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“I hope that the Tower of Heaven will not disappoint me!”

Ye Xuan took a deep breath and crushed the jade token in his hand, after which his figure suddenly disappeared.


Gongsun Batian, who had been observing Ye Xuan, saw this and narrowed his eyes.

That guy had finally made his move!

‘Good! Id like to see how much stronger you are compared to the master of the Divine Gate!

“Ye Xuan has entered the tower!”

“Thats right! Ive already seen his name on the real-time rankings!”

“Hahaha! After waiting for so long, this guy finally showed up!”

“I was worried that he wasnt interested in the Tower of Heaven.

He finally showed up after all that waiting.”

“I wonder if this guy can be compared to the master of the Divine Gate!”

“Whats that You should be curious about how much stronger this guy is compared to the master of the Divine Gate!”

The cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty immediately began their enthusiastic discussions, ignoring the gazes of the cultivators around them.

After the incident with Li Qingyan and Yue, how could they dare to look down on the cultivators of the Great Qian Dynasty

Strictly speaking, it was the cultivators of the Qingyun sect that they did not dare to look down upon.

Although the cultivators from the Great Qian Dynasty were very mediocre, the Qingyun sect was different.

At least two of their peerless geniuses had appeared on the qualifications rankings.

“Hello, brothers.

Seeing how excited you guys are, could it be that this cultivator named Ye Xuan is very powerful”

“The wordpowerful is not enough to describe this guy.

He is definitely an invincible existence!”

The cultivators from the Great Qian Dynasty were in high spirits.

“Could it be that Ye Xuan is also from the Qingyun sect”

“Why dont you take a look for yourself”

The cultivators from the Great Qian Dynasty pointed at the screen of light in the sky and said.

Hearing this, everyone hurriedly looked up.

A bright golden light suddenly appeared on the screen of light in the sky.

It displayed Ye Xuans name, which was rising rapidly.

He surpassed everyone in an instant and his name arrived at the top of the screen of light.

The 30th level, pass!

The 35th level, pass!

The 40th level, pass!

The 50th level, pass!

Each level was passed in an instant.

When everyone saw this scene, they could not help but stare with their eyes wide open.

Their eyes were filled with shock, and they were completely dumbfounded.

The Tower of Heaven had been open for so long, but they had never seen any cultivator climb the tower at such a terrifying speed.

It was as fast as lightning!

It was as if the qualitative changes in difficulty at the various levels did not exist at all.

Most importantly, behind Ye Xuans name, everyone saw a line of text that made them go crazy.

Nanzhou Region, Qingyun sect!

The Qingyun sect… why was it the Qingyun sect again Just what kind of magical sect was this

Everyones gaze fell on the Tower of Heaven and the screen of light.

Their eyes were filled with shock and doubt.

This guy passed the trials at a shocking speed.

“My God… This guy has already reached the 57th floor.

Hes on the Combat Power rankings…”

When Ye Xuan reached the 57th floor, everyone immediately shouted excitedly.

At the same time, everyones eyes were fixed on the combat power list.

The 57th level was ranked over 90,000th on the Combat Power rankings.

A bright golden light suddenly flashed, and then Ye Xuans information appeared.

“99,874th place: Ye Xuan, Actual Age: 20, 57 levels, Nanzhou Region, Qingyun sect!”

After this message appeared, Ye Xuans ranking rose quickly, and the dazzling golden light did not cease to flash.

Seeing this, Jian Tiannan could not help but stare in shock.

How is this possible That guy had also passed the 57th level in an instant!

He had been defeated by the illusory phantom on the 57th level in one strike, so he was very clear about the terrifying strength of that opponent.

If he had not crushed the jade token in time, he might have died on the spot.

However, this guy had simply breezed past.

What kind of terrifying strength did this person have!

What was even more unbelievable was that he was only 20 years old.

Jian Tiannan was completely dumbfounded.

His cultivation had reached the middle-stage of the true core realm, he was ranked fifth on the Nanzhou Region Genius Rankings, and he had also awakened a special Sword Dao constitution.

Although he was already 35 years old, he was still considered a member of the younger generation, and an absolute genius.

As long as nothing unexpected happened, supported by the powerful resources of the Myriad Swords Temple, he would definitely be able to step into the unity realm and become an absolute expert in the Nanzhou Region.

It could be said that Jian Tiannans future was bright.

Moreover, every time the sect elders mentioned him, their words were full of praise!

Jian Tiannan was also extremely confident in his own strength and cultivation talent.

Throughout the entire Nanzhou Region, the number of people who could surpass him were few and far between.

The number one on the Nanzhou Region Genius Rankings had already reached the early stage of the golden core realm.

Although his strength was stronger than Jian Tiannans, he was already more than 40 years old.

During the last round of the mystic realm opening, that guy had also challenged the Tower of Heaven.

The other party was ranked over 90,000th on the Combat Power list, which caused a sensation among countless people.

However, Jian Tiannan was not the slightest bit worried.

He firmly believed that he could definitely surpass that guy.

After all, he was only 35 years old now.

Armed with his Sword Dao constitution, he had no need to fear at all.

Moreover, in this mystic realm, he also had quite a bit of luck.

There was a certain chance for his physique to step into the major success stage.

Once that happened, his innate bone value would increase greatly.

At that time, even if he was faced with Gongsun Yaos Empress Ice body, he would still be able to fight her on even terms.

Therefore, in Jian Tiannans eyes, in less than two to three years, he would become the strongest expert among the younger generation of the Nanzhou Region.

Reality was cruel though.

A cultivator who was only 20 years old, a young man who was 15 years younger than him, easily defeated an enemy who could kill him with a single strike.

He was completely dumbfounded.

However, he was not the only one.

Almost everyone was dumbfounded.

Gongsun Wan and Gongsun Yao were especially dazed as they looked at the screen of light in the sky.

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