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Third Son Shi really couldnt do anything about this wretched girl.

When Old Lady Shi and Old Master Shi came, this wretched girl threatened them by whipping Fourth Son Shi and caused the old couples hearts to ache.

They eventually gave in as they had no other choices.

When her parents came, she wanted to find the old immortal and cut off their hopes for another son or grandson.

When Fourth Son Shi came, she wanted to go to the school to tarnish his reputation.

The Shi familys eldest and second son would be even less of a match for this wretched girl.

They even heard that the people from the old Xiao family were going to sell their houses and land to go to the capital.

They suspected that it was all this wretched girls idea.

After all, before she married into the family, the old Xiao family had been quietly staying in the village and didnt talk about going to the capital.

The wretched girl had a belly full of bad ideas and was vicious, very vicious.

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They could not afford to provoke her!


At least not openly.


Every time they exchanged blows, they always lost and felt so aggrieved that they wanted to vomit blood.

This is extremely infuriating!

Shi Qingluo shook her head.


Its not that you dont want it anymore.

Its just that you dont have the right to want it.”

She added, “In the future, its better to do more good deeds and accumulate more merit so that you can have a chance for another son.”

Third Son Shi was stunned and took the initiative to ask, “Really”

Shi Qingluo said nonsense with a straight face, “Its true! My master has told us that by doing more good deeds and accumulating merit, we will be rewarded in the future.”

She would also accumulate merit if she managed to change the troublemakers evil doings.

Third Son Shi rubbed his chin and seemed to be in deep thought.

After a long while, he tried to ask, “Then Ill trust you just once”

Sigh, he was willing to do some good deeds if he could give birth to a son.

Shi Qingluo nodded irresponsibly.

“Thats right, its not wrong to trust me.”

Anyway, she didnt guarantee that he would be able to give birth to a son just because of the good deeds.

But there was also a chance that he would have a newborn son, right

If her mother gave birth to a daughter again, then it would be because her scumbag father and mother had not done enough good deeds.

Yes, that was the case.

If Third Son Shi knew that she had such thoughts in her heart, he would definitely be so angry that he would vomit blood on the spot.

When Fourth Son Shi saw that his third brother actually believed her, he was instantly speechless.

“Third brother, lets go back.”

If they stayed any longer, they would just be tricked further.


Shi Qingluo also waved her hand in disdain.

“Thats right, everything is fine now.

Hurry up and go back.

My time is precious, dont delay anymore.”

Fourth Son Shi and the other two wondered, youre not going to clinch a zhuangyuan, but were still concerned that your time would be delayed, why dont you go to heaven

“Well go then.” One of them was in a hurry to go back, while the other had some troubling thoughts, so they both stood up immediately.

Shi Qingluo was too lazy to stand up and send them off, so she let them leave on their own.

This angered her father again.

This wretched girl was becoming more and more unfilial and arrogant.

After the two of them left, Xiao Hanzheng looked at Shi Qingluo and smiled.

“Giving birth to a son.

Is it true”

Shi Qingluo glared at him.

“Of course its fake.

I was just spouting nonsense and he believed it.”

Xiao Hanzheng didnt know whether to laugh or cry.


He guessed that his little wife was making it up.

Shi Qingluo approached him and asked with a dangerous tone, “Why Dont you like me like this”

If he dared to dislike him, he would definitely be dead.


Xiao Hanzheng had a strong desire to live and didnt hesitate at all.

“Why would I I like that you are like this.”

He really liked his little wifes personality.

If she was gentle and easy to bully, he would still take the responsibility since she was already married to him.

However, he would not be moved and would still treat her as a guest.

However, his little wife was making him increasingly unable to hold onto his heart.

Living with her was very novel.

He also felt that his life was interesting and had more hope for the future.

Especially after experiencing the loneliness of his previous life, he liked this kind of adrenaline with her even more.

Hearing his words, Shi Qingluos eyebrows and eyes curved.

She held his arm and leaned over to rub her head against it.

“I knew that, Zhengzheng.

You like me the most.”

She knew that she was so outstanding and had already tried out the trial marriage.

Her young husband shouldnt dislike her.

She was just that confident, hehe.


Xiao Hanzhengs eyes were filled with a smile that he could not do anything about.

In a doting and helpless tone that he did not realise, “Yes, I like you the most.”

Shi Qingluo stretched out her hand and pulled Xiao Hanzheng.

“Lets go and buy the land and build a house.”

“With the 600 taels of silver from the Shi family, we dont need to think about where the money came from.

We can just tell the outsiders directly.”

Otherwise, they might misunderstand that their tofu was so profitable and become jealous of their tofu workshop.

Xiao Hanzheng stood up and took her hand.

“Okay, lets find the chief now.

“Since we can use this money to buy the bamboo forest to build the house, after we receive the profits from the book sales, we can use it to buy the mountain behind our old residence for our bamboo plantation.”

He had to make money as soon as possible.

He couldnt let his little wife shoulder all the burden.

Especially after he said that he would write a book and would offer medical consultation next month to earn money and build a new house.

Since she had earned some money first, he would not insist on fighting with her to build a new house.

That would be too distant.

They were husband and wife.

Shi Qingluo looked at him with eyes full of trust and brilliance.

She smiled and nodded.

“I believe that Brother Zhengs books will sell well.

Im just waiting to spend the money you earned.”

It was great for a man to have a sense of responsibility and even better if he was willing to spend money on his wife.

Moreover, to her own husband, she had to praise and coax him whenever it was necessary.

She had to be his little sweetheart.

As expected, the smile in Xiao Hanzhengs eyes became even more intense.

“Alright, Ill hand over all the money I earn in the future.

You can spend it however you want.”

He really could not reject such a sweet little wife that he liked.

Shi Qingluo cheered and kissed Xiao Hanzhengs side face again.

“Brother Zheng, youre awesome! I like you the most!”

She had never been in a relationship before, but she was still very good at acting flighty.

In the past, she often dolled herself up in front of her maternal grandfather and paternal grandfather.

In the end, they had no choice but to help her convince her parents to let her do whatever she liked.

Of course, she wasnt estranged from her biological parents.

She acted spoiled to everyone and would video chat with her family members whenever she didnt see them to cheer them up.

Her biological parents also couldnt do much.

Other than being persistent in wanting her to take over the business, they would practically give her anything she wanted.

Therefore, although they were busy with work and didnt spend much time with her, her relationship with the two of them wasnt bad.

When she thought of this, she couldnt help but miss her family.

She didnt know how her twin brothers were doing.

Did they follow their parents plans, or were they as maverick as her

Sigh, she couldnt even watch a good movie after coming here.

His little wife, who was originally in high spirits, suddenly became a little gloomy.

Xiao Hanzheng couldnt help but ask with concern, “Why are you suddenly unhappy”

He didnt provoke her, right

Shi Qingluo sighed and didnt hide it.

She said truthfully, “I miss my family.”

Xiao Hanzheng couldnt help but tighten his grip on her hand.

He even turned his body to hug her.

“You have us now.” He was a little afraid.

If his little wife suddenly disappeared, what would happen to him

Shi Qingluo lowered her head and leaned against his shoulder and rubbed it again.

“Yeap, I only have you guys now.”

Fortunately, she still had Mother Xiao, her little husband and others.

Otherwise, she didnt know if she would still have so much enthusiasm in life.

“Uh, I will not leave you.” Xiao Hanzheng held her hand tightly and said.

Shi Qingluos mood came and went quickly.

“Lets go.

Lets visit the chief.”

They should take things as they come along.

She self-comforted that maybe she could go back to the modern era after dying here.


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