appeared, his eyes fell upon Ye Xuan.

However, what greeted him in return was a brilliant streak of sword qi.

Ye Xuan did not have a good impression of these monks, and he was an enemy anyway, so there was no point in wasting his time talking to Guang Liang.

Seeing this, Guang lLangs expression did not change at all.

He waved the Buddhist staff in his hand, causing ripples of Buddhist light to appear and block Ye Xuan sword qi.

“Almsgiver Ye, your evil energy is dense.”

However, before Guang Liang could finish his sentence, an even more terrifying streak of sword qi flew toward him.


Guang Liangs staff shook violently once again.

However, this time, the staff that was exuding Buddhist light did not stop trembling, nor did Guangliangs body.

Guang Liangs expression changed immediately.

More sacred Buddhist light suddenly bloomed from his body.

It was only then that he managed to destroy the sword qi.

Originally, he had planned to verbally chastise Ye Xuan before killing him.

However, Ye Xuan had not bothered listening to him and had simply attacked.


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