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Ge Chunrus body went limp and she was about to collapse when a maid who was quick to react assisted her.

Her maid looked at Xiao Yuanshi and said, “General, Madam has fainted.”

Xiao Yuanshi did not say anything.

Shi Qingluo immediately said, “You used your own miscarriage to deliberately frame someones original wife, how could you be so weak

“Tsk tsk, its quite a good time to pretend to faint.

“Shes feeling guilty and couldnt bear to face my mother-in-law and everyone else, right”

Regardless of whether Ge Chunru pretended to faint or not, she was going to label her as guilty.

At first, everyone was shocked when they saw Ge Chunru faint.

After listening to Shi Qingluos words, they all felt that it was too reasonable.

How could someone who could use a miscarriage to frame someones original wife faint after a few words of scolding.

It was clearly her identity that was exposed, so she pretended to faint on purpose.

Hence, everyone started scolding again.

“General Xiaos wife really acted like she fainted at the right time.”

“How can she not act like she faint She cant bear to face everyone.”

“Shes really too shameless.

She seduced her fathers sworn brother, framed her husbands first wife, and poisoned his eldest son.

One should divorce with such a poisonous woman.

“Her father probably knows about these things in his grave and wont be at peace.”

“Its so shameless, cant you see that General Xiao treats her like a treasure”

“General Xiao is so attracted to women.

Will he be able to lead a good army in the future”


“Thats hard to say.”

“General Xiao seduced his sworn brothers daughter and even married her.

“She is his eldest niece.

Its too much.”

“A senior general actually did such an unethical thing.

Its simply an insult to the educated.”

“The key is that his niece is still so vicious.”

“Previously, she made his mother cry in anger many times and forced General Xiaos family members to go to the northern border.”

“Why welcome this kind of woman into your house”

“Who knows what General Xiao wants.”

Xiao Yuanshis face turned darker and darker.

Then, he carried Ge Chunru in his arms.

“Ill send you to see the doctor.”

He could not stay any longer.

He had lost all his face.

Most importantly, what Shi Qingluo had said to Mdm Kong was the truth.

His relationship with Ge Chunru was indeed like that.

It was too late to hide it now.

Moreover, these two shrews were getting even more unreasonable.

As a man, how could he beat them

At this moment, he was somewhat glad that Ge Chunru had fainted in time.

Otherwise, if he continued to stay, he would not know what to do.

Shi Qingluo watched as the scumbag father carried the slut away and shouted, “Aiya, he ran away just like that.

Wasnt he still very fierce just now and wanted to hit my mother-in-law”

“Why run away again”

Mother Xiaos eyes were filled with excitement as she said, “They are ashamed of their guilt.

They must run away quickly.”

Xiao Yuanshi, this scumbag man, also had a day like this.

He deserved it.

So she could also hit him and scold him, but he still could not do anything to her.

Indeed, only by following her daughter-in-law could she live a more comfortable life.

The thorn that had been stuck in her heart suddenly disappeared.

She had once thought that Xiao Yuanshi was a huge mountain that she could not go overboard.

Now, she realized that this scumbag man was only so-so.

He would also escape in such a sorry state.

The last time when this scumbag man went home to worship his ancestors, he brought Ge Chunru with him as if he was high and mighty.

Now, his imposing manner of wanting to chase them out was also gone.

She suddenly felt that there was something wrong with her brain in the past.

She had actually fallen in love with a man like this.

At that time, she was left with no choice but to request to leave the family.

She had really done the right thing.

Otherwise, she would definitely be disgusted to death by this scumbag man and that slut.

When Xiao Yuanshi heard their words, he almost tripped and tossed Ge Chunru to the ground.

However, he still did not stop.

After stabilizing his body, he quickly left.

Otherwise, if he turned around and said a few words, these two shrews would definitely have other things to say to him.

When the two figures disappeared, Shi Qingluo held Mother Xiaos hand and praised, “Mother, you did a great job today.”

She was worried that her mother-in-law would be bullied by Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father and that slut, but she didnt expect her mother-in-law to be so strong when she flew into a rage.

This was how she should treat that scumbag father and that slut by making them feel ashamed.

It seemed that her brainwashing for almost a year had been very successful.

Moreover, using her identity to judge Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father was not as effective as her mother-in-law acting boldly and confidently.

As expected, both scumbags had turned into street rats that everyone wanted to beat up.

Mother Xiao revealed a relaxed smile.

“Its all thanks to you guys.”

Otherwise, she might not have dared to make a move on this scumbag father and that slut.

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “Its alright.

Theres always a second chance.

After all, it might be unfamiliar at first but you will get accustomed to it on subsequent tries.”

Xi Rui and the others who heard her were speechless.

There will be a second time that her mother-in-law will beat up Xiao Yuanshi the next time she meets him

This was the first time she had seen a daughter-in-law inciting her mother-in-law to beat up her father-in-law.

Even though he was her ex-father-in-law..

Shi Qingluo was really an amazing woman.

Her mother-in-law was completely led astray by her.

However, Mother Xiao felt that it was too right.

The next time she met Xiao Yuanshi, she would definitely not be so nervous anymore.


Moreover, she was still a little unsatisfied.


Xiao Baili was also rubbing her palms together.

If there was a chance, she would definitely give Ge Chunru a beating.

As for that scumbag father, who was still her biological father, no matter how much she hated him, it would not be easy to kill him.

However, if there was a chance, she would also do the same as her sister-in-law to make things difficult for her scumbag father.

Xiao Erlang also looked at his sister-in-law and his biological mother with great admiration.

His sister-in-law was so mighty that his mother finally stood up on her own.

Not far away, the second prince brought Ge Chunying, Liang Hengyu, and Qi Yiyang to the appointment.

When they arrived, they just happened to see Mother Xiao slapping Xiao Yuanshi and Ge Chunru.

Then, they saw Mother Xiao and her daughter-in-law cooperating and exposing the disgusting things that Xiao Yuanshi had done.

They even made Xiao Yuanshi leave dejectedly.

At this moment, the second prince did not know whether he should clap his hands and cheer or take it as a pity that he had to give up Xiao Yuanshi as his chess piece.

With the crime of having an affair with his niece, even if they were not related by blood, Xiao Yuanshis future as a general would be just like that.

This was also the first time he had seen Shi Qingluo being so aggressive.

He had heard quite a few stories in the past.

This woman was indeed as interesting as ever.

Qi Yiyang could not help but wipe away the non-existent sweat on his forehead when he saw Xiao Yuanshi escape in a sorry state.

Fortunately, he had previously formed a partnership with this woman.

Otherwise, he would have been embarrassed as well.

He and Liang Hengyu sighed.

“Youre right.

Its better not to offend this woman who has a stomach full of evil.”

Liang Hengyu nodded.

“Thats for sure.”

Although he had not personally experienced such evil previously, he had seen it several times with his own eyes, so he did not want to experience it at all.

Liang Hengyu unintentionally saw Ge Chunying beside her second brother.

Her face was pale and unsightly.

She deliberately asked, “Side Concubine Ges face doesnt look too good.

Is she sick”

Ge Chunying forced a smile.

“Im fine.”

Her heart was trembling with anger.

It was rare that the second prince had gone out with her.

He said that he would take her out to personally choose the jewelry, which made all the women in the manor green with envy.

She felt a sweet burden, but she still chose to go out with the second prince.

After all, this was an honor that even the second princes consort did not have.

She was still very proud of it.

Even after she returned, she would stay low in front of the second princes consort for a period of time.

But she did not expect to see such a thing at the entrance of the jewelry shop.

Her biological sister was slapped by a village woman, and her true relationship with Xiao Yuanshi was exposed.

In the end, her sister was scolded so much that she had no strength to fight back that she fainted and left dejectedly.

Her biological sister had been embarrassed, so of course, she was also embarrassed.

More importantly, she was so embarrassed in front of the person she loved.

Just now, she wished she could faint as well…


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