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That day, he was drinking with his younger brother, the fifth prince.

When he heard this, he almost spat out the wine he had drunk.

Liang Hengyu even teased, “My second brother, is Ge Chunyis sister, Ge Chunying really that beautiful So much that she stunned you.”


Liang Hengshaos expression did not look good.

“Shes just above average.”

He sneered.

“I dont even know when I became stunned by her appearance.”

Any random person in his backyard would look better than Ge Chunying.

Not to mention his concubines, even that dignified imperial consort of his might not be as good-looking as Ge Chunying, but in terms of temperament, Ge Chunying fared worse and was incomparable.

Liang Hengyu raised his eyebrows.

“Then it looks like someone did it on purpose.”

“Ge Chunying versus Shi Qingluo, whos prettier” He had seen Shi Qingluo before, but he had never seen Ge Chunying before.

Liang Hengshao said without hesitation, “Of course Shi Qingluo.”

Shi Qingluos facial features were indeed more beautiful than Ge Chunyings.

He added, “Shi Qingluos most outstanding feature is still her intelligence, and her temperament is not inferior to that of a woman from an aristocratic family.”

This was the first time Liang Hengyu had heard his second brother praise a woman like this.

“It seems that my second brother treats Shi Qingluo somewhat differently.”

Liang Hengshao smiled.

“More or less.”

Although he wouldnt occasionally think of Shi Qingluo, to him, Shi Qingluo was still a little special.

The thing that left the deepest impression on him was when she turned around and asked him in the ruined temple that day, “Havent you seen a beautiful woman before”

When he thought of this, the corners of his lips curled up.

Then, he sent someone to investigate where the news came from.

Very soon, his people returned.

“Master, weve already found the person who first spread the news.

“It was a servant girl from the generals residence.

“That servant girl is from the generals wifes courtyard.”

Liang Hengshao narrowed his eyes.

“Very good.

They havent married into the family yet and already want to scheme against me.

Who gave them the courage to do so”

The moment he heard his trusted aides words, he took the initiative to think that it was Ge Chunru and Ge Chunyings doing.

It was so that everyone outside would think that he had married Ge Chunying as a side concubine because he liked her.

If Xiao Yuanshi had not been able to assist him, he would have wanted to break off this engagement right now.

Liang Hengyu raised an eyebrow.

“Looks like my sister-in-law is not a simple person.”

Liang Heng glanced at him.

“What sister-in-law Dont call her that.

Shes just a concubine.”

Liang Hengyu chuckled.

“Alright then.

As long as my second brother doesnt care about her, its useless for those two women to plot against you.”

He asked, “Do you want to clarify it”

Liang Shaoheng shook his head.

“No need.

Since they intentionally released such news, then they should be prepared for a backlash.”

Ge Chunying was not simple, but were the women in his backyard simple as well

It was a pity that Fu Wenzhengs teammate, a burden, was locked up in the third princes residence.

Otherwise, this alone would have given Ge Chunying a huge gift to teach her how to behave.

Liang Hengyu curled his lips.

“Thats true.”

His second brother was an expert in dealing with women.

There was no need for him to worry.

He changed the topic.

“Recently, Liang Youxiao and Xi Rong have made a lot of money with Shi Qingluo.”

Liang Hengshao felt stifled at the mention of this.

He was prepared to take the next step to rope in Shi Qingluo so that he could rope in Liang Youxiao and the others.

Who knew that Fu Wenzheng would ruin all of his plans because she was jealous.

It was too early to know who would be losing out.

He was not willing to give up so easily!

He asked his brother, “Do you think we can come up with a way to rope in Xiao Hanzheng and his wife”

Liang Hengyu thought for a moment.

“I dont know much about them, so I cant come up with any ideas.”

Then, he changed the topic.

“But we can ask Xiao Yuanshi.

After all, Xiao Hanzheng is his son.”

Liang Hengshao thought for a moment.

“That works too.”


Therefore, he asked someone to ask Xiao Yuanshi out to discuss getting a side concubine in two days time.

He would also try to find out what he had to say.

When the women in the second princes residence heard the news, all of them sneered.

They wanted to see what kind of celestial immortal would be able to charm the second prince into taking her in as a concubine.


All of them were eager to wait for Ge Chunying to enter.

Even the second princes concubine felt a little jealous.

After all, this was the first time she heard that the second prince had taken the initiative to ask for a concubine.

Another day passed before Ge Chunru and her sister heard the rumors outside.

The two of them did not investigate it carefully.

Ge Chunru smiled and said, “This must be news that the second prince is very satisfied with you and released this news on purpose.”

“After you enter the manor, you dont have to worry about being favored.”

In her eyes, her sister was smart and good-looking.

She was worthy of the second princes liking.

Although Ge Chunying was very scheming, she was only a little girl.

She was also a woman who loved the second prince deep down her heart.

Therefore, she blushed and glared at Ge Chunru.

“Big sister, laugh at me all you want.”

It was just that now was a little troublesome for her.

She originally wanted to deliberately ignore the second prince and approach his consort.

Should she change her strategy now

Then, she made up her mind.

She didnt just want the second princes favor.

She wanted the position of the princes consort, or the position of an empress in the future.

She couldnt change just because of this.

This way, she could make the second prince think highly of her.

After all, there were too many women who voluntarily sent themselves to him.

The second prince wouldnt care.

She wanted to be the most special one.

Her hands on the heater tightened.

She was excited but also full of anticipation.

In Nanxi County.

Xiao Hanzheng received two secret reports in succession.

One came from the northern border, and the other came from the capital.

Although he had basically been studying in the county school and village since he returned from the capital, he had gone out a few times.

Not only had he increased his informants in the capital, but he had also deployed more at the northern border.

He had also stayed in the northern border before, so he was quite familiar with it.

It was almost the new year, and hence now was a school holiday for him.

Xiao Hanzhengs favorite thing was to curl up on the sofa in the study and cuddle his little wife while reading.

In front of the sofa was an iron table stove, which was very warm with the flames.

He had opened the letter with Shi Qingluo in his arms, so she had seen it all.

“Your scumbag father is really capable.

He actually sent people to lure Eldest Grandson Xiao to gamble.

“Fortunately, you reminded me before when I was writing the letter to warn the old lady and the others that Eldest Grandson Xiaos illness should not be done too emotionally, such as gambling or going to brothels.

“Otherwise, his illness will relapse and he might even lose his life if its serious.”

“Thats why Eldest Grandson Xiao didnt dare to go.”

Otherwise, with Eldest Grandson Xiaos personality, he would definitely have fallen into a trap.

It had to be said that although his scumbag father was a scumbag, he was very methodical in doing things.

He knew how to deal with the people of the old Xiao family and could even keep the money he gave away into his own bag.

It was a pity that there would always be a mountain that was higher, another heaven better than the current one.

A big shot like her young husband was obviously better.

His scumbag father did not lose unjustly.

“He got someone to instigate Eldest Grandson Xiao to throw Ge Chunyi into mining.

What your scumbag father did really opened my eyes.”

Shi Qingluo smiled evilly at Xiao Hanzheng and said, “What do you think will happen if his little wife finds out about this”


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