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“Qingyan, you can practice divine refining technique alone as well,” Ye Xuan looked at Li Qingyan and said.

“As you command, Teacher.”

Li Qingyan nodded obediently and then went to the cultivation room and sat down to meditate.

Although her comprehension value had reached 320 points, it was not easy to learn the divine refining technique.

She did not even know where to start.

Ye Xuan noticed this and decided to teach the soul condensation technique to Li Qingyan.

After all, the difficulty of the soul condensation technique was undoubtedly much lower!

As expected, with Li Qingyans comprehension value, she quickly found the essence of the soul condensation technique.

“Yue, when you completely master the soul condensation technique, I will teach you a higher level technique,” Ye Xuan said to Yue.

“Yes, Teacher!”

Yue nodded.

Then, Ye Xuan motioned for Yue to sit down, and then took out the Sword Orchid Valley Lord.

The Sword Orchid Valley Lord was, as its name suggested, an orchid.

However, it exuded an extremely mysterious power.

The pollen contained in the flower could even strengthen Sword Dao special constitutions!

Given Yues current strength, it was impossible to completely refine the medicinal efficacy of the Sword Orchid Valley Lord, except with Ye Xuans help.

Moments later, majestic spiritual power gushed out of Ye Xuans body, which transformed into a warm current, slowly helping Yue refine the Sword Orchid Valley Lord.

As the level of the Sword Orchid Valley Lord was extremely high, even if Ye Xuan went all out, he would not be able to refine it as easily as before.

After about six hours, Ye Xuan finally helped Yue completely refine the medicinal efficacy of the Sword Orchid Valley Lord.

“The medicinal efficacy has been completely refined.

What you need to do now is to slowly absorb the power inside.”

Ye Xuans voice rang out in Yues ears.

“Yes, Teacher!”

A Yue nodded, then her hands continuously formed a seal, slowly refining the medicinal power flowing within her dantian.

During this process, Ye Xuan did not interfere.

After all, it took a long time to strengthen her Sword Dao constitution.

Even if Ye Xuan personally assisted, it would take at least a month to complete.

He did not have the luxury of such time, as danger was lurking everywhere.

He had to refine the Void Herb as soon as possible to upgrade his Sword Overlord Body so that he could deal with the impending danger.

A fraction of a second later, an illusory herb suddenly appeared in Ye Xuans hand.

It was shaped like a longsword and emitted profound power.

The appearance of the Void Herb distorted the surrounding space to a certain extent.

The Void Herb contained a certain amount of spatial power.

The difficulty of refining the Void Herb was much higher than the Sword Orchid Valley Lord.

Ye Xuan took about eight hours to completely refine the medicinal efficacy of the Void Herb.

He opened his mouth slightly, and the refined power of the Void Herb turned into a warm current that entered his dantian.

Just like Yue, it would take a lot of time.

Even Ye Xuan could not upgrade the Sword Overlord Body instantly.

He had to do it step by step.

Of course, the medicinal power that had entered his dantian would not dissipate.

Ye Xuan only needed to divide a wisp of his spiritual sense to slowly refine it.

When the upgrade process was complete, his strength would be greatly enhanced.

Now, it was time to practice the divine forging technique.

The divine forging technique was extremely complicated, and explained in great detail how to strengthen ones own spiritual sense.

The essence of ones spiritual sense was the soul.

If the cultivators soul was stronger, then their spiritual sense would also be stronger.

The divine forging technique used a method similar to forging weapons to forge ones own soul, allowing the cultivators spiritual sense to undergo a qualitative change!

In fact, it was just like forging iron.

One had to continuously hammer the soul, subjecting it to heat, pressure and impact.

When the soul reached a certain degree of toughness, it would undergo a qualitative change and become incomparably tough!

As he gained a deeper understanding of the divine forging technique, Ye Xuan revealed an amazed expression.

To be able to create such a profound technique, this experts mastery of the soul must have reached an unimaginable level.

With his comprehension value of over 600 points, comprehending most secret techniques only required moments.

However, Ye Xuan spent two days on the divine forging technique.

Then, Ye Xuan strengthened his soul by practicing the divine forging technique.

Within just one day, Ye Xuan felt that the strength of his soul had increased significantly.

Even if his physical body was destroyed, his soul could still live on for a long time.

Not only that, his soul would be able absorb the surrounding spiritual energy to strengthen itself.

Moreover, Ye Xuan did not need to cultivate all the time.

He only needed to spend two hours every day to continuously improve the strength of his soul.

“Its time to carry out an experiment!”

He wanted to carry out an experiment regarding supreme intents.

Karmic intent!

Spatial intent!

These two supreme intents existed in the Tower of Heaven.

Ye Xuan could try to comprehend them whenever he wanted.

However, Ye Xuan had another plan.

He wanted to see if he could obtain a reward from the system by giving the Tower of Heaven to one of his disciples.

Of course, what he valued the most was whether the supreme intents in the Tower of Heaven would also be a part of the systems reward.

However, previously, he had done a similar experiment, which was to give one of his storage rings to his disciples, to see if the items inside the storage ring would be included in the systems reward.

However, he did not obtain a satisfactory result.

Therefore, until he could be sure whether the karmic and spatial intents would be included in the systems reward, Ye Xuan would not easily give the Tower of Heaven to one of his disciples.

After all, if all he got was another stronger Tower that did not contain a supreme intent, would that not be a great loss

Therefore, Ye Xuan took out the divine sword.

It had been a month since he gave Yue and Li Qingyan weapons, and it was time to harvest more rewards.

Moreover, the divine sword would also be his experimental subject.

Ye Xuan slowly stretched out his finger and gently tapped the divine sword, filling it with his third-level sword intent.

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