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Shi Qingluo gave Mdm Wang a tight slap.

Not only was Mdm Wang stunned, everyone in the crowd was also stunned.

After Shi Qingluo finished her slap, she said aggrievedly, “I married into the Xiao family in a pure and innocent manner.

Im not some little mistress.

I cant stand this insult.”

She then picked up the kitchen knife on the chopping board and leaped over the table with her other hand.

She landed beside Mdm Wang.

Then, she used the kitchen knife to press against Mdm Wangs neck.

“If you continue to tarnish my reputation, I will fight with you.

Worst comes to worst, you go and die, and I will be buried with you.”

Mdm Wang was startled.

Who the hell wants you to be buried with me I dont want to die yet.


Just as she snapped out of the reality of being slapped in public, she felt the cold kitchen knife pressing against her neck.

When she heard Shi Qingluos cold voice again, her legs couldnt help but go soft.

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Moreover, she could not believe that this wretched girl was not just scolding her.

Now, not only did she hit her, she even slapped her cheek, making it difficult for her to express her sorrow and grievances if there were any.

Everyone also snapped back to their senses.

Shi Qingluo suddenly slapped Mdm Wang and even held a knife against Mdm Wangs neck.

She was doing it to maintain her innocence.

Initially, many people felt that Shi Qingluos slap to Mdm Wang was a little too much.

After all, Mdm Wang was an elder.

The ancient concept of seniority was too deeply rooted in peoples hearts.

That was why these people thought so.

Seeing how Shi Qingluo was aggrieved and looked like she was going to risk her life for her reputation, everyone felt that Mdm Wang had gone too far.

They knew that Mdm Wang did not really mean to say that Shi Qingluo was a little mistress.

It was just a catchphrase she used to scold others.

However, the innocent little girl didnt know that and would risk her life for her reputation.

“Mdm Wang, youre going too far.

How can you say that about Dalangs wife”

“Thats right.

You called your nieces wife a little prostitute.

Youre really going too far.”


Everyone was condemning Mdm Wang before they tried to persuade Shi Qingluo.

“Dalangs wife, we all know that youre an innocent and good girl.

Mdm Wang is just talking nonsense.

Put down the knife and settle the matter in peace.”

“We wont listen to Mdm Wangs nonsense.

Your reputation will not be tarnished.”

“Yes, yes, we can all testify for you.”

Mdm Wang was so afraid that she was about to pee in her pants.

She had already been beaten twice by this wretched girl.

Now that the knife could cut her neck at any time, she was really afraid.

Many times, it was the unreasonable who were afraid of evil, and those who wore shoes that were afraid of the bare footed.

“Right, I didnt mean that you arent innocent just now.

Thats my mantra when I scold people.

Dont take it too seriously.”

Shi Qingluo looked at her innocently.

“Really Then apologise to me.”

Mdm Wang was angry yet scared, but for the sake of her little life, she still compromised.

“I apologise.

I shouldnt have scolded you randomly.

Youre innocent.”

Only then did Shi Qingluo move the kitchen knife away from Wangs neck.

“You open your mouth to talk and eat, not to scold others.

Mdm Wang, youd better be more careful in the future.

“Otherwise, the others wont talk nicely to you like I do.”


Mdm Wang looked shocked.

You still say that youre easy to talk to Are you kidding me

This time, Shi Qingluo didnt flip the table.

She walked around to the side and returned the kitchen knife to the chopping board.

She swept her gaze over Mdm Wang and Mdm Wu.

“Do you guys have any other issues If not, dont stand here and delay my time exchanging tofu.”

Mdm Wangs legs went soft as she pulled on Mdm Wus arm.

“No, were fine.”

This wretched lass was too evil.

They could not beat her or scold her.

For some bull** innocence, she almost slit her throat.

She was getting fearful of her.

Mdm Wu was also shocked.

Just now, Shi Qingluo looked like she might just wipe out Mdm Wang because of a disagreement.

This wretched lass was a lunatic, in fact, a clever and sharp-tongued lunatic.

She was too difficult to deal with.

She smiled embarrassedly.

“Thats all.

Lets go now.”

Then, she supported Mdm Wang back to the old residence.

If she couldnt get the job done, she would let the old lady do it personally.

She believed that Shi Qingluo wouldnt dare to hit and scold Old Lady Xiao.


Regardless of whether they had broken off their relationship or not, beating up an elder was a crime.

After the two of them left, Shi Qingluos originally cold face was replaced with a smile.

“Lets continue the exchange.

Whose turn is it now”

The person who was supposed to exchange for tofu finally reacted.

He stepped forward and said with a smile, “Its my turn.”

A moment later, the remaining tofu was all exchanged.

Shi Qingluo smiled at everyone.

“Todays tofu is gone.

Everyone, come back tomorrow.”

Shi Qingluo returned to her gentle and harmless appearance, but everyones impression of her today had been completely overturned.

Previously, they had thought that Xiao Hanzhengs wife was a little silly to come and chongxi to a person who may not even wake up.

After she had been married, she had looked weak and gentle, and they thought she had a personality similar to Mother Xiaos.

Who would have thought that they would be the exact opposite.

Today, Shi Qingluo had given everyone the greatest impression that she was not to be trifled with.

She was eloquent and was able to get her hands on anyone who did not agree with her.

No one else in the village could be like Shi Qingluo.

No wonder they heard that Shi Qingluo had become the head of the Xiao family.

“Alright, Lets come back tomorrow.” Most were very polite.

A boy aged eight or nine could not help but look at Shi Qingluo and ask, “Sister, do you know martial arts”

Everyone was also a little curious about the boys question.

After all, they had just seen Shi Qingluo beat someone up and flip over the table.

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “I know a little.

When I was in the Taoist Temple, my master taught us self-defence.”

The Taoist priest who had already passed away: Im the scapegoat.


Everyone understood the moment they heard it.

So, it was the old immortal who taught them.

No wonder Shi Qingluo seemed to be quite skilled.

That big explosion burned the Taoist temple for half a day.

The villagers in the nearby villages saw the flames soaring into the sky.

Because they didnt know that there were explosives in this world, this was the first time they had seen such a scene.

Therefore, when someone said that the old immortal had ascended, everyone believed it.


Hence, everyone could accept Qingluos claims on her martial arts.

An old woman smiled and asked, “The old immortal is really amazing.

I heard that he taught you how to make tofu”

Shi Qingluo nodded.

“Yes, my master taught me how to read and learn martial arts.

He also taught me many things.”

TLDR: In the future, I will know many things.

You dont have to be surprised.


Then, her eyes instantly turned red.

“Its a pity that he passed away.”

She realised that if she ventured into the entertainment industry, she might still be able to survive.


“I see.

No wonder you are so powerful.”

“As expected of an old immortals disciple.”

“Dalangs wife, dont be sad.

The old priest has ascended to immortality.

You must be happy for him.”


“Yes, the old immortal would definitely want to see you happy for him.”

“Although the old immortal has ascended, he will definitely protect you.”

“Look at you, after you married him, Hanzheng has been jolted awake by your chongxi.

You are so blessed.”

Seeing Shi Qingluos eyes reddened and about to tear, everyone began to comfort her.

The more they thought about it, the more they felt that this was the case.

Hanzhengs wife was protected by the old immortal.

Only then did Shi Qingluo raise her hand to wipe her eyes.

“Mmm, you guys are right.

My master has gone to become an immortal.

I should be happy for him.”

An old Taoists reputation was indeed useful.

“Thats right.” Everyone nodded.

After exchanging the tofu, the crowd started to disperse.

Shi Qingluo, Mother Xiao, and others moved the tables and other items back to the courtyard.

After Shi Qingluo put the items back, Mother Xiaos sparkling eyes met her with a hint of dependence and worship.

Not only her, Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang also looked at Shi Qingluo with admiration and worship.



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