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Chapter 382: The army came

The black knights had advantage in numbers.

They cleaned up the group of orcs as if they were chopping vegetables.

In a blink of an eye, the group of orcs was beaten into a mess and fled away.

However, Madeleine came to see Robb in a hurry.

Seeing that Robb's shirt was completely broken and the guards were carrying the injured Kante, she could not help but be anxious.

"How is everything going with you here"

"We were attacked by the orcs.

Kante was injured and poisoned."

"Really Are you okay"

"I'm fine." Robb smiled and said, "everyone gave me a lot of magic to protect myself, so they just broke my clothes."

  "Oh, it's okay as long as the clothes are broken." Madeleine took out several glass bottles from her pocket, in which there were potions of different colors.

She took a bottle of green antidote and poured it into Kante's mouth, and then poured a bottle of red restoring agent into his mouth.

Kante's throat moved a little, but he didn't wake up immediately.

This was the real world, not a game world.

The effect of the drug could not be immediately effective, and it would take a long time for the digestive system to operate.

Then the antidote in the blood vessels to neutralize the poison.

It was far from being effective as in games.

As for the injured guards, they didn't even take the medicine.

They could only endure it and go to the temple to find the priest when they returned to the city.

Only then did Madeleine have time to talk to Robb.

It was not until she finished her words that she realized what had happened.

It turned out that not long ago, the beacon tower in the east of Bright Road suddenly lit up and released smoke indicating that the army of Mondra was about to arrive.

The queen announced that Bright Road was on the verge of war.

  In this case, as the head of the Black Earth Knights, of course, Duke Madeleine had to be busy immediately.

She immediately organized the army and set up defenses at the east city gate.

Unexpectedly, when they were setting up the defense, they heard from the scouts that a large number of orcs and all kinds of monster armies came.

These armies were very active and might attack Bright Road.

Hearing this, Madeleine was shocked.

If the monster army and Mondra attacked Bright Road at the same time, it would be really difficult.

When she was racking her brains to think about what to do, she suddenly received a message, saying that after school, Robb Smith and a group of students went to the Black Pine Mountains in the north to watch the sunset for a BBQ party.

Madeleine was almost scared to death when she heard this.

The nobles all took guards with them.

It was not a big deal to deal with the monsters in the woods at ordinary times, but this time was different.

They just got the news that the monsters formed a joint army and might come to Bright Road.

It was a "joint army", which could not be dealt with by the guards around the nobles.

  She didn't know if she could save Robb or not.

Anyway, she brought a group of people and rushed up the mountain at a high speed.

She cried as she ran.

She was very anxious.

Fortunately, seeing that Robb and the others were safe, she was finally relieved.

At this time, they had finished cleaning up the orcs’ bodies, and the black knights had all surrounded the young students.

At this time, the girls were finally shocked.

Only the boy who had offered to attract the attention of the crowd just now felt very regretful.

Madeleine said, "anyway, let's go down the mountain now.

No one knows how many monsters are on the mountain now, and maybe there are more powerful monsters.

These damn bastards chose to make trouble together when Mondra came.

There must be a plot."

The students fell silent.

Just now, they had said that Mondra was too arrogant to attack Bright Road, and it was impossible for him to succeed.

However, they hadn't expected that there would be a scene of the orcs at this time.

Even if they were not very proficient in war, they were not stupid.

Just thinking about it, they knew that it couldn't be a coincidence.

"Go down the mountain now." Robb pointed to the east side of Bright Road.

Looking down from the mountain, he could see the fight at the east city gate.

Mondra's army should be trying to attack the city.

There were many big fireballs flying in the sky, and at this distance, no ordinary fireball technique could be seen.

The big fireballs they saw should be burning stones thrown out.

Robb said, "in order to save me, you left your duty before the war.

The queen will be very angry if she knows about it."

Madeleine screamed and then remembered her duty.

She said anxiously, "oh my God! Elizabeth must be pissed off.

Let's go down the mountain."

The group of people hurried down the mountain as fast as they could.

Robb turned his head and looked up at the mountain.

He silently turned on his detection with a 5000 yard range.

With the night vision ability, he immediately found that there were many green heads surging in the forest 2000 yards away.

That was a large group of brothers.

Their goal was obviously Bright Road.

He looked around and found that the forest was divided into teams of orcs, ogres, and goblins.

These monsters were very unorganized when they were marching, unlike humans who could walk into a very orderly marching queue.

They were always in a mess and moved forward with their tribes as a single team.

That was why they had only encountered two small groups of them.

Only in this way could Robb deal with them as he liked.

However, when these monsters gathered on the mountain wave north of Bright Road, they would form a very terrifying army.

At that time, it would not be easy for Robb to fool them without exposing his strength.

They ran as fast as they could to the gate to the north.

On the back of a bodyguard, Kante opened his eyes and asked, "where are the orcs men Robb, let's kill them all together."

Everyone cast a scornful glance at him.

Kante looked around and then realized what had happened.

He said awkwardly, "well, put me down.

I can walk by myself."

After sending Robb and the others to the north gate, Madeleine immediately wanted to run towards the east gate.

A guard jumped out and said, "Duke, the army of the orcs is about to arrive at the north gate.

Please arrange the preparations for the north gate immediately."

Madeleine frowned and said, "Damn it! Mondra is attacking the east gate, and here comes a large group of orcs.

What should we do"

The army of Mondra was not easy to deal with.

A few months ago, when Mondra attacked the east city gate, even the queen went to the battlefield in person and was injured.

It could be seen how fierce the war was.

In this case, how could they dispatch troops to deal with the orcs -

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