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Shi Qingluo had prepared a lot for the journey to the northern border.

All the horse carriages had been replaced with tires, and newly modified shock absorption springs had been added.

It was already July, and the weather was starting to get hotter and hotter.

Shi Qingluo had also loaded a lot of saltpeter delivered from Xiaxi Village into the horse carriage.

She had also loaded some vegetables and fruits that could fit inside the carriage, as well as a carriage just to carry a few bicycles.

If she really could not sit still in the carriage, she could still ride a bicycle.

This time, not only did Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao want to go, Xi Rong had also persuaded the empress dowager and the emperor.

She had brought a large sum of money and a team of female guards to follow her to the northern border.

Xi Rong wanted to establish a female army at the northern border, and this was an opportunity to do so.

Even though she had always thought so, knowing that she had to do everything herself, she was not well prepared and was worried.

Now that Shi Qingluo was there to accompany and support her, she made up her mind.


Ten days later, everyone gathered at the city gate.

The emperor had the guard commander to send everyone to the northern borderline.

Xiao Hanzhengs family arrived half an incenses time ahead of the agreed time.

They were not used to being late.

When they arrived, the commander was already waiting with a team of over a hundred guards.

Xiao Hanzheng alighted from the carriage and cupped his hands in a friendly manner towards the guard commander.

“Commander Wei!”

Commander Wei was not even thirty years old.

He was a noble son from the earls court.

Seeing how courteous Xiao Hanzheng was, he also cupped his hands in a smile.

“Mr Xiao, you guys are really early.”

Thinking of the people he was going to escort this time, he couldnt help but feel a headache.

Very soon, Zhuo Juns carriage arrived.

Gradually, people began to arrive one after another.

Qi Yiyang arrived next.

Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao were a step behind.

Liang Youxiao and Xi Rui were a little too much.

Not only did each of them have eight or nine carriages, but they also brought a few maids and servants each.

Then, they also had a personal guard team of about ten people.

Commander Weis head hurt even more when he saw this.

Were they going to the northern border to play or to do some work

When Xi Rong arrived, the commotion was even bigger.

There were more than ten carriages and more than sixty maids.

Commander Wei did not have a headache this time.

Even his stomach hurt.

“Marquis, are you going to bring so many maids to the northern border”

Not many people knew that Xi Rong wanted to build a female army.

On the surface, the people she brought were maids, but in reality, they were all carefully selected and trained female soldiers.

However, she naturally could not say it now.

Otherwise, before she could build a female army, those old scholars in the imperial court would intercept and ruin her plan.

Xi Rong smiled and said, “These are all those who serve me.

I cant leave them.”

Commander Wei was speechless.

It seemed that the ladies in the palace did not have so many people serving them.

Previously, he had heard that this great demoness was undisciplined, but now that he saw her, it was within his expectation.

When Xi Rong saw Shi Qingluo alighting from the carriage, she immediately ran over and held her arm.

“Luoluo, Ill come to your carriage.

Lets play cards.”

She knew that Shi Qingluos carriage had been modified.

Although hers had been modified as well, for some reason, it was not as comfortable as Luoluos carriage.

Xi Rui and Liang youxiao also said hurriedly, “Well come as well.”

Fortunately, they could play cards on the road.

Otherwise, they would be really bored.

Qi Yiyang also said thickly, “Add me in as well.”

When Commander Wei heard their words, he really wanted to ask, “Are you guys really going to the northern border to gain experience and not to play”

However, he still held it in.

They were all sons of noble families, he really could not afford to offend these few people.

He only hoped that these few kids would not cause trouble on the road and gave him a peace of mind, although his hope was not high.

How could he be so unlucky to actually receive such a hot job.

Before he could finish worrying, he realized that the few good-for-nothings had arrived, but the others had not yet arrived.

Thus, he waited and waited, and only then did he see the carriages of more than ten people arriving slowly and leisurely.

The leader was Mr Hus eldest grandson, Hu Mincai.

When she saw Hu Mincai and the others slowly walking over, Xi Rong could not help but say, “The time it takes for an incense stick to burn has already passed since the agreed time before you guys arrive.

Cant you be punctual”

Hu Mincais face showed that he did not care.

“Im sorry, our carriages were stuck on the road.”

They had deliberately come over slowly, and in their hearts, they were very reluctant to go to the northern border.

Hu Mincais gaze swept over Xiao Hanzheng and Zhuo Jun who were standing not far away, and he did not hide his displeasure.

If it were not for these two people, they would not have been brought to the northern border.



There was the sound of a whip, followed by Hu Mincais scream.

He was still looking at Xiao Hanzheng and the other two, but he was whipped by Xi Rong.

He rubbed his aching shoulder and said in a deep voice, “Xi Rong, why did you whip me”

Xi Rong raised her chin.

“If I want to whip you, Ill whip you.

What can you do to me

“If we are gathering next time and you guys arent punctual, I wont be just giving you a whip.”

Hu Mincais expression was unsightly.

“Dont go too far.

We are all court officials sent by the emperor to the northern border.

You have no right to control us.”

Xi Rong could not be bothered to reason with him.

She waved the whip a few more times.

“Slam slam slam!”


“Ah Ah Ah!” Hu Mincai did not expect Xi Rong to whip him again.

This tigress was too vicious.

Xi Rong snorted coldly and glanced at Hu Mincai and the others.

“Hmph, if you guys dont want to listen, you can try.”

When the others saw that Hu Mincai had been whipped a few times, they could not help but shrink back.

This tigress, they could not afford to offend her…

Why were there a few good-for-nothings on the way to the northern border this time

Couldnt their lives be better

Hu Mincai grabbed his arm and did not say anything else, but in his heart, he could not help but remember it.

He did not dare to provoke this tigress here.

After they left the capital and on the way to the northern border, he would be able to seek revenge.

When Commander Wei saw that Hu Mincai had been whipped for being late, not only did he not feel sympathy, he even felt that it was a good whip.

Being late and still acting like it did not matter was simply outrageous.

However, he was even more certain that this escort mission was likely to be very difficult.

It wasnt difficult that they had to speed up their journey, but because they were all troublesome dandies and members of the aristocratic families.

He coughed lightly and said, “Since everyone is here, lets set off.”

This gave Hu Mincais people a way out, and they also got into their carriages.

Xi Rong and the others also got into Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzhengs carriage to play cards.

Liang Youxiao shuffled the cards as he said, “Hu Mincai looks at you with an unkind gaze.

Im afraid hell do something bad on the road.”

Xi Rong raised her eyebrows.

“If he wants to do something bad, Ill beat him to death.

What game is he trying to play”

Shi Qingluo smiled meaningfully.

“Its still uncertain who will be the one teaching others a lesson on our journey there.”

Naturally, she also noticed Hu Mincais unfriendly gaze, as if they had harmed him.

He seemed to be very unconvinced and wanted to do bad things along their journey.

But in reality, they had to blame Hu Mincai and his family on the surface.

If not for their grandfather or fathers suggestion in the court, would they have “gone” to the northern border

Anyway, it was boring on the way, so they made fun of these people first.

They shall pay some interest for King Jin and those elders scheming first.

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