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Ge Chunru went to Xiao Yuanshis courtyard.

Then, he saw Xiao Yuanshi assisting Tao Liu as they went for a stroll.

Tao Lius belly was already very big.

At this time, she was still beautiful without any makeup, and seemed to be blessed that she would be a soon-to-be mother.

Xiao Yuanshi smiled and the two of them talked and laughed.

This scene hurt Ge Chunru.

Tears streamed down her face without her knowing it, and her heart ached as if it had been pierced by a needle.

This was clearly supposed to be hers, but now it was all snatched away by Tao Liu, this b * tch.

Xiao Yuanshi, that bastard, was not human either.

He clearly said that he only loved her, but now he was holding another woman and letting her have his children.

She couldnt help but put her hand on her abdomen.

She pitied her two children.


If she had not suffered the miscarriages, the elder one would be able to call her mother by now.

Thinking about it hurt her and made her regret it.

She should not have used her miscarriage to plot against Mdm Kong.


There were many ways to make Mdm Kong give up her status as his main wife.

She used the fastest tactic to do it, but she was also hurt in the process.

She couldnt help but hate Old Lady Xiao even more.

If it werent for that old lady and the others, she wouldnt have miscarried again.

Of course, the one she hated the most now was still Tao Liu, this b * tch who stole her man.

Ge Chunru touched her stomach and stared at Tao Liu with reddened eyes full of hatred.

Liu Ru, who was taking a walk with Xiao Yuanshi, suddenly felt a malicious intent.

She turned her head and saw Ge Chunru looking at her with eyes full of hatred.

She was stunned, but she wasnt afraid.

She grabbed Xiao Yuanshis hand tightly.

“General, whats wrong with my elder sister” he asked with a worried look.

Xiao Yuanshi raised his head and looked in that direction after hearing her question.

She saw Ge Chunru, whose makeup was ruined from crying.

Her eyes were full of hatred, and her face was even a little ferocious.

Xiao Yuanshi was shocked.

It was the first time he had seen Ge Chunru like this.

Then, he saw Ge Chunru quickly change her expression.

He shook his head and wondered if he had seen wrong.


“General, does my elder sister blame me for having your child

“General, if she is not happy, can you let me take my child and leave the generals residence”

Tao Lius eyes reddened as well.

She put on a pleading look, ” I dont want anything.

I just want this child.”

Ge Chunrus expression changed so quickly, she had to put her in a negative light in the passing.

As expected, Xiao Yuanshis suspicion that he had seen wrongly was dispelled.

Liu Ru must have been frightened by Ge Chunrus appearance just now, so she replied like this.

He patted her hand and comforted her, “Dont talk nonsense.

Youre my woman.

How can you leave with my child

“Dont worry, Ill protect you and the child.”

He had been secretly watching over Liu Ru.

He had to keep this child.

Moreover, while they were at the capital and currently at the northern border, even when Liu Ru was pregnant, she was still very considerate and relied on him wholeheartedly, unlike Ge Chunru, who was becoming more and more willful.

Not only did he want to protect the child, but he also wanted to protect Liu Ru.

Tao Liu finally broke into a smile and leaned into Xiao Yuanshis arms.

“Thank you, general!”

She deliberately threw a provocative look at Ge Chunru at an angle where Xiao Yuanshi could not see.

Ge Chunru wanted to rush over and give Tao Liu a few slaps and kick her stomach.

However, she forcefully endured it.

She took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to tear off Tao Liu.

She wiped the tears on her face with a handkerchief and walked over.

“General!” Her voice was weak and pitiful.

Xiao Yuanshi acted as if he had just noticed her.

“Chunru, whats the matter ”

Ge Chunru thought, this bastard.

Cant I come if I have nothing to do

If it wasnt for her brother, she would definitely be throwing a tantrum.

“General, Ive just received news that my brother was tricked into a marriage by Shi Qingluos mother at the mining area.

“I want to go to the mine to bring him back.

“I will never allow him to marry that kind of woman,” she said with her hands clenched.

Then, he grabbed Xiao Yuanshis arm and begged, “General, I beg you, please let me bring my brother back.”

This was the first time Ge Chunru had begged Xiao Yuanshi.

Although Xiao Yuanshis feelings for Ge Chunru had faded a lot, she was still a woman he really liked.

Seeing her like this, he didnt feel good.

Of course, he was also a little uncomfortable.

For Ge Chunyis sake, she had actually begged him in such a low voice.

The previously proud and delicate woman was becoming more and more unrecognizable.

“Ive already sent someone to the mine to ask for help.

Lets wait and see,” he said with a headache.

He didnt expect Ge Chunyi to be in cahoots with Mdm Niu.

It was simply nonsense, and even caused him to be disdained.

Ge Chunyi was just going to the mine as a punishment, but he had sunk so much and was with the divorced Mdm Niu.

He was really useless.

“I cant wait any longer.”

Ge Chunru cried.

I really cant accept him marrying Mdm Niu.

He must have been deceived by her.

I want to go to the mine myself.

She cried weakly, “General, Ive never begged you.

Please help my brother this time.

Xiao Yuanshi felt a little uncomfortable, but he still nodded.

“Ill have someone send you to the mine tomorrow and bring your brother back.”

Ge Chunyi had already been punished.

The emperor would not keep an eye on such a nobody.

Therefore, it was no big deal to get him out now.

The main thing was that he knew that if he didnt agree, Ge Chunru would definitely make a fuss.

He was really afraid that she would make a scene and turn the generals office into a joke at the northern city.

The northern city was far from the capital, and many of the things that happened in the capital were unknown to the families here.

After all, they were all keeping an eye on the movements within the imperial court, not his office.

Ge Chunru really wanted to hit Xiao Yuanshi a few times.

This bastard told her to wait, and now he said that he would send her to bring him back.

He was intentionally delaying it.

It was too much.

Her heart was filled with resentment, but she did not show it on her face.

“Thank you, general.”

Xiao Yuanshi was really annoyed.

I still have official business to attend to.

You can go back to your own courtyard.

Ge Chunru dug her fingers into her hands.


What kind of official business was that

It was more like accompanying this little b * tch, Tao Liu.

For the sake of her younger brother, she had to endure it.

She would deal with it when she got her brother back.

Whoever made her uncomfortable, she would make them uncomfortable, including Xiao Yuanshi.


So she turned around and left the courtyard, which made Xiao Yuanshi even more dissatisfied with her attitude.

Liu Ru took the opportunity to show concern for Ge Chunru on the surface, but in reality, she was trying to make things difficult for her.

This reduced the affection Xiao Yuanshi had for Ge Chunru.

The next day, Xiao Yuanshi sent his trusted men to escort Ge Chunru to the mine.

Xiao Hanzheng received the news almost instantly, and then he sent someone to the mine to bribe the head supervisor.

Ge Chunru could take Ge Chunyi and Mdm Niu away, but they had to come to Heyang County to revoke the documents previously given out.

Otherwise, if Ge Chunru and her brother went back to northern city directly, how could they be comparable to the old Xiao family

How would his little wife be able to watch the show

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