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After a cultivator reached the unity realm, even if their body was cut in half, it could still be reconnected within a short period of time.

However, void power would devour ones body completely, making it impossible to recover.

As the two retreated frantically, the spatial cracks pulsed withpowerful suction force.

Even someone as powerful as Ye Xuan stopped for a moment.

Even though they were more than ten kilometers apart, everyone felt an extremely terrifying suction force pulling them toward the spatial cracks.

Everyones faces were filled with fear.

Just how terrifying were these twos abilities They could even shatter space!

Fortunately, spatial cracks did not last long.

After a brief moment, the spatial cracks repaired themselves.

However, because of the spatial cracks, the broken pieces of the bowl had been sucked inside.

Not a single piece was left.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan frowned.

The bowl was a spatial storage artifact, and all of the monks heavenly treasures were probably stored inside.

Was everything gone now

Did this mean that the spirit moon tree was gone too

Thinking this, a hint of killing intent flashed across Ye Xuans eyes.


Ye Xuans figure suddenly disappeared, and then he re-appeared in front of the frantically escaping monk.

Another heaven-shaking sword strike descended!

The monk was no longer protected by the bowl.

In terms of defensive power, this bowl was even more terrifying than the Buddhist beads in that other monks possession.

It was precisely because of this that Ye Xuan had been unable to cut the monk in half with his first strike.

However, this time, he would not escape!


The sharp sword qi landed on the monks body, cutting it in half at the waist.

Moreover, the tyrannical sword qi rampaged wildly in the monks body that had been split into two, restraining the recovery speed of the divine element.

“I… I cant accept this…”

In the end, the monk looked at Ye Xuan unwillingly, and then his entire body was completely devoured by the tyrannical sword qi.

After doing all this, Ye Xuans gaze was indifferent as he slowly descended from the sky.

Such a destructive battle naturally alarmed countless cultivators.

Although they did not know who was fighting, they could sense the energy fluctuations, and knew that the person who attacked just now was extremely terrifying.

Even the earth had trembled!

“Could it be a supreme unity realm expert”

Many peak core formation realm experts gazed in the direction of the battle, their eyes filled with shock and bewilderment.

They were from the super factions of the Nanzhou Region, so they naturally knew how terrifying a unity realm expert was.

However, they were even more clear in their hearts that once a cultivator reached the unity realm, they would be almost immortal.

Unless the enemy had earth-shaking power, they would not be able to completely kill a unity realm expert.

However, Ye Xuans third-level sword intent, coupled with the tyrannical sword qi, was enough to kill the monk faster than the divine element could heal the latter.

Suddenly, about 500 kilometers away from the battlefield, a monk whose right hand was slowly turning some Buddhist beads, looked in the direction of the battle and frowned.

“These energy fluctuations… its actually a unity realm expert…”

“I wonder what the outcome will be…”

This monk was the person who had tried to snatch the Buddha Spirit fruit from Ye Xuan earlier.

In order to prevent Ye Xuan from chasing after him, even though he was heavily injured, he kept moving while using a secret technique to erase any traces.

In the end, the monk discovered a hidden place and stopped there to slowly heal his injuries.

After his injuries had been healed, he quickly ran toward the depths of the mystic realm.

The Moon Demon mystic realm was extremely vast.

As long as he ran in the opposite direction, he would never encounter Ye Xuan.

Moreover, he had already come up with a plan.

As soon as the mystic realm was closed, he would immediately investigate Ye Xuans background and kill him at all costs.

“I wonder if the Buddha Spirit fruit is still in his possession…”

The monk could not help but think to himself.

Even though he was in a sorry state, he was still greedy for Ye Xuans Buddha Spirit fruit!

To a cultivator, the chance to experience an epiphany was extremely rare.

Thinking this, he prayed inwardly.

He hoped that Ye Xuan would be reluctant to use the Buddha Spirit fruit because of its rarity.

This way, after he killed Ye Xuan in the outside world, he would be able to obtain the Buddha Spirit fruit for himself.

However, he also knew that the probability of this happening was very slim.

Suddenly, the monks gaze turned in the direction of the battle.

The energy fluctuations were weakening.

It seemed that the battle had ended.

Even though they were hundreds of miles apart, the monk still sensed incomparably tyrannical sword qi.

This power was so familiar.

Could it be him

Could it be that another unity realm expert had discovered that Ye Xuan had the Buddha Spirit fruit, and the two of them had started fighting

Other than that guy, only those guys from the Myriad Swords sect possessed such terrifying sword qi.

Could it be that it was one of them

The monk kept imagining all sorts of situations in his mind.

However, he never expected that the defeated cultivator to be a Buddhist cultivator like him.

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