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Ge Chunying was furious at Shi Qingluo.

Before she could think of a way to continue fighting back, she was stabbed by her lover.

Liang Hengshao tilted his head and sized her up.

“Youre indeed too skinny.

“Its better to eat more in the future.

You dont have to save for me.”

Ge Chunyings face almost turned green when she heard this.

She really wanted to ask the second prince, who is your real woman!

She was so angry that he kept speaking up for Shi Qingluo.

However, she didnt dare to disobey and could only force a smile.

“Yes, Ill try my best.”

She didnt agree with Shi Qingluos words.

She just felt that she looked better as a weak woman.

Shi Qingluo looked at Ge Chunyings unwillingness and said bluntly, “If you feel wronged, you dont have to force yourself.”

She then said to the second prince, “Second prince, if she thinks that she looks good when shes thin, why do you have to force her”

The second prince thought to himself, wasnt it you who suggested it just now Are you blaming me

However, he still went along with Shi Qingluos words and said, “Alright, then I dont mandate it.”

He turned around and said to Ge Chunying, “If you dont want to eat, then forget it.”

He then added, “Although I prefer fatter ones.

“Actually, someone like Shi Qingluo is very good.”

Ge Chunying was speechless.

She was a little devastated.

Which side was this man standing on

However, she didnt show it on her face.

“I didnt force myself.

Its a misunderstanding, Mdm Xiao.

“Ill learn from Mdm Xiao.” She gritted her teeth.

Shi Qingluo immediately shook her head.


Im me.

Im the one and only.

I dont want anyone to imitate me.


“My husband will be unhappy.”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded and smiled.

“Of course.

My wife is the one and only.

Concubine Ge, youd better not learn well.

Otherwise, youll be imitating her.”

Ge Chunying remained silent, who cared about learning from Shi Qingluo.

Xi Rui and the others also laughed.

“Thats right.

Qingluo is the one and only in this world.

Whoever learns from her will be ugly.”

Even Liang Hengyu and Qi Yiyang nodded.

“Shi Qingluo is indeed the one and only.”

One and only and full of evil ideas and poisonous mouths…


Ge Chunying couldnt help but look at the second prince with reddened eyes.

She looked as if she wanted to say something, but she hesitated.

Actually, she just wanted the second prince to scold them.

After all, someone slapping her face was equivalent to slapping his face.

Unexpectedly, Liang Hengshao nodded in agreement.


Shi Qingluo was the first woman he knew that was like this.

She was indeed unique.

It was a pity that she was already married.

Xiao Hanzheng was truly blessed.

Ge Chunying remained silent, she wanted to break down completely.

He was a wretched man.

Shi Qingluo wanted to laugh when she saw Ge Chunying doubting her life and about to break down.

It had to be said that the second princes words were really direct.

He didnt know how to speak at all, and every word he said was rubbing salt to his womans heart.

Fortunately, her husband was Xiao Hanzheng.

If she met someone like the second prince, she might not be able to resist smashing his wretched head.


Shi Qingluo looked at Ge Chunying with a very bad look.

“Oh right, Concubine Ge, I have a very curious question to ask you.”

Ge Chunying had a bad premonition.

She really wanted to say,Dont ask.

However, Liang Hengyu answered curiously, “What question”

In fact, he was just watching the show on purpose.

Shi Qingluo blinked.

“Concubine Ge has lived in the generals residence for so long, does she call my ex-grandfather her uncle or brother-in-law”


“Pfft!” This time, Liang Hengyu couldnt help but spit out the wine in her glass.

Damn it, this woman was too evil.

Qi Yiyang thought to himself, was this woman a demon

Xi Rui and the others wanted to burst out laughing.

She was indeed Shi Qingluo.

Ge Chunyings face couldnt hold back anymore.

She glared at Shi Qingluo with red eyes and said, “Mdm Xiao, dont go too far.”

She only felt embarrassed now.

After all, Xiao Yuanshi was indeed her uncle.

Before her sister married Xiao Yuanshi, they all called him uncle…

But she didnt think that what her sister did was wrong.

So what if her sister and her brother-in-law were in love

They werent blood-related uncles and nieces.


Mother Xiao was already obstructing the way, so she should know her place and make way.

Shi Qingluo actually held a grudge against the two sisters just like that.

This was simply too much.

Shi Qingluo looked at Ge Chunyings indignant look and found it funny.

This woman probably never felt that her sister was in the wrong, so she didnt feel ashamed.

Instead, she was angry that she had pointed it out.

She raised her eyebrows.

“Im just asking how you are addressing him.

How am I going too far

“Why are you using an idiom wrongly Im a village woman who knows all the knowledge, yet you, a princes side concubine, dont know it.”

She then said to the second prince, “Second prince, I suggest that after you return to the residence, your side concubine should learn more words and idioms.

“Otherwise, if she makes such a verbal mistake, others will be laughing at you.”

Liang Hengshao thought to himself, this woman had always been so unreasonable.

He nodded.

“Alright, Ill go and invite a teacher for her.”

Just based on her eloquence, who knew how far Ge Chunying was from Shi Qingluo.

It would be good for her to learn more.

This time, Ge Chunying really wanted to cry.

Was the second prince drugged by Shi Qingluo

And Shi Qingluo was obviously not going to let her off.

“So, Concubine Ge, are you going to call him uncle or brother-in-law”

Liang Hengshao and the others were also a little curious.

“Concubine Ge, answer the question!”

Ge Chunying was speechless, the fifth prince was also not a good person either and was purposely going as her, who was his sister-in-law.

When the second prince ascended to that position in the future, she would definitely make some moves to make him stay away from this bastard.

She looked at the second prince faintly, looking like she was about to cry from being bullied.

“Your Highness!”

Actually, she already wanted to cry, but because she was afraid that Shi Qingluo and the others would argue that she was using her tears to win the situation, she endured it.

Liang Hengshao was speechless.

Why are you looking at me

He brought her out today for Shi Qingluo to vent her anger…

Since she dared to scheme against him, she had to be prepared to be tricked.

This woman was too ignorant.

Moreover, if he could make Shi Qingluo happy, it would be more cost-effective to rope her in.

He said, “Since they are curious, you can answer them.”

He definitely wouldnt admit that he was also curious.

Ge Chunyings head was a little dizzy.

She wished that she could faint like her sister.

She gritted her teeth and said, “I address him as my brother-in-law.”

Shi Qingluo rolled her eyes.

“Addressing him as your brother-in-law is meaningless.

“I suggest that you call my ex-father-in-lawuncle in the future.

I think your sister will like him even more.”

Xi Rui did not find it troublesome and asked, “Then what does she call her sister Aunt”

Shi Qingluo shrugged.

“How would I know You have to ask Concubine Ge about this!”

Liang Youxiao said, “Tsk tsk, General Xiaos familys relationship is so messy.”

Xi Rui asked Ge Chunying, “Side Concubine Ge, have you called your sisteraunt before”

“Dont go too far.”

Ge Chunying was so angry that her whole body was trembling.

These people were deliberately humiliating her.

They had gone too far.

She would remember this grudge.

She would not let any of the people who humiliated her off in the future.

Xi Rui pursed his lips.

“Are we going too far When your sister plotted against his legitimate wife and children, why didnt you say so”

Xi Rong continued, “Thats right.

Your sister is not a good person.

Looking at you, I still think your sister did the right thing.

It seems that you are not a good person either.”

Then, she looked at the second prince with a doubtful expression.

“My second cousin, theres something wrong with your taste!”

The second prince, who was half-lying down, was speechless.


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