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Of course, even if he really had the ability to kill Ye Xuan, he would not do it.

After all, if a genius as monstrous as Ye Xuan died, it would be a great loss to the Great Qian dynasty.

If the Great Qian Dynasty fought against the other empires, Ye Xuan would be a crucial asset to their victory!

However, even so, he was still very angry and wanted to teach Ye Xuan a lesson.

“The Xuanyin sect attacked the Qingyun sect.

Why didnt you appear and say this earlier”

“Those who intend to destroy the Qingyun sect and kill me, Ye Xuan, deserve to die!”

“From now on, there will never be a Xuanyin sect in this world! Mark my words!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sword qi reappeared, glowing an ominous blood-red.

It targeted the remaining Xuanyin sect cultivators.

Ye Xuan was not a merciful person, and he knew very well that if he did not uproot and exterminate their foundation completely, there was a chance they would rise again.

Moreover, all the cultivators of the Xuanyin sect had the blood of innocent civilians on their hands.

Which one of them was not wicked


Such people deserved to be killed!


Hearing this, the old kings facial expression changed.

He had not expected Ye Xuan to disregard him entirely.

It even looked like the latter did not care about the Great Qian royal family.

Ye Xuan squinted his eyes and focused.

The tyrannical sword qi from the Sword Overlord physique surged forth, and then transformed into sword intent!

His second-level sword intent was put on full display!

In an instant, the clouds in the sky dissipated.

The only thing remaining in the sky was his incomparably resplendent sword qi.

At the same time, Ye Xuan, like an emperor, pronounced his judgment over the Xuanyin sect.

“I, Ye Xuan, will exterminate the Xuanyin sect today, and no one can stop me!”

“If you dare to interfere, I dont mind burying you with them!”

His voice was like thunder, resounding across the sky.

His words brooked no argument.

The old kings expression changed.

His eyes were filled with shock.

Was this Ye Xuans true strength

Had he not used his full strength earlier when destroying the grand guardian array formation

This… This guy was too terrifying!

Even he could not help but tremble when faced with this tyrannical sword qi!

Even if he went all out, he probably would not be able to block this sword strike!

“This… could this be sword intent”

Suddenly, the old kings eyes widened in shock and realization.

That was a realm that every cultivator dreamed of achieving!

Throughout the Great Qian Dynasty, among the cultivators he knew, there was still no one who had comprehended sword intent.

However, there were quite a few cultivators who were stuck at the threshold of comprehending sword intent.

For example, the leader of the Qingyun sect, Wan Shanhai.

However, he did not know that Wan Shanhai had already comprehended his own sword intent thanks to Ye Xuan.

He did not expect that this guy had not only reached the peak of the core formation realm, but had also comprehended sword intent!

Not only that, the old king also sensed an extremely special power within the aura that Ye Xuan emitted.

It seemed that Ye Xuan had awakened some kind of Sword Dao physique!

The tyrannical sword qi that he released should be closely related to that Sword Dao physique.

The old king was completely stunned.

He felt that his worldview had shattered.

How many secrets was this guy hiding Was he even displaying his true strength now

He was no longer sure!

With this guys current strength, even if the ancestor personally acted, it might not be enough to defeat him.

This guy was probably now the strongest cultivator in the Great Qian Dynasty!

Thats right…

The ancestor of the Great Qian royal family was cultivating the deepest part of the royal palace.

Their ancestor, like Ming He, had survived that shocking battle.

Most importantly, other than the old king, no one knew that the ancestor was still alive.

Even the current king of the Great Qian Dynasty and the grand elder of the Qian Gate were not aware of his existence.

Moreover, the ancestor already had half a foot into the unity realm, and he already started condensing the divine element that was characteristic of unity realm experts.

It was a pity that he was still stuck at the threshold of the unity realm.

The old king knew very well that the ancestors strength was far beyond his own.

However, when he sensed Ye Xuans terrifying and overbearing sword intent, he knew very well that even if the ancestor personally descended, he might not be a match for Ye Xuan.

Thinking this, the old king no longer had any thoughts of stopping Ye Xuan, and he did not dare to display even the slightest bit of dissatisfaction.

Moments, as the old king watched, the tyrannical sword qi transformed into a rain of swords that filled the sky and fell toward the cultivators of the Xuanyin sect.

None of the Xuanyin sect cultivators survived!

Of course, there were still some cultivators who were training in the outside world, but Ye Xuan could not be bothered with these.

The cultivators of the Xuanyin sect had always been arrogant and despotic.

As long as the news of the destruction of the Xuanyin sect spread, there would naturally be people who would deal with them!


Ye Xuan stretched out his hand and made a tapping gesture.

He broke the restrictions around the palaces and main hall.

Then, his spiritual sense swept out, searching for heavenly treasures in one of the elders palaces.

Within a short while, Ye Xuan finished collecting all of the heavenly treasures there.

Whether it was low-level or high-level, whether it was functional or broken, as long as it was slightly useful, Ye Xuan took them all.

Anyway, when he gave these things to his disciples, he would receive a reward from the system!


After collecting the spoils from this palace, Ye Xuan hurried over to the next one.

Soon, every palace, hall and vault in the Xuanyin sect had been searched thoroughly by Ye Xuan.

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the old king flickered.

No matter what, the Xuanyin sect was also the second-ranked sect in the Great Qian Dynasty.

They had countless heavenly treasures, and many of these were extremely rare.

Even though he was tempted, he could only grit his teeth and endure.

How could he dare to interfere

Suddenly, Ye Xuan took out some bloodstones from an elders palace.

When the old king sensed the mixed qi and blood essence contained in the bloodstones, his expression changed.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan sneered and casually threw a few bloodstones over to the old king.

“What are these”

After the old king received the bloodstones, he was stunned.

When he extended his spiritual sense into the bloodstones, and detected the energy contained within it, his face immediately turned livid.

The bloodstones contained a lot of mixed qi and blood essence.

Obviously, these had been harvested from ordinary people and weak cultivators.

When the old king discovered that there were still many bloodstones in the palaces, he immediately came to a conclusion.

The Xuanyin sect had been collecting qi and blood essence

He then recalled the strength of the Patriarch Ming He.

He had not known that the patriarch of the Xuanyin sect was still alive, but according to the information he had received from the scrying orb, the patriarch had reached the peak of the core formation realm.

He had some doubts at that time, but now that he had witnessed Ye Xuans strength, he knew that the Xuanyin sects patriarch had also reached the peak of the core formation realm.


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