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Xiao Hanzheng held Shi Qingluos hand and walked from their home to the chiefs.

On the way, they politely greeted everyone in the village.

It was also because after becoming an elementary scholar, his attitude towards everyone didnt change nor became more arrogant, so his reputation in the village was very good.

Everyone didnt feel that Xiao Hanzheng was very distant with them and enjoyed talking to him.

After the two of them walked away, the villagers gathered together and chatted.

“Not to mention, the relationship between Scholar Xiao and his wife is really good.

“His wife is obviously a capable woman.

She woke him up with her chongxi as soon as she came to their house.

“She also brought their family members along to make tofu for a living.

I also like such a blessed girl to come to my house.”

“The key is that she can still stand up and wasnt afraid of the old Xiao family bullying her.

Scholar Xiao had to worry about Mdm Kong when he went for school and exams.

“After all, shes the disciple of the old immortal.

How can she be controlled by the old Xiao family

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“Scholar Xiao is also lucky to be able to find such a wife.

They look like a good match for each other.”

The villagers had a good impression of Shi Qingluo.

Especially those who had made money selling tofu in the past few days.

They were all saying nice things about her.

Meanwhile, Xiao Hanzheng led Shi Qingluo into the chiefs house.

The chief smiled and asked his wife to serve them tea.

Looking at Xiao Hanzhengs recovered body, he was extremely happy.

He asked with concern, “What are you going to do next”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled and replied, “I want to continue my studies at the county school.

Ill give it a try after a year.”

The chief thought highly of Xiao Hanzheng, “I support that.

When you are schooling, the other clan elders and I will look after your house.”

Their clan had once sent out scholars and officials in the previous dynasty.

It was a pity that after the new dynastys establishment, they only produced two tongsheng and a scholar like Xiao Hanzheng.

The two tongsheng didnt have anything fascinating, but Xiao Hanzhengs potential was limitless.

Xiao Hanzheng smiled and thanked him.

“Thank you for your care, chief.

If I can reach a high position in the future, I will remember everyones help and repay the Xiao clan.”

Compared to many villages, the Xiao clan in Xiaxi village was really very good.

If it was the chief from the neighbouring village, He Lizheng, it would be good enough if he did not take the lead to exclude his family so as to not obstruct his fathers plans, not to mention taking care of them.

The chief smiled, “Its good that you have the heart to do so.”

He wouldnt pretend and say that Xiao Hanzheng did not need to support the Xiao clan when he reached a higher position in the future.

The reason why he took care of Xiao Hanzhengs family was not only because he liked this young man who was from the same clan, but also because of his potential.

It was very likely that he would lead the Xiao clan to greater heights in the future.

After sitting and chatting for a while, Xiao Hanzheng said, “Chief, we came here today to buy land.”

The chief was stunned, “Buy land Dont tell me you want to buy the land from the old Xiao family I suggest that you dont buy it.”

He didnt agree on this.

The old Xiao family was very difficult to deal with.

After buying the land, if they returned to the village in the future, he didnt know what kind of nuisance they would make.

Xiao Hanzhengs heart warmed.

The chief had been very good to him for two lifetimes.

If he was someone else, he wouldnt give such suggestions directly.

He smiled and replied, “Were not buying the land from the old Xiao family.

We want to buy the bamboo forest near the river and that barren mountain behind it.”

The chief was a little confused, “Why would you buy that land It is only suitable for growing bamboo and there is no way to clear the land for farming.”

Xiao Hanzheng said truthfully, “We bought it to build a new house.”

The chief thought for a moment and said, “Even though that mountain is not very useful, if you want to buy it, the cheapest one would cost at least 30 to 40 taels of silver.”

That was a mountain that belonged to no one.

If they wanted to buy and get the deed, they had to go to the county office.

He did not think that Xiao Hanzhengs family could have so much money to buy a mountain and build a house after selling tofu for such a short period of time.

Xiao Hanzheng said truthfully, “The Wu family took a fancy to the things my wifes master left behind and spent 600 taels of silver on it, so we have enough money now.”

With the Wu familys character, this matter wouldnt be a secret.

Fourth Son Shi passed them the little black balls and completed the transaction.

The Wu family would definitely release the news that they gave them 600 taels of silver, so that others would remember them.

It would be better that they reveal it themselves and add that they spent the silver here.

The chief was extremely surprised.

He really did not expect that Dalangs wife still had such a valuable thing with her.

“If thats the case, then theres no problem.

Ill help you ask about it tomorrow.

Ill let you know when I have an answer.”

Their old residence was indeed too shabby.

It was not bad to build a new house.

Xiao Hanzheng smiled and thanked him.

“Thank you for troubling you!”

After sitting for a while, the two of them left.

On the other hand, the Wu family had received 6 small black balls from Fourth Son Shi.

They seemed very polite to Fourth Son Shi and even packed some unused fabrics for him to bring back.

After they left, Master Wu and his eldest son called that granny over.

“Take a look.

Are these the little black balls that Shi Qingluo used to threaten you”

The old granny walked up and looked at it carefully.

“Yes, this is the one.”

Wus eldest son suggested, “Father, lets test its power first.”

His father nodded.

“Alright, lets try it now.”

After all, they had never seen it with their own eyes, so they had to confirm it before deciding whether or not to find someone to play around with this.

The three of them went to a remote garden in the backyard.

The old granny pointed at the fuse on the little black ball.

“I saw that wretched girl light up this place with a lighter, then it immediately exploded once she threw it out.”

Master Wu and his son cherished their lives, so they called a servant boy to try it out.

The servant boy used the lighter to light the fuse and immediately threw it into the empty space in the distance.

“Boom!” A loud explosion sounded.

The soil on the ground was blown up a little.

Master Wu was also shocked by the explosion.

He turned to the old granny and asked, “Is it this powerful It sounds quite scary.”

The old granny nodded.

“Yes, it is.

Its really scary.”

The sound was similar to what she had heard before.

As for the power, it should be the same, right

She had been frightened at that time and did not pay much attention to it.

It was the first time that Master Wu had seen something so powerful and loud.

He felt that it was quite intimidating.

No wonder the Shi family and this old granny were frightened.

He waved his hand.

“Alright, you can leave now.”

The old granny immediately left.

Only Master Wu and his son were left in the backyard.

Master Wu said, “It would be even better if this was a little more powerful.”

He smiled and said, “Get some people to research this and see if they can increase its power.”

He said again, “If we can mass produce this, our Wu family will definitely be able to earn some credits for our efforts.”

Master Wu nodded.

“Thats right.

Lets get a craftsman to specially study it from tomorrow onwards.”

“Yes,” he nodded.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Father, 600 taels of silver.

We cant just let this matter rest.”

That woman not only caused his younger brothers marriage to fail, but also caused him to be buried in loneliness.

She even extorted 600 taels from them.

Was it that easy to take money from the Wu family



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