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Mo Yi clutched the pages of his book tightly, his thin knuckles were a little pale.

There was a buzzing in the ears and a mess in the brain.

Suddenly, a vague thought flashed in his mind, Mo Yi turned sharply and rushed towards the door.

No matter how many people were hit on the process, he stumbled to the corridor, his eyes were amazingly bright, and he looked anxiously at the graduation photo hanging on the wall-June 8, 1994.


Mo Yi exhaled a long breath, great.

The dates in the photos are still different, which means that they are not walking around on the same floor, but they are really on the second floor.

At this moment, he heard that someone behind him seemed to be calling his name: “… Mo Yi”

Mo Yi turned his head blankly and saw Shen Lei standing at the door of the classroom, frowning.

“What’s wrong Is it uncomfortable It’s okay, you will get used to this scene later.”

Before he answered, Shen Lei waved his hand and said, “But now, regardless of anything, we have to hurry up.

” … Leave “Mo Yi frowned.

“Yes.” Shen Lei nodded and replied, “The fog should slowly spread to this layer, which means that we have more than forty minutes to escape, and the higher the number of floors we go during this time, the greater the chance of survival.”

His voice lowered a bit, sounds a bit heavy:” …… after all, according to my experience over the past several game, as long as we lived five hours, we can clear the game.”

Wrong .

Mo Yi straightened up, looked around the circle of people with different expressions and frowned.

None of this is right.

Climb to the highest floor and survive for five hours Is the game’s clearance rules really that simple If so, what’s the point of the hint before the game starts

There is also this classroom, which repeatedly appears again and again.

What is this trying to tell

“Mo Yi!” Shen Lei’s voice increased a little, took a step forward, and was about to say something, but suddenly hesitated, his tone softened slightly: “Why is your face so bad”

Mo Yi took a deep breath, then told the guess in his heart. And at the end, he added his own thoughts: “I think we have missed too many clues downstairs, and we shouldn’t leave so hastily now.”

Shen Lei couldn’t help but be lost in thought after hearing this, he looked up.

After looking at the numbers on the wall, he frowned silently.

After a while, he opened his mouth solemnly:

“You make sense, but this is too risky, you know, based on my experience, following the rules of the game, struggling through the prescribed time, the chance of survival is the highest.

I have seen a few people who want to find the truth, and let me tell you, the ending is not very good.

Shen Lei paused, There was a bit of struggle and pain in the voice: “I’ve seen too much.

I’m sorry, I can’t take my life as gamble and take this risk with you.

Even then, do you still decide to stay”

Mo Yi knew in his heart that it is very dangerous, his curled his fingers, his lips tightly crimped into a stiff straight line, and his heart was anxious.

On the one hand, reason was telling him that it would be safer to follow everyone’s actions, and on the other hand his instincts told him to stay.

Finally, he looked up at Shen Lei and nodded slowly but firmly.

Shen Lei seemed to see the persistence in his eyes, so he no longer persuaded, but reached out and took off the spare flashlight hanging around his waist, and handed it to Mo Yi: “… take care.”

He turned away and left.

Several people stopped to take a look at Mo Yi then followed Shen Lei to the stairway.

Mo Yi closed his eyes, calmed his mind, then returned to the classroom and walked to the table on which he had first woken up.

He stretched out the chair in front of the desk and started flipping the schoolbag hanging in the table, hoping to find some clues.

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded in his ear: “Why are you searching this table.

Is there anything special about it “

Mo Yi froze, looked up, and saw Jiang Yuanbai crossing his arms in front of the table, looking at him in doubt.

“Aren’t you leaving”

Jiang Yuanbai scratched his head, exposing a half nervous and half embarrassed smile and replied: “I heard what you and Shen Lei said just now, and I think what you said makes sense.

So … “

He paused and whispered with a little embarrassed: “Also, aren’t we a team So I have to act with my teammate.

Mo Yi smiled, lowered his head again, and turned around.

Holding the table, he said, “You observe, only the book on this table is spread out in the whole classroom and when I was downstairs I found that the ink on this book was not dry.”

Mo Yi’s topic changed too quickly, It took a while for Jiang Yuanbai to discover that he was answering the question he had just asked.

With Mo Yi pointing out, he looked up and looked around.

Sure enough, although the books on the other tables were also piled up, but there were no uncovered pens on the open books like the table in front of him.

——It ’s like someone is sitting here writing something before they came in!

Jiang Yuanbai shuddered and his face became a little pale.

At this moment, Mo Yi felt something.

He reached into the schoolbag and then tore it with force, only to hear a tearing sound, the inner lining of the schoolbag was torn off, and he took something out of it.

A thin notebook, it was apparently sewn into the schoolbag.

It would be impossible to find it without careful exploration.

No wonder those who searched the classroom before did not find it.

Mo Yi reached out and opened the yellowed cover of the book.

On the small page was the same beautiful handwriting: Zhao Qiulan.

He turned back, each page was blank, except for the last page, where huge dark red writing occupied the entire paper, messy and distorted: “Go to death!”

Mo Yi hesitated for a moment, but still grabbed the book, then turned to Jiang Yuanbai, who was rummaging the table next to him, said, “Let’s take a look in the corridor.”

Jiang Yuanbai said, “Ah But the classroom was not fully searched yet.

After leaving, what if there are any clues we miss here  ” 

“I have a guess and want to confirm it” Mo Yi raised the notebook and shook it to Jiang Yuanbai, answering as he walked.

Jiang Yuanbai scratched his head and stared at him with a look of confusion, watching Mo Yi going out of the classroom, he too quickly put down his hands and trot along the way to the corridor.

Everyone else had already left.

The whole hall was quiet and could only hear the sound of breathing.

The empty space made people feel a little dazed.

The place without lights at the end of the hall was like a black hole, which was disturbing.

Mo Yi’s feet kept walking toward the toilet.

When he was about to approach, he couldn’t help but slow the pace and stopped.

Jiang Yuanbai also caught up at this moment and looked at the wall opposite the toilet following Mo Yi’s eyes.

A class photo was hanging above it, just like downstairs.

The only difference is that in this photo, Everyone turned their faces to the side, and the black hole pupil seemed to look straight at them!

Immediately afterwards, they showed a weird smile at the same time, and then slowly raised their arms and pointed to a direction together …

“Ah-!!!!” Jiang Yuan screamed in fright feeling cold on his back.

Mo Yi shuddered and looked at him with disdain: “Why are you screaming You scared me.”

The implication was that Jiang Yuanbai’s scream was scarier than the photo.

“You … you …” Jiang Yuanbai don’t know what to say and then he stretched out his fingers to the weird photo and stammered: “It … it …”

Mo Yi opened the notebook in his hand and showed the last page to Jiang Yuanbai: “Look.”

Although Jiang Yuanbai hadn’t relieved himself from the fright at the moment, he still couldn’t hold back his curiosity.

Go to death What’s wrong “He lost his head, pondered for a while, and finally looked up at Mo Yi. “Is there anything else I need to know besides knowing this is written in blood”

Mo Yi: “…” The IQ of this man can not saved.

He pointed at the wall where the photo was hanging and said, “After finishing the bell on the first floor rang, the same word appeared on the wall.

So I think there should be some clues here.”

Jiang Yuanbai suddenly realized.

He took a peek at the photo, and the people in the photo had recovered, smiling brightly and serenely at the camera.

The weird picture appeared again in Jiang Yuanbai’s mind.

He couldn’t help but swallowed, asking hoarsely “Then … the direction they are pointing is where we are going next”

Mo Yi nodd.

Jiang Yuanbai looked at the end of the corridor.

There are no lights there, he don’t know if it was originally like this orif the lamp was broken, there is not even a gleam of light, just watching itself is scary.

“You say…..what will be there” Jiang Yuanbai’s voice was stammering, almost like the words were squeezed out of his throat.

Mo Yi shook the flashlight in his hand: “Won’t you know when we go there”


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