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Ge Chunru spent five days traveling to the mine without stopping in between.

She had stayed at the northern border for more than ten years and knew the hardship and cold here.

She saw the bare mine and groups of people in prison uniforms working under the scorching sun.

Ge Chunru couldnt help but feel sad.

Her younger brother had never endured hardship since he was young, but he was actually sent to such a place to suffer by Eldest Grandson Xiao and the others.

She immediately ordered Xiao Yuanshis trusted aide to look for him.

The trusted aide told her to wait in the carriage while he looked for the supervisor.

Xiao Yuanshi had arranged for one of his people to be here, and his trusted aide was going to contact this person.

Soon, he found the person, who then shared with him about Ge Chunyis recent situation.

The trusted aide instructed, “Being Madam over to pick him up then.”

That person didnt mind.

He had always known that Ge Chunyi wouldnt be able to take it for long.

“Theres news from Heyang County that if we want to remove Ge Chunyis labor duty, we have to go to the county office and revoke the document issued previously.” He reminded Xiao Hanzhengs trusted aide.


“Otherwise, hell be treated as a fugitive.”

The trusted aide frowned.

“Get the supervisor to report this to Madam later.”

If he were to say it, Madam would definitely vent her anger on him.

In fact, Xiao Yuanshis subordinates and confidants had a lot of complaints about Ge Chunru.

If the general could remain in the capital and continue to be promoted, they would also benefit from it.

Who knew that he would return to the northern border because of Madam She was a total burden.

After talking to him, the trusted aide returned to the carriage.

Madam, “Our young master hasnt been working recently and has been arranged to stay in a single room.

Are you going over now”

Ge Chunru did not think there was anything wrong with her brother living in a single room.

“Yes, Ill go over now.”

Thus, Xiao Yuanshis trusted aide personally drove the carriage to his residence.

There were rows of simple huts in front of them, all shared among several people.

Ge Chunrus heart ached when he saw the shabby huts.

When her younger brother did not have a single room, he had lived in such a dilapidated place.

Those at the back were mud houses.

These were the houses of the ordinary supervisors and the rich and powerful criminals before they were sent here.

The latter naturally had to provide enough money, or someone from above had given instructions before they could stay here.

Their usual work would also be changed to lighter duties.

The carriage stopped in front of a house.

Ge Chunru got off the carriage with the help of her servant girl.

She could not help but express some disdain when she saw those mud houses.

Even when her family was at their worst, the house they lived in was better than this.

Seeing that the door was closed, she could not help but frown.

“Is Chunyi not in

“Theres someone in the room, but they probably closed the door on purpose,” the trusted aide said as he returned from the door.

Ge Chunru looked at him in confusion.

“Then go and knock on the door!

Xiao Yuanshis trusted aide looked a little embarrassed.

“Im afraid its a little inconvenient now.”

Ge Chunru was even more confused.

“Whats inconvenient ”

She guided her servant girl and personally walked over to knock on the door.

However, just as she reached the door, she heard some movement from inside.

Her face couldnt help but turn red, not from embarrassment, but from anger.

Seeing her like this, the trusted aide lowered his head in disdain.

As expected, he was from a small family.

Madams brother actually did such a thing in broad daylight.

He simply didnt know what to say.

Ge Chunrus face was livid.

She took a few steps back and ordered her trusted aide, “Go and knock on the door.”

The trusted aide then knocked on the door.

At first, there was no answer.

He knocked on the door again, and then Ge Chunyis impatient voice came.

“Who is it ”

Ge Chunru heard his brothers voice and became even angrier.

“Its me, open the door,” she said.

Suddenly, there was no sound within, and then there was a rustling sound.

After a while, Ge Chunyi opened the door in his inner clothes and a casual robe.

His hair was also messy, and it was obvious that he had opened the door in a hurry.

Seeing her brother like this, coupled with his originally white skin being tanned and rough, Ge Chunru was angry and heartbroken.

Recalling the voice she had heard earlier, her face darkened.

“Chunyi, what are you doing ”

Ge Chunyi was happy to hear his sisters voice.

They were finally going to leave this damn place.

He didnt expect that his sister would not ask about his days here, and gave him a hard time instead.

Sure enough, as Mdm Niu mentioned, his elder sisters tail went up after becoming a generals wife, and she didnt care about her younger brothers life and death at all.

Especially when he had accidentally found out about that news, he was even more furious.

He pursed his lips.

“Like what you heard.”

He had broken his leg and was charged with a crime by his biological brother-in-law.

He had no hope of starting afresh for the rest of his life again.

Therefore, Ge Chunyi was completely free now.

He had suffered so much, and he would not let it go just like that.

Ge Chunru looked at him in disbelief.

“Chunyi, how did you become like this ”

How did his originally elegant and polite younger brother become a ruffian

Ge Chunyi sneered.

“Then what do you want me to be

“Im mining here, and I dont have enough to eat or warm my clothes.

Im also often beaten by the supervisor.

“If it wasnt for someone secretly taking care of me and reserving some food for me, I would have starved to death.”

At the mention of this, he couldnt help but hate his sister too.

On the surface, she kept saying that it was for his own good and sent him to the northern border.

However, before he could live a peaceful life and had the chance to perform and make contributions, he was thrown to the mine.

Previously, he had thought that Eldest Grandson Xiao was deliberately messing with him.

He only found out that his brother-in-law had a hand in this later on.

Ge Chunrus heart ached when she heard this.

She couldnt blame him for his bad attitude.

After all, her younger brother had been pampered since he was young and had suffered so much.

It was normal for him to complain.

“The person inside is Mdm Niu”

She felt that her younger brother had become such a ruffian because Mdm Niu had taught him astray.

As soon as he finished speaking, a middle-aged woman with a reddened face walked out.

Mdm Niu looked at Ge Chunru with a smile on her face and spoke first.

“This must be my elder sister.”

Ge Chunru was speechless.

This old woman is shameless.

She was furious.

“What are you calling Whos your elder sister”

Mdm Niu smiled nonchalantly and reached out to hold Ge Chunyis arm.

“Im Ah Yis wife, and youre his sister.

Naturally, I have to call youelder sister.”

“I dont agree to your relationship.

You want to be my sister-in-law Stop dreaming.”

Ge Chunru was so angry that she was about to fall.

This old woman was too shameless.

Not only did she teach her brother bad things, but she also seduced her brother in broad daylight.

She had no sense of shame at all.

Mdm Niu had always been a shameless person.

After being thrown here after the divorce, she had the same mentality as Ge Chunyi and was completely indifferent.

“Elder sister, youre wrong.

Ah Yi and I are already married and weve even had sex.

How can you not admit it ”

Then, she pouted.

“You are even a generals wife.

But you dont know your manners.”

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